Packages for Dedicated Guidance


Intuitive Astrology and Movement Arts are more than a touchstone: they can transform your life into a landscape of holistic wellness, fulfilling connectedness, and heightened awareness. Like anything in life, the more time and attention we put in, the more we benefit we receive. My favorite way to offer this work is to dive deep inside a dedicated container. I want to know you and discover more about the ways you know yourself. This work is for those interested in personal growth and practically applied esoteric wisdom.

Payment Plans Available!

Applying Astrology for Transformation

  • 3 live 75-minute sessions either in-person or distance
    • 1st Session Introduce and Investigate: Identify dominant energies, elements, and planets. Common and current gifts/struggles. Current transits. Homeplay assignment with matching date(s) to complete.
    • 2nd Session Reflect and Apply: Hands-on practicum. Homeplay assignment with matching date(s).
    • 3rd Session Integrate and Anchor: Identify consistent practices moving forward. Attain an overview of transits upcoming in future months and how to best align with them. Loose timeline of specific dates.
  • In this transformational package, you will also receive:
    • Copies of all charts used
    • Audio recordings of each session
    • List of current and future transits and details on how to work with them best.
    • Homeplay assignments: Worksheets, journaling prompts, movement exercises, and ritual recommendations tailored specifically to your chart and current transits!

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Option 2: Personal Evolution Tracking and Guidance

Let's walk together. Commit to yourself and your conscious evolution.

Limited Availability!

  • Virginia works closely with 2 or 3 clients at a time in this capacity. This package is for those interested in making conscious awareness and soul-alignment a way of life to support holistic wellness and promote evolution on all levels.
  • You are a good fit for this if ONE or more of the following appeal to you:
    • You are going through some big life shifts and desire dedicated support.
    • You want to develop a working knowledge of astrology and be able to apply it to your daily life.
    • You are ready to anchor self-love, self-connection, and reflection into your life.
    • You desire a loving relationship with your astrologer. Virginia believes that intimacy and safety are essential for healing and can lead to deep transformation. She prefers to maintain connection with her clients for more than just a season.
    • You seek to know more than just your chart. You would also like to explore charts of any of the following: family members, partners, major life events, business details, as well as transits, progressions, and solar arcs.
  • Six 75-minute sessions to be used over 6 to 12 month periods, along with homeplay assignments, ritual recommendations, and timeline of important dates.
  • Added bonus a 15-minute check-in each month with Virginia, either via phone or email*

Interested? Schedule a free 20-minute call with Virginia to discover if this is a good fit.