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Watch my Ted Talk, Astrology as a Tool for Social Change

Astrology is not just a party trick; it is an ages-old symbolic language and healing art that was essential to our ancestors. Astrology is a guiding tool that holds the potential to launch humanity into a new paradigm of awareness and interconnectedness. We are all astrologers, and to remember this is to reclaim our relationship with nature. 

“Received an amazing reading from Virginia Rosenberg last night: serious healing and clarity. My entire sense of myself in my body feels rearranged and refreshed today.”

— Corina Dross, Artist and Astrologer. Durham, NC

Packages for Dedicated Guidance

Intuitive Astrology and Movement Arts are more than a touchstone: they can transform your life into a landscape of holistic wellness, fulfilling connectedness, and heightened awareness. Like anything in life, the more time and attention we put in, the more we benefit we receive. My favorite way to offer this work is to dive deep inside a dedicated container. I want to know you and discover more about the ways you know yourself. This work is for those interested in personal growth and practically applied esoteric wisdom.