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January 20, 2019 Eclipse Circle: Shared Renewal

Eclipse Circle (January 20, 2019): Shared Renewal


Eclipse Seasons are always important portals of change.

They are pivotal times with longterm effect. 2019 begins with a potent partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn meant to transport us onto the trajectory that will carry us through the next two years. It’s followed by a total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, bringing a spirit of shared renewal.

How are we agents of change, and who are our allies?

This Circle is an opportunity to gather with Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg and magical star-curious kinfolk in the spirit of revolutionizing the worlds we have access to. Let’s tap into star wisdom and make the most of the times.

What do we trust? Where are we drawing faith? What are the dreams residing in the collective?

Cast a wide web and pull those dreams in closer. When we circle together, we can remember who we are and what we’ve been gifted with.

About this Circle

  • Learn the meaning of eclipses in astrology and how to thrive during eclipse season approx. every 6 months.

  • Virginia will present a reading about the current Eclipse chart, looking at themes, meanings, and if there is time, sharing where it falls in participants charts.

  • Invoke the power of Capricorn-Cancer Nodal axis, acknowledging the transition from Patriarchy to Matriarchy. Reflect on the eclipses of the last 2 years, what we have been consciously creating, and where that leaves us now.

  • Explore journal questions, meditation, and circular dialogue to interweave our webs of truth and hope.

  • Q and A

Course Includes

  • 90-minute call with Virginia Rosenberg and kinfolk

  • Audio and video recordings, notes and reflections, eclipse chart

  • Cosmically-affirmed suggestions and recommendations for the times

  • Journal questions for inquiry and guidance

  • An eclipse guide PDF you can reference to thrive in every eclipse season.

Where and When

Instant download! Access anytime. The live call was January 20, 2019 at 12:00pmEST.



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