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Florence, AL: An Honest Conversation About Race and Spirituality

  • University of North AL (map)

Last July, I published an article on my blog titled "Converting Hidden Spiritual Racism into Sacred Activism: An Open Letter to Spiritual White Folks."

The response was global.

The message resonated widely. Six months after it was published, it garnered over a million views and remains the featured post on Decolonizing Yoga, under a new working title: "6 Ways Spiritual Thinking Can Reinforce Oppression and Racism."

Before the article went live, I put a prayer on it:

that anyone who might benefit or heal from reading it would see it.

The fact that this message has resonated so widely and circulated so deeply says something important.

It says, as a global society, we are ready for change. We are ready to look. We are ready to speak honestly with ourselves and one another. As a global populace, we are ready to dig deep and heal our deepest wounds.

It's time.

It's beyond time.

Let's do this.

Camille Bennett of Project Say Something invites us to come together.

Project Say Something’s Mission is to unify, educate, heal, and empower communities in the mid south to realize social justice through non-violent communication and direct action against racism, poverty and related forms of oppression.

Virginia Rosenberg's mission is to activate and educate self and community into truthful, healing communion. She believes that healing is natural, and that we promote the natural unfolding of healing when we come together in radical presence.

This conversation will be an opportunity to come together. To connect. To see, hear, and feel truthfully.

This event will be a presentation and discussion led by Virginia Rosenberg on dismantling internalized forces of oppression within ourselves and our communities.

Come and Learn:

  • How to Empower Yourself and Others to Confront and Change Ingrained Forces of Oppression
  • How to Engage in Active Love and Compassion
  • How to Embrace Emotion and Neutral Observation to Promote Health
  • How to Connect with Yourself and Others, Realistically
  • How to Make Space for Change, and How to Be the Change You Wish To See in the World

This is how we build the world we want to live in.