Akashic Records: The Book of Life

Soon after I began doing Astrology readings, I realized I was getting information from someplace other than the chart. I experienced feelings, sensations, and images in my mind's eye that showed me details beyond what the chart could give. I began to feel a pull towards doing readings engaging solely with the intuitive space that was coming forth to make these connections.

Astrology will always be a love and language of mine, but I honor and adore the precise, powerful healing vibration offered by the Akashic Records.

What are Akashic Records?

It is said that the Akashic Records (also known as Book of Life) are a etheric database of encrypted data on everything and everyone that ever Was, Is, and Will Be. These records have been referenced in the Bible, and they often show up in popular symbolics, such as the Hall of Records in Harry Potter.

In my opinion, everyone has the innate ability to access the Records. However, some people have natural inclination and aptitude. I also believe that an individual must have a certain degree of clarity in their being to be able to serve as a conduit for the Records accurately and appropriately.

The Records themselves are alive and ever-changing. The information they provide is entirely dependent on the moment one interacts with the records, and the information they give can shift based on events that happen along timelines or between dimensions.

The Records hold a powerful vibration of Divine Purity. In my experience, healing energy can be immediately transferred during a session exploring the records. Questions and issues that need light or assistance are readily addressed in communion with the Book of Life.

My Personal Relationship with Akashic Records

My Mother's water broke while she was perusing books in our hometown library. I find it no coincidence that I chose that environment to make it known I was ready to enter the world.

Fast-forward 21 years, my first Uranus square (Uranus rules the Records!). Experiencing a prolonged spiritual awakening, I received repeated visions and dreams of work I had done in libraries throughout history. I was a monk transcribing spiritual practices. I was a theologian. I was a translator. I was a researcher on temples and internal alchemy processes. I was a major influence on compiling and protecting the Library of Alexandria before and after its destruction. This was also about the time I seriously dove into practicing Astrology.

5 years later during an Akashic Records training, someone mentioned that they visioned the Akashic Records as a library, and everything clicked into place. I feel a major eternal purpose of my Soul is to communicate with the Records: informing them, compiling Light data, net-working, and receiving transmissions as a conduit. In a way, the great library of the Records is my Home. They energize, recharge, and enliven myself and others I read with.

I am a Messenger of Spirit. This is what I came here to do. I made that known before birth, as I knocked on the door to enter the world in a most familiar place.

Interweaving Astrology and Akashic Records

The Records and the Language of Astrology inform each other. I have recently changed the format of my readings to combine the two. I find it most beneficial to begin with reading the Records for a pure intuitive connection that provides exquisite detail, imagery, empowerments and Healing transference. The Records remain active as we enter the chart(s), and the information contained therein contains a different essential quality.