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This page is a portal to a deeper understanding of Self, astrology, and the interweaving of natural energies.

Virginia Rosenberg's in-depth forecast emerges by the first of each month.

Use these forecasts for expert guidance to help you Navigate Gracefully.

  • Outline the month ahead
  • Align plans, events, and activities with important dates
  • Increase your intuition, awareness, and ability to utilize more of your senses
  • Familiarize yourself with natural, archetypal, and astrological currents and vibes
  • Activate your inner knowing
  • Get more out of the potential available
  • Discover natural healing methods and remedies
  • Make the most of your life in highest activation and alignment
  • Increase your wisdom-base and fill your cup


We offer 3 membership options:

The Introduction: A one time charge of $11 gives you access to the current monthly forecast as outlined above for a full month. Sign up here.

Recurring Monthly: or Our recurring monthly members will have ongoing access to current and previous monthly forecasts for a monthly charge of $11. Sign up here.

Annual Membership: The annual membership is a one-time fee of $66 (7 months access at $11/month with one month free!) for access for the remainder of 2017 and you can sign up here.

Once you are signed in and have paid, you will be directed to the forecast!



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