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Anywhere: Re-Birthing a Nation Virtual Workshop

August Eclipse Telecast!

Join Virginia for Re-Birthing a Nation in Our Heart of Hearts: Astrology of USA's Fated Transformation and the return to true sovereignty

Recorded Talk from School of Astrology in Portland

An Exploration of the Historic Total Solar Eclipse. Recorded live talk and downloaded workshop materials so you can thrive during fateful transformations! Materials will be sent out on August 18th, just prior to the August 21st Eclipse.

  • Look at USA's "birth chart" and how it is currently being influenced by astrology
  • Observe Donald Trump's birth chart in relation to the Solar Eclipse
  • Discuss Regulus Fixed Star and how we as individuals can claim more sovereignty

Just as people have birth charts, so do countries. The chart for the USA is cast for the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Astrologically speaking, this country is in the belly of a massive death-rebirth process that lasts well into the 2020s. This is the first of its kind since the nation was founded. This course is an opportunity to explore the USA chart and its recent past, present, and future transits. We will name what was once unconscious and connect with evolution unfolding.

This eclipse happens on the Heart of the Lion. Consciousness wants to become more conscious. We are all Creators and nobles of Soul. In this 2-hour recorded class, we explore the astrology of this historic eclipse and gather together to harness the power of radiant Selfhood.

This offering is $22. It will be sent out on Friday August 18th. If you purchase after that date, you will still be able to access the materials through the month of August.

Receive the Audio download of this talk, plus workshop materials by signing up HERE