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Nosara, Costa Rica: Fierce Feminine Retreat - Qoya and Astrology

  • Blue Spirit Retreat Center Nosara Costa Rica (map)


Calling women moved to stand in leadership, as love-warriors, trailblazers, and soul-pioneers.

The key to forward movement is Love in ACTION.

This is Your Time

If you ask us, "What's going on with astrology right now?"
we will answer, "What's going on in your life right now?"

The saying "as above, so below" applies here.

While the stars and planets have archetypical adventures in the sky,  
we can use our awareness of these themes to open ourselves up
to the opportunities and experiences they offer.

This year, the message of the sky is:
the Fierce Feminine is rising.

This isn't only because Venus is moving into Aries—
the feminine moving into innovation, courage, and warrior energy!

We inform the mysteries just as they inform us, 
and all over the world, women are rising up
as we gather in circles small and large.

Venus is moving out of Leo, a sign of radical self-love and sovereignty,  
so we are supported more than ever to claim and embody ferocity,
not of martyrdom but of sustainable change and feminine flow.

If this describes your journey, you're not alone.

From the Shamanic Astrology perspective, we begin this workshop on the day Venus rises as Morning Star in the sign of Aries, initiating a new 19-month cycle in Aries.

This is the last Aries Venus Cycle of our lifetime, a period when the Aries Goddess—wild woman, warrior Amazon, and fierce feminine —is rising up to bring the world into balance again.

It will be an initiation into mental clarity, emotional resilience, physical strength, and spiritual openness. It will prepare you to embrace the challenges of these times as an opportunity.

It will support you to participate in this global realignment as a Qoya, a Queen who is an awakened feminine manifestation of consciousness. It will help you stay aligned with your individual path and keep growing with courage and passion.

Whatever you're creating in your life,
there has never been a better time to shine.

In addition to encouragement from the cosmos, here on the ground there is a clear re-emergence of the fierce feminine archetype in culture, government, spirituality, entertainment...

She is here with us now and not willing to put up with this s%@! any longer. Like the volcano Goddess Pele, she is erupting whether we’re ready or not, filled with fiery passion and righteous courage, seething with moral outrage, ready to make her mark on the world and play full out. 

Whatever you have to contribute cannot and will not be held back any longer. It is required as part of this re-emergence.

The goal of this retreat is to support you on all levels. 

Feeling free to express your fierce feminine essence depends on the overall health of your mind, body, and spirit.

This retreat will restore your body through Qoya movement, immersion in nature, nourishing food, and time to rest.

It will engage your mind through learning about the astrological wisdom of these times and expressing ourselves creatively with art.

It will soothe your spirit with rituals, connection to your intuition and spirit guides, and time in a conscious community of supportive sisters.

It will be a healing experience, supporting you to embrace ALL aspects of yourself, the darkness and the light. The fierce feminine requires all of you, and it is necessary to reclaim your wholeness individually in order to express yourself as part of the collective.

We will be initiated into healing practices by 4 leaders:

Qoya Movement with Rochelle Schieck

Embodied Intuitive Astrology with Virginia Rosenberg

Expressive Arts with Lainie Love Dalby

Shamanic Astrology with Tami Brunk


Teacher Training option is available!