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Uranus in Taurus: Breaking New Ground IN-PERSON LIVE

Is your life changing? Changing radically in ways you barely conceived of before? Mine, too. Ours, as well.

We are living in unprecedented times. The astrology of the next few years speaks of threshold and revolution. Old ways of living and being breaking down into seeds of radical reformation. Each of us faces disruption. As we gaze towards an anarchy seeping through the foundation of our lives, let us gather in the spirit of irresistible change.

No astrology-knowledge necessary. Virginia and the group will translate astro-speak in ways that are relatable and understandable for the novice.

This transit is relevant to everyone; however if you know you have dominant Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, in your chart you may especially feel it.

About the Course:

Part lecture, part interactive circle, join Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg and other astrologically-curious folk to mark a new planetary influence that will impact the collective for the next 7 years. In the fertile soil of the dark moon in Taurus, we will

  • Ground through Change
  • Learn about and invoke the genius of Uranus as presiding divinity of Change
  • Reflect on the recent 7-year journey of Uranus in Aries and the condition of individualism we are together assigned to integrate and remedy
  • Consider the shifts that await us during Uranus' new journey through Taurus (through 2026). Virginia will walk us through the charts and reference historical events from previous Uranus-Taurus transits. Gain a view of what's ahead.
  • Take in, and be fortified by, the ingenuity of Collective
  • Revive the personal power in sharing Resource
  • Safely contact ancestors of the future and bringers of brilliance for the medicine of multiple timelines Now
  • Wake and break new ground Together
  • Q and A with Virginia

Course Includes:

  • Audio recording, notes and reflections, pertinent charts
  • Cosmically-affirmed ritual suggestions and recommendations for the times

Where and When:

  • We gather in-person in Virginia's home-office in Asheville. Directions will be sent upon registration.
  • Friday, May 18th, 2018 from 6:00pm-8:00pm



About Virginia:

Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Movement Artist. Her main interest is natural healing of self and society. She is a maverick who views astrology and movement as effective tools for liberation. Liberation is becoming more human. Virginia works with people of all ages, races, genders, and origins. Extensive inner and outer travels inform her perspective. Virginia believes that we are made to heal, and that healing is a matter of becoming more conscious and connected. She aims to bridge the realms of human and nature, past and future. Since 2010, Virginia has offered thousands of readings for clients worldwide. She leads retreats, classes, and workshops. Her writings on astrology, spirituality, and society have gone viral and are used as teaching tools in meditation and study groups. Virginia has been interviewed and featured on numerous publications and podcasts. She is Resident Astrologer for the global Qoya movement, Rising Woman, and Dobra Tea in the Asheville area. Her educational background includes post-colonial and women’s/gender studies, anthropology, journalism, documentary filmmaking, Eastern philosophy, myriad forms of dance, Taoist internal martial arts, and spiritual alchemy.