Reckoning and Reformation: Saturn Enters Capricorn (Live Event)


Reckoning and Reformation: Saturn Enters Capricorn (Live Event)


Taking Ownership:

Reckoning and Reformation - 
Saturn Enters Capricorn

Time to get Real.

Call in the elders and and wisdom spirits. Connect with ancient ancestors of old. Fortify and summon support.

Support for what?

Saturn - the taskmaster - planet of purpose, structure, and mastery, is entering the astrological sign of Capricorn. The ingress occurs December 19, 2017, at 11:48pm EST. This is a major new chapter of life dawning for all of us here on Earth.

Heavy lifting. Hard work. Purposeful efforts. Collapse and Rebuild. Dismantle the old and crystallize the lasting. We can do hard things. Effort leads to improvement. We were made for these times. Convert obstacles to methods. Show up and do the things. Saturn transits aren’t fun per say, but they are necessary and unavoidable. All the better to practice alignment with, and to utilize them wisely!

It gets so tiring holding on to outworn patterns and realities. The last 3 years as Saturn’s transited Sagittarius, we have accumulated excess. It’s time to prune to the essentials and get down to business. Time, energy, and resources are finite. We must harness them with intention and do what we came here to do. Use our agency. Take ownership of our lives, our creations, our intentions, and our world. Set and maintain healthy boundaries that will sustain us for the long haul.

How are you feeling this energy in your individual life? How are we seeing it in the collective?

The wisdom of the ancestors, the grandmothers, the hermits, and the elders surrounds us and guides our way for patient, purposesful passage.

This course is held within orb of a Sagittarius New Moon, making it a most potent time for setting dedicated intentions.

About this Course:

  • An invocation and meditation on Saturn
  • Calling upon the Grandmothers, Masters, and Wise Ones for assistance and inviting their wisdom to support us in the Now
  • A reflection of Saturn’s recent 3-year journey through Sagittarius
  • What to expect as Saturn moves through Capricorn
  • Historical events from last time Saturn moved through Capricorn (1988-1991)
  • Specific dates to be aware of in the future
  • Ways to determine your boundaries, goals, and purpose
  • Methods for Alignment: Worksheet, Ritual Recommendations, and Notes to utilize to assist your passage with Saturn
  • A timeline exercise
  • Q and A with Virginia

Where and When:

December 18, 7-9pm EST

Location : Download email attachment, sent upon registration, within 24 hours to access directions.

Live attendance is not necessary. Course will be recorded and all materials will be released by Winter Solstice.

Who this class is for:

All people regardless of location, race, gender, class, experience, ability

The astrologically-curious, from newbies to experts

Those who might especially benefit:

  • Sagitttarians, Capricorns and those with strong Saturn-influenced or Capricornian charts

  • Those born between 1956-1961 and 1985-1991 (who are either emerging from a Saturn Return or will be experiencing a Saturn Return during the next 3 years

Pricing: $25

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