Want to learn about astrology and experience readings with a group of friends?

I am available for astrology parties tailored to your desires!

Let's gather together and experience the magic of Astrology and Akashic Records. Typically, we begin with an opening circle and either a brief lecture on Astrology or an easy movement sequence to help everyone settle into the space and open to receive the information the Heavens are waiting to give forth.

I then give private readings for each person in attendance (usually about 20-30 minutes apiece). While one person is in session, others can enjoy food, drink, and each other's company during this time. We gather together for a closing circle with reflections and empowerments.

Price is negotiable, but normally falls around $40 per person in attendance.

If you’re new to astrology and astrology readings, you could not ask for a better guide than Virginia. Her knowledge, intuition and passion radiate from her spirit and throughout the reading you feel secure in that she is as deeply fascinated by what your chart shows and what it means to you as you are. She tapped into the Akashic Records as part of my introduction and the experience was as mesmerizing as it was cathartic. The natal reading she provided me with lent in depth insight into my current being - and the correlation between the astrological path and my own from my birth up until the reading was undeniable.

Virginia also provided an abbreviated reading for three of my girlfriends as part of an unconventional “girls’ night.” Although they had opted for abbreviated private readings, each of the women thought that their reading was personal and thorough. We could not wait to compare notes after our respective readings. The symbolism and messages that came forth from Virginia’s psychic intuition provided insight about each of our lives that were immensely personal and unique. The readings resulted in an outpouring of positive emotions ranging from relief to joy. I am deeply grateful to Virginia for not only providing me with my own reading experience but for, through her own gift, bestowing me and my closest friends with the gift of an unforgettable spiritual bonding experience.
— A. Parker