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Akashic Records and Astrology Readings in Costa Rica!

  • Blue Spirit Retreat Center Calle Los Mangos Guanacaste Costa Rica (map)
As your Mirror and Sacred Witness,
I am DeLighted to offer my Professional Skills
for your Personalized Guidance!

This is my third run as an Astrologer at Rochelle's Qoya retreats. Something I've learned: A Qoya retreat is the absolute perfect time to get a reading.

Qoya teaches us that Through Movement, We Remember. Astrology is an ancient tool for remembering and charting our evolutionary course.
Qoya and Astrology work in tandem to link us intimately with our bodies and our souls; the rich Earth and the vast Heavens. (This very idea birthed the name for my business: Heavenly Bodies Healing!)

I dedicate my life to the healing path.
As a natural intuitive, I blend reading charts with using an etheric field called the Akashic Records. My readings go beyond the intellect. I open myself as a channel to transmit healing wisdom and energies for you.