Sacred Movement:

Sifu Paolillo and the Tao Institute

West Asheville Yoga

Rochelle Schieck and Qoya

Michelle Dionne Birthdancing and Bellydancing


Asheville Friends of Astrology

Kelly Lee Phipps

Anne Ortelee

Website Photography:

Alli Parvenov

Taylor Taz Johnson


Kathryn C Holt, Psychology Shaman Goddess

Bloom Post, Shamanic Healer

Ellen Kittredge, Nutrition Goddess and Enlightened Being

Karen Savage Shane, Consciousness Accelerator supporting your Living Thrival

Teal at Wild Katuah Healing Arts, Enchanted Stone and Earth Medicines

Deborah Hellman, Akashic Records

 Jessica Chandra Shrago Experimental Yoga Mystic