Free resources exploring everything from astrology as an ancient storehouse of intuitive knowledge, to racism as systemic in New Age spiritual philosophy! A great way to be accustomed to Virginia's style & learn more about astrology.


Watch my Ted Talk,
Astrology as a Tool for Social Change

Astrology is not just a party trick; it is an ages-old symbolic language and healing art that was essential to our ancestors. Astrology is a guiding tool that holds the potential to launch humanity into a new paradigm of awareness and interconnectedness. We are all astrologers, and to remember this is to reclaim our relationship with nature. Virginia Rosenberg is an intuitive astrologer, writer, teacher, and lecturer. With a background in anthropology and post-colonial studies, her main interest is natural healing of self and society. Virginia has performed thousands of readings for clients internationally. Her writings are used as teaching tools in spiritual communities worldwide. She offers workshops, classes, and retreats and is resident astrologer for several organizations. Taoist philosophy, dance, and inner alchemy practices inform her perspective. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


"Constructing A Healing Bridge from Spiritual Racism & Prejudice Towards Compassionate Sacred Activism" featured by Danielle Holdman at The Coaching Parlour 

Danielle M. Holdman is a leading Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Practitioner (CNLPP) through The Association for Integrative Psychology and Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through Fowler Academy.  She also hosts her own podcast called the "Coaching Parlour."

Join her & Virginia as they discuss:

  • The definition of Spiritual Racism & Prejudice and Spiritual Activism
  • How compassion plays a major role in transmuting Spiritual Racism
  • Where true freedom in power lies

The 6 Ways Spiritual Communities Are Participating in Violence, and the compassionate action to take that includes:

  • Remaining Unattached/Choosing to be Silent
  • Sending Love & Light/ Distancing Yourself
  • Keeping Your Vibration High/Encouraging Numbness
  • Emphasizing the Spiritual Perspective/Negating Reality
  • Privileged Preaching/ Wielding Entitlement As THE WAY
  • Recreating Tribe/Barring Diversity from Your Comfort Zone

Check out the original article: 
Converting Hidden Spiritual Racism Into Sacred Activism: An Open Letter To Spiritual White Folks

    Recorded: February 8, 2017


    "Addressing Systemic Racism & Oppression in Spiritual Communities" featured by Natalie at Dream Freedom Beauty  

    "The thing I most want to help you know is, the magic IS you. You truly ARE the magic. And I am magic, the guru over there is magic, that expert on that show is magic, but most importantly, YOU are magic. You are the one with everything you need to fully live your purpose and be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams. You are the only one you truly need." 
    -Natalie Ross

    In this talk Natalie & Virginia discuss her viral article Converting Hidden Spiritual Racism Into Sacred Activism: An Open Letter To Spiritual White Folks.

    We intend to start a bigger conversation with this episode, where we can expand and deepen the connections in all of our spiritual communities through becoming more aware and more present in engaging in spiritual practice as sacred activism. We talk about:

    • How we can work together to heal the collectively unresolved trauma and wounds of racism and oppression in our society
    • What is sacred activism and how are spirituality and activism connected?
    • In what ways are escapism and avoidance masquerading as spirituality?
    • Solutions and suggestions for possible ways to do better than what the status quo offers
    • How groups and gatherings play a role in this collective healing transformation
    • How you can make strides towards compassion and peace

    Recorded: August 18, 2016


    "Uncovering Secrets Behind Your Birth, Debunking Misconceptions about Intuitive Astrology and Harnessing Your Inner Healing Powers" featured by Maddy Moon

    Madelyn Moon is on a forever mission to inspire women across the world to play bigger, speak louder and take full advantage of the one life they have been gifted while staying connected to their spirituality and trust in a higher power. She is a speaker, writer and host of the podcast, Mind Body Musings.

    In this podcast she interviews Virginia about:

    • Interfacing with this Masculine Society – to be involved in a lot of work, a lot of projects. Virginia refers to this as the perfectionist lens.
    • Cultivating the feminine and the intuition in order to come to a balance
    • Intuitive Astrology is a language, an art, and a symbolic science. It’s basically a perceptive lens in which we are able to experience ourselves and experience the world.
    • Some of the biggest misconceptions in Astrology
    • Understanding intuitive astrology as a language and using this tool to help us know ourselves better

      Recorded : May 31, 2017


    "Episode 61: Virginia Rosenberg, Intuitive Astrologer" featured by Shannon Ledford
    at Honor the Feminine

    "The Honor the Feminine podcast is born out of my sisterhood journey.  My journey to connect with more women and connect you with the inspiring women that are in, and continue to show up, in my life. 
    I believe that when we connect & surrender we remember.

    I am ever-evolving.  I am remembering.

    So are YOU."

    In this podcast Shannon asks Virginia her burning questions about Astrology. Learn more about what transits are, following your intuition, what south nodes are,  
    the Solar Eclipse in Pisces & more!

    Recorded: April 12, 2017

    "Intuitive Astrology and Sacred Movement" featured by Sumer Christine Zachary via her show, Spirituality and Stuff


    Sumer Zachary is the founder of The Nourished Roots Intuitive Healing Services. Tarot is her most intense field of study, additionally she has studied Astrology, and spiritual practices from around the world. A rare auto-immune disorder temporarily paralyzed her and caused permanent and intense nerve damage throughout her body .  Since then she is dedicated and continuous journey to heal her body with Western herbs, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Reiki, crystals, Flower Essences, meditation, yoga and numerous body work techniques. She integrates all the above subjects into her radio show, "Spirituality and Stuff." It airs on 103.7 FM WPVM LP Asheville on Sunday evenings from 8 to 9pm.

    In this talk, Virginia Rosenberg explains the intricacies of Intuitive Astrology and Qoya, a Sacred Movement Practice. She touches on how she does readings and interpreting birth charts.

    Recorded: November 10, 2015

    "Exploring Astrology with Virginia Rosenberg" featured byAdam Sommer


    In this show, two Geminis join, Virginia and Adam Sommer to explore the Mutable sky, a bit of Venus retrograde, and some other starry corridors are explored as well.  Themes dicussed include taking direct action despite blockage to forward motion, which signs influence the nervous system to be more sensitive and how we are entering a new stage of evolution.

    Recorded : August 9, 2015