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Jupiter in Scorpio: A Beautiful Death

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A Beautiful Death:
Jupiter In Scorpio


It is a season of death. Truth will out.
That which was hidden will emerge into the light.
Alchemy is upon is. We are already being transformed.

Death is not just something that happens to the body - we experience death as a part of life constantly. Death of a relationship. Death of a part of our self or our identity. Death of a habit or behavior. Death of a belief. Death of a culture. Death is the end that makes way for something new. It is an important and necessary aspect of growth. But letting things die is HARD.

In this workshop, we share tools to facilitate letting things die.

Join Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg and Green Cemetarian/Death Activist Cassie Barrett for a ceremony on conscious death to honor Jupiter's current transit through Scorpio.


Learn powerful techniques for letting go.
Connect deeply and intimately to yourself,
to the collective, and to the cosmos.

Grow through allowing change.
Gain acceptance.
Transform suffering into power.

Jupiter remains in a sign for approximately one year. The planet's entrance into a new sign (Scorpio) indicates a major shift for the collective for the next 13 months.

This course and ceremony includes:
- An invocation and understanding of Jupiter
- A reflection on Jupiter's recent journey through Libra September 9, 2017-October 10, 2017

- Remembering Jupiter's last journey through Scorpio fall 2005-2006 and how it influenced your life
- A divination on Jupiter’s upcoming journey through Scorpio October 10, 2017-November 8, 2018
- A special teaching on How To Let Things Die by Cassie Barrett
- Shared ceremony

Many challenges await us ahead, but these challenges present a wonderful opportunity to consciously let things die in order to call in the new, grow, and expand.


Price for this class is on sale for $14.

ZOOM CALL Recording
Ritual Recommendations for Letting Things Die

Natural Medicine Recommendations for Jupiter’s Transit through Scorpio
A list of historical attributes for Jupiter in Scorpio
A group divination for Jupiter in Scorpio


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About Virginia Rosenberg
Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Movement Artist whose work spans the globe. Her main interest is natural healing of self and society. She approaches astrology and embodiment as ways to cultivate awareness and facilitate social change. Practicing astrology professionally and leading retreats/workshops since 2010, Virginia has performed thousands of readings for people worldwide. Her formal education is in post-colonial and anthropological/global studies. Taoist philosophy influences her spiritual journey. The perspective she offers is embodied, eco-critical, and aware of cycles of power and oppression. She believes that we are made to heal, and that healing is the natural result of becoming present, aware, and connected.

About Cassie Barrett
Since she was a kid, Cassie has felt a natural connection to death and a deep desire to serve others. Feeling drawn to providing comfort and companionship to the dying, she started volunteering with hospice in 2010. She is the Director of Operations at Carolina Memorial Sanctuary, a conservation and green cemetery located in Western North Carolina where she also assists with their sister organization, the Center for End of Life Transitions, which provides death and dying workshops and home funeral assistance. Her passion project, Death Activism, aims to help people become more comfortable with and prepare for death, using education, art, and conversation as a way to help people engage more with death.