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Chiron: the Maverick Healing Gate

Chiron is the rainbow bridge,
The cosmic key to healing.

Each of us has Chiron somewhere in our charts. 

This is the place where we suffer, where we learn to integrate, where we access oracular power, and where we develop healing gifts we then offer to others.

Part lecture, part interactive circle, join Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg and other astrologically-curious folk to tune into the asteroid Chiron and mark a planetary influence that will impact the collective until 2027.

In this course, 

  • Meet Chiron through a guided journey and receive their medicine

  • Learn about the heavenly body Chiron and their archetype, and invoke their healing powers

  • Interrogate into the relationship between Chiron, Saturn, and Uranus

  • Identify your medicine

  • Make peace with healing crisis

  • Locate your contribution to the collective

  • Connect with Chiron’s journey through Aries - past, present, and future

  • Step further into your identity

  • Reclaim your agency

  • Heal the animus

  • Energize what you are willing to stand for

  • Identify where you can step into leadership, and where you can make way for restoration in the current context of leadership

Course Includes:

  • Recorded 90-minute call with Virginia and astrology-curious kinfolk

  • Audio and video recording, notes and reflections

  • Cosmically-affirmed suggestions and recommendations for the times

  • Journal questions for guidance

Where and When:

  • Anytime, anywhere. Course materials now available for instant download.

Investment: $28.00

All sales are final and refunds will not be issued.