Astrology: A Tool of Times Past

'Astro' refers to stars. 'Logos' can be translated as language, logic. 'Astrology' refers to the logical language of the stars. Astrology is the study of how celestial bodies such as stars and planets influence life on Earth.

All over Earth throughout time, people of every culture, creed, and location have looked to the heavens for guidance, learning, and organization. For creatures on Earth, our day begins when the sun rises. Our night begins when the Sun sets. Everyone has heard the tale that people go a little crazy when the Moon is full. The word 'lunatic' literally means 'lunar state of mind.' These are common examples of how the Heavenly Bodies influence our life patterns on Earth.

Are the Sun and Moon the only celestial lights that influence life on Earth? Astrology operates on the premise that everything is interconnected, no matter how near or far. Just as the Sun guides our days and the Moon guides our months (this word also derives from 'Moon'), the orbits of other Heavenly Bodies guide grand cycles in our lives. It is as if we, as individuals and a collective, nest within waves and valleys of an infinite, spiraling clock.

Astrology is an ages-old tool that can be used to gain insight into the workings of this great mystery.

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What is an Astrologer?

Astrology is a language and conceptual state. An Astrologer is a linguist of sorts, one who has a strong intellect (astrology is incredibly detailed!), and a refined intuition, as Astrology speaks through symbols and feelings. An Astrologer is a messenger and translator of celestial language.

Astrologers have been, and in some cultures continue to be, as highly respected as High Priests and Lawyers. Today, they are sought after as keyholders of important information.

How Astrology Heals

Here I will speak from personal experience as a practicing Astrologer:

When someone comes to me for a reading, something magical happens. Gazing at your chart allows me to see beyond your outward appearance. I am looking at a blueprint of your soul. I can see elements that comprise your life story and your inner experience. I can see where you are on your soul journey. I can see the essence of who you truly are.

Many of my clients shed tears and experience breakthroughs. All of them report feeling deeply affirmed and revitalized. Astrology often provides a sense of relief that you are exactly who you need to be, where you need to be, and the challenges or wounds that are part of your story are healing gifts serving your wholeness.   Having an Astrology Reading is a powerfully rewarding experience that can connect you to your True Essence, your gifts, and your purpose. It can transform fear and doubt into personal empowerment. It can inform you about timeframes and evolutionary currents so that you can be prepared for major shifts and happenings in your life. Astrology can allow you to flow through life with greater ease.

The Intuitive Difference

As mentioned above, Astrology is an incredibly detailed and refined science. It is easy to get lost in the intellectual maze of exploring all of the information and "separate" pieces. An Intuitive Astrologer is able to synthesize the information in a way that speaks directly to your Soul with clarity and grace. In reality, the "separate" pieces comprise a unique annular map that generally contains 2-4 major Life themes. Intuition keeps the information Alive.

I often hear from my clients that they appreciate my readings because my intuition takes the information much deeper. Clear use of intuition offers precision, greater usefulness, and catalyzes positive change.

Benefits of Astrology

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  • Feeling Interconnected

  • Recognizing you are in the Divine Flow

  • Affirmation

  • Validation

  • Connect with your Truth

  • Connect with Essence

  • Honor your Gifts

  • Honor your Unique Nature and the Nature of Others

  • Insight

  • Clarity

  • Renewal

  • Practical Tools for Problem Solving

  • Help in Scheduling Important Dates

  • Information on Achieving Balance

  • Seeing the Bigger Picture

  • Be Inspired

  • Be Empowered

  • Trust

  • Surrender

  • Embrace Challenges and Wounds

  • Change-Consciousness

There are so many ways Astrology heals. Please refer to the blog for more information on this topic.