Your channel is crystal clear! Thank you for the much appreciated affirmation of my choices in this moment of BIG shift in my life. So, so helpful.
— Chris Maddox, Owner of the Wild Woman Project, Asheville, NC

Sessions for Supportive Guidance

Intuitive Astrology Readings

Offering Readings by Time Increment: 60, 90, and 120 minutes

I combine the wisdoms of Astrology and Akashic Records to deliver a potent experience of healing awakening and alignment with Nature.

What a Reading Can Explore:

For Individuals








For Couples, Friends, and Partnerships







90-120 minute session recommended

Relationship Synastry and Composite:

  • Your individual natures
  • How you relate
  • Inherent strengths and challenges
  • The purpose of your relationship
  • Current and near-future evolutionary influences
  • Practical tools to alchemize difficulty into greater awareness, understanding, and healing
  • Celebrating the wonder of your coming together

Questions? Read the FAQ here.

Natal (Birth) Chart, Transits, Progressions, Solar Arcs:

  • Illuminate and align with your true nature, as illustrated by your chart.
  • Discover dominant energies, gifts and challenges
  • Your unique soul purpose
  • Relationship needs and desires
  • The path towards fulfillment
  • Current evolutions
  • Major life events past, present, future
  • Optimal timing of events: How to best relate to, align with, and utilize the astrological energies as they happen. What to be aware of on the horizo.

Happy Birthday! Solar Return Reading for the year ahead: Best during your birth month. What soul assignments are you especially playing with this year?







For Families

For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Business Reading: For new or well-established businesses.

  • Understand the personality and needs of your business. Through careful observation, we can help it thrive.
  • Did you struggle with a launch during Mercury retrograde? Find flowing dates to launch projects.
  • Establish more harmony with your biz and promote sustainable success.

Solopreneur Consult:

Virginia loves talking business. Her life and her business are interwoven, and she loves consulting with entrepreneurs who are on a similar path. She uses her keen intuition to listen to your and your life, and help your business development match your personal, soul, and human development. She also has a slew of handy contacts and experience with business resources that she can recommend for you - not to mention the invaluable support of astrological charts to help guide your business decisions!

Questions? Read the FAQ here.

90-120 minute session recommended

Observing the cosmic blueprint, or family soul map

  • Karma and dharma or the good work a family has come to Earth to do together
  • Insight around purpose, strengths, areas of active development, and interaction of family members and the family as a cohesive unit.

Parents and Children:

  • How to best nurture and foster your child as a whole being and honor their true nature
  • How to facilitate their gifts and allow for their weaknesses to grow into strengths through consciously promoting balance
  • I partner with an Early Childhood Educator to offer a beneficial package: providing holistic perspective AND offering practical, easy-to-implement strategies to support their balance! Contact me for info.

Newborn Baby:

  • Explore your newborn's human and spiritual potential

Packages for Dedicated Guidance


Intuitive Astrology and Movement Arts are more than a touchstone: they can transform your life into a landscape of holistic wellness, fulfilling connectedness, and heightened awareness. Like anything in life, the more time and attention we put in, the more we benefit we receive. My favorite way to offer this work is to dive deep inside a dedicated container. I want to know you and discover more about the ways you know yourself. This work is for those interested in personal growth and practically applied esoteric wisdom.

Personal Evolution Tracking and Counseling

Let's walk together. Commit to yourself and your conscious evolution.

Limited Availability!

  • Virginia works closely with 2 or 3 clients at a time in this capacity. This package is for those interested in making conscious awareness and soul-alignment a way of life to support holistic wellness and promote evolution on all levels.
  • You are a good fit for this if ONE or more of the following appeal to you:
    • You are going through some big life shifts and desire dedicated support.
    • You want to develop a working knowledge of astrology and be able to apply it to your daily life.
    • You are ready to anchor self-love, self-connection, and reflection into your life.
    • You desire a loving relationship with your astrologer. Virginia believes that intimacy and safety are essential for healing and can lead to deep transformation. She prefers to maintain connection with her clients for more than just a season.
    • You seek to know more than just your chart. You would also like to explore charts of any of the following: family members, partners, major life events, business details, as well as transits, progressions, and solar arcs.
  • 6 60-minute sessions to be used over 6 to 12 month periods, along with homeplay assignments, ritual recommendations, and timeline of important dates.
  • Added bonus of twice/month 15-minute check-ins with Virginia, either via phone or email*

Interested? Schedule a free 20-minute call with Virginia to discover if this is a good fit.


Multiple Sessions, Please.

It's addictive.

90% of Virginia's clients are repeat clients over time. Purchase multiple sessions at once at a discount! Feel free to get some for yourself and some for friends, family, and loved ones.

Three 60-minute Sessions for $333 (12% discount!)