I combine the wisdoms of Astrology and Akashic Records to deliver a potent experience of healing awakening and alignment with Nature. Readings can transform your life into a landscape of holistic wellness, fulfilling connectedness, and heightened awareness.


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For Individuals, couples, families, friends, business owners and entrepreneurs. (See below for descriptions). 

60, 90 or 120 minute sessions

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90% of my clients are repeat clients over time. Get three 60 minute sessions for $333 (12% savings).



“Virginia immediately honed in on all my questions and included an amazing akashic records reading; which stayed with me long after the retreat. Her precision and depth of knowledge is astounding and such a gift during these times.” — Sarita (Connecticut)



For Individuals: 

Natal (Birth) Chart, Transits, Progressions, Solar Arcs:

  • Illuminate and align with your true nature, as illustrated by your chart.
  • Discover dominant energies, gifts and challenges
  • Your unique soul purpose
  • Relationship needs and desires
  • The path towards fulfillment
  • Current evolutions
  • Major life events past, present, future
  • Optimal timing of events: How to best relate to, align with, and utilize the astrological energies as they happen. What to be aware of on the horizon.


For Couples, Friends & Partnerships

Relationship Synastry and Composite:

  • Your individual natures
  • How you relate
  • Inherent strengths and challenges
  • The purpose of your relationship
  • Current and near-future evolutionary influences
  • Practical tools to alchemize difficulty into greater awareness, understanding, and healing
  • Celebrating the wonder of your coming together

For Families

Observing the cosmic blueprint, or family soul map

  • Karma and dharma or the good work a family has come to Earth to do together
  • Insight around purpose, strengths, areas of active development, and interaction of family members and the family as a cohesive unit.

Parents and Children:

  • How to best nurture and foster your child as a whole being and honor their true nature
  • How to facilitate their gifts and allow for their weaknesses to grow into strengths through consciously promoting balance
  • I partner with an Early Childhood Educator to offer a beneficial package: providing holistic perspective AND offering practical, easy-to-implement strategies to support their balance! Contact me for info.

Newborn Baby:

  • Explore your newborn's human and spiritual potential

For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business Reading: For new or well-established businesses.

  • Understand the personality and needs of your business. Through careful observation, we can help it thrive.
  • Did you struggle with a launch during Mercury retrograde? Find flowing dates to launch projects.
  • Establish more harmony with your biz and promote sustainable success.

Solopreneur Consult:

Virginia loves talking business. Her life and her business are interwoven, and she loves consulting with entrepreneurs who are on a similar path. She uses her keen intuition to listen to your and your life, and help your business development match your personal, soul, and human development. She also has a slew of handy contacts and experience with business resources that she can recommend for you - not to mention the invaluable support of astrological charts to help guide your business decisions!

Offering Readings by Time Increment: 60, 90, and 120 minutes