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Costa Rica: QOYA Collective Retreat

  • Blue Spirit Retreat Center Costa Rica (map)


You're invited to
with the QOYA Collective

Join myself & 5 other world renowned teachers
in Nosara, Costa Rica for the gathering of a lifetime.

Only a few spots remain!

What do your best moments have in common?

What lights you up like fireflies in summer? Why? Is there a common element?


Connection to other people, to nature and the world around you, to spirit.

Most of all, connection to yourself and to the sensations in your body.

Have you ever heard someone say, "I felt so disconnected. It was amazing!"? Probably not.

Connection is the magic ingredient that turns a simple walk in the park into the adventure of a lifetime.

So how is true connection formed?
What builds the bridge between you and other people? What's your current relationship to connection?

This retreat invites you to dance with these questions while enjoying connection with like-minded women and celebrating the gift of communion with others, nature, and spirit.

Celebrating the gift of life itself!


Connection with yourself is the foundation.

Women in our classes often struggle with 4 things
for which Qoya is the antidote:

movement floods your body with oxytocin
while decreasing stress hormones

spending time with like-minded people
builds a feeling of connection

mental clarity comes from action, not thought, 
and working with your body's intuitive guidance

trusting your body helps you trust yourself
to live into the questions with hope and faith

Connection with yourself helps you choose.

You feel a greater sense of agency
and the ability to direct your energy.

You feel empowered to co-create your experiences
both with other people and the divine.

You meet exhaustion, isolation,
confusion, and fear with compassion
and active nourishment.

You trust that your presence is valuable,
making a positive impact on the world's transformation.

Connection to yourself happens when you connect with your body,
and the easiest way to connect with your body is through movement.

This retreat also celebrates Qoya's 10th Anniversary.

This retreat marks the 10-year anniversary since the first Qoya class on March 1, 2009 in New York City as well as 10 years of Qoya retreats at Blue Spirit!

For the last 10 years, Qoya has invited women to connect with themselves through movement, to have an embodied experience of their essence as wise, wild and free.

Wise: through yoga, meditation, breathing and intention setting, you access your inner wisdom and feel empowered to follow it

Wild: through the authentic expression in dance, you become fluent in the language of your body and express how you feel through movement as if you were talking to a good friend

Free: through sensual, feminine movement, you expand your capacity to enjoy being in your body by focusing less on how your movement looks and more on how it feels

When you feel the physical sensation of truth in your body, you remember your essence.

From this place of connection with yourself, you're more easily able to connect to others, to nature, to spirit, to life itself!

Because of your journey with Qoya, how are you more deeply connected to your body?

How would you like to integrate Qoya in your days, weeks, months, and years to lead a lifestyle of reverence?

What is your current relationship to connection and how can you embody it and celebrate it?

How has Qoya been a part of the emerging consciousness of our individual and collective transformations that honor the  interconnection between all of us?

Whether you've been doing our videos online, are a Qoya teacher, attended a retreat, read the book, or feel inspired by a friend's Qoya journey, if you feel the call, we invite you to explore and celebrate your relationship with connection at this year's 10th Anniversary Qoya Collective Retreat!

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