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Intuitive Astrology Certification Course

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Be a Sky Scholar.
Learn the Art of Intuitive Astrology

Sky Scholar is an immersive Astrology School instructing the whole self - mind, body, spirit, and emotional being. Remember this ancient language and bring it back to life, anchoring the skills to read charts for yourself and others.

Enrollment is closed! We are so grateful for all of the interest in this immersive astrology course.

While we don’t know if the course will happen in quite the same way in the future, please join the waitlist to be notified when Sky Scholar 2.0 opens for enrollment.

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You already know astrology. It’s in your bones.

Once upon a time, we were connected. We understood the world around us as living, breathing, and ever-evolving. The sky’s abyss and its heavenly lights were marvelous guides and deities, mapping our way.

We storied ourselves by the stars. Built temples to honor divine celestial alignments.

Our ancestors looked to the sky as a mirror - in it, seeing more of themselves. They studied swirling cycles of time and development, gaining clues to their unfurling. We lived in relationship with heaven and Earth. We trusted Nature.

Once upon a time, we belonged.

The time has come to belong again.

To ourselves. To each other. To our planet Earth, and our place in the Cosmos.

We are all astrologers. It’s in our bones. We are made of ancestors and starstuff. Heavenly wisdom is woven through our DNA.

This course is an invitation to remember. To re-awaken the celestial script that lives within us.

To go on an experiential learning journey.

To be a Sky Scholar.

This course is for you if you are ready to…

  • Embark on a journey of self-and-life discovery. With friends and folx.

  • Go deep. This is not a skim-the-surface type of program. Lessons are rich.

  • Practice being a conduit for Earth and Sky.

  • Hone your intuition.

  • Learn through the whole being - mind, body, spirit, emotions.

  • Spend dedicated time each week - 1-2 hours outside of class at least - to steep in the natural magic and learnings of this craft.

  • Commit to yourself, your cohort, Virginia as your guide, and this course as a way to connect more fully with Life itself.

  • Move towards obtaining an Intuitive Astrology certificate.

  • Prepare for further studies as an Astrologer. The wisdom is endless..

What’s Included in Sky Scholar?

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Community & Connection with a Group Portal - NOT on Facebook

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Personal Group Apprenticeship with Virginia

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Lifetime Access to Course Content

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Homeplay Assignments and Practicum

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Thirteen 60 to 90-Minute Live Online Video Calls Twice/Month, All Recorded

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A Certificate of Completion

Course Content

Sky Scholars gather every other Tuesday at 7pm EST. Intuitive Astrology 101 begins April 23rd and runs through July 23rd. 102 begins August 20th and concludes October 15th.

Intuitive Astrology 101

Laying the foundations. Understand that fundamentals of Intuitive Astrology and how to apply them to life. Become proficient in the basics of chart reading for yourself.

  • Gathering 1: Invoking the Celestial Script. Crossing the threshold. Marking our Beginnings. Introductions, Invocations, and Intentions.

  • Gathering 2: Touching the Earth. Honoring the language, lens, and healing art that is Astrology. Sensing the roots and lineage of astrology as Medicine.

  • Gathering 3: Mapping the Sky. Chart orientation. Planets, signs, and houses. Elements and modes of Energy. Metabolic types. Gifts and challenges. True nature.

  • Gathering 4: Opening the Spirit Chambers. Fundamental archetypes as building blocks of the astrological craft. Zodiac signs and human development. Polarity and totality.

  • Gathering 5: Meeting the Luminaries; the Sun and Moon. Lunar cycles. The Wheel of the Year. Eclipses in Astrology.

  • Gathering 6: Deepening Connection. Personal, relational, and social Planets as Deities. Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Communication, Attraction, Agency.

  • Gathering 7: Widening Influence. Transpersonal Planets as Deities. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Expansion, Manifestation, Change, Compassion, Transformation.

  • Gathering 8: Completing the Circle. Open-form Q and A. Journey reflections. Integration. Making offerings.

Intuitive Astrology 102

By the end of 102, you will have everything you need to read a chart - for yourself and others.

  • Gathering 9: Astrology Medicine. Chiron the healing asteroid. Nodes of Fate; turning toward Spiritual Destiny.

  • Gathering 10: Exploring the Hoop. Chart structure. Skeleton of Being. Angles and Cardinal Points. Ascendant/Rising, Nadir, Descendant, Midheaven. Quadrants and Seasons. Hemisphere emphasis. Houses of Soul Development.

  • Gathering 11: Inner Dimensions. Aspects are Everything! Connective tissue. Exploring interlacing facets and how the chart actually functions through their resonance. Common chart types. Major aspects: conjunctions, squares, oppositions, trines, sextile, semisextile, quincunx. Aspect patterns.

  • Gathering 12: Reading Charts as Fractals. Rulership. Intuition. The Art of Questioning. Listening to Silence. Themes. Synthesis. Practicum.

  • Gathering 13 - 60 Minutes: Closing our Arc. Astrology as Medicine: application. Course cohort chooses lesson focus. Review. Q and A. Giving thanks.

Note: For organizational intent, these modules are displayed in neat packages. They are presented this way for the sake of ease and cleanliness. However, this course will likely often reflect the ways of natural time. Intuitive Astrology and Nature are non-linear and unconquerable. These modules may at times bleed together and have soft, fuzzy edges. Even so, they will never lack for richness or depth.

Course Bonuses

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60-minute reading tailored to you

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Embodied Astrology access -
and an affiliate link if you’d like to recommend Embodied Astrology to others

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Recommended reading list to continue your study

About Your Instructor

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Meet virginia

Virginia Rosenberg is a world-renowned Intuitive Astrologer for social change. She has offered thousands of readings for clients across the globe. She teaches astrology, qi gong, and embodied movement, leading retreats, classes, and workshops. Her viral writings on astrology, spirituality, and society are translated in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and are used as teaching tools in international meditation and study groups.

She is Resident Astrologer for the Qoya Movement. Her formal educational background includes post-colonial studies, women’s and gender studies, cultural anthropology, journalism, documentary filmmaking, Taoist philosophy and internal martial arts, myriad forms of dance, spiritual alchemy, ritual, ceremony, and energy work.


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Virginia’s work is affirming and grounding. In a time of uncertainty her voice spoke directly to my soul. Pathways to understanding myself were newly forged. Her counsel is honest, gentle and full of faith. She leads and guides from a space of love.
— T. Thompson, Los Angeles, California
Many times I have sought Virginia’s wise counsel with intuitive astrology. She has a direct and clear line to your guides/records and speaks from an authentic, knowledgable and all encompassing place when reading your chart. I highly recommend seeking her out for a reading—-her gifts have been a true gift to my soul and journey.
— Alena Hennessy, Asheville, North Carolina
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Virginia is a spirited, knowledgeable guide through the archetypal wisdom and poetics of the zodiac. She brings an unusual mixture of sensitivity, rigor, playfulness, and inquiry into her work. My experience with Virginia is that she’s equally adept at leading groups and diving into the unchartered territories of a person’s unique life experience. She’s a master of the big picture and I love how she weaves a tantalizing tapestry through the senses and aspects of experience that are usually too subtle for us to detect.
— Nirmala Nataraj, New York

Why Study with Virginia?

How do you best learn a language? Astrology can be learned on your own from books. We can each endeavor to learn in whatever way suits us.

Astrology is a language. Complex and refined. It greatly helps to have a mentor, dedicated guidance, and community of other language-learners to practice speaking with.

This course offers a depth-oriented, experiential model of learning.

We are communal creatures. Our nervous systems are wired to co-regulate. The collaborative field amplifies our venture. The genius of so many minds and hearts trained upon the subject enriches the content we traverse. There are meanings to this craft that cannot be found on paper. They reside within the living book, contained in each of us. As such, this course can never be replicated.

This course offers the unique opportunity to walk with me, Virginia, an Intuitive Astrologer by profession since 2010. I started out as an apprentice to an inner alchemist who first taught me how to “feel” a chart.

I am here to offer you guidance and training that springs from my unique path. I do not ascribe to hierarchy or mastery. I do not proclaim to know the ‘right’ kind of astrology. I am not here to convince anyone of anything. I’ve simply walked this path, devoted myself to it, and traversed through its twists many times, in many ways. It’s like body memory - I can show you the lay of the land. Whatever questions you may have, I am here to help answers arise. And when answers don’t arise, we can stay in the query together - as a community.

This is the first time I am offering a school like this. It has been years - and many client and student requests - in the making. I may or may not ever offer it again.

Regardless of whether I do offer it again, this go-round cannot be replicated. Are you meant to be a part of it? You will know it if you feel it.

Why Intuitive Astrology?

Nature is speaking to us. Calling us back. Intuitive Astrology is a language through which we can hear her, and live in attunement with her rhythms.

When we are disconnected, Intuitive Astrology is the bridge. To our innate knowing, the cycles of nature, and the true essence of our humanness.

When we are confused, Intuitive Astrology offers clarity. This ancient wisdom craft guides us into becoming our own oracle.

When we are lost, Intuitive Astrology helps us get found. It is our map and navigation system.

When we are drained by false constructs of linear time, Intuitive Astrology teaches us when to rest, when to culminate activity, and so much in-between.

When we are distracted and distant from ourselves, Intuitive Astrology affirms our truth and leads us back home.

When we are limited, Intuitive Astrology taps us into the Cosmos, and through its undeterminable vastness, sets us free.

When we are alone, Intuitive Astrology brings us into relationship - with the gods in the Sky, with other star-curious kinfolk, and with Life itself.

Let’s come together and rediscover ourselves again, and again.

Intuitive Astrology is a language of liberation.

Intuitive Astrology is a lens of interconnection.

Intuitive Astrology is awakening through radical Nature worship.

This course is a portal of communion with the more-than-human worlds.

It is an access-point into the living illustration of cosmic patterns.

It is a dialogue, and a dance, with the sacred geometries created by the planets.

The magic of this is real. We belong to this majestic dance.

We belong to this language. This language helps us affirm our belonging to ourselves, and to Nature.

We are made and remade by it.

And we Make, alongside it. Contrary to popular misinformation, Intuitive Astrology is not deterministic. Nor is it transcendent. We do not gather to become battered victims of the sky. Nor do we make futile attempts to overcome its influence.

We enter into relationship. Taking one another, the Earth and the heavens, as our dancing partners.

Through co-creation, the divine Art of destiny is in our hands. Through the lens of Intuitive Astrology, we have more awareness, greater wisdom, and tools at our disposal to align our will with the sacred forces at play. Thy will be done.

Intuitive Astrology is not a way to know everything. But it is a way to track happenings, and a method of meaning-making. It offers a chance to stay with the murky and troublesome. Not having all the answers, but having context. This is a practice of holding complexity.

Intuitive Astrology affirms our truth and our essential power. It helps us to reclaim what we know in our bones. It re-minds us of a bigger picture. Returns us to omniscience. Restores wholeness.

It offers ways of seeing and experiencing that contain the potential to overturn oppressive norms. Because there are too many false constructs and man-made influences trying to deaden our life-force. We are an intrinsic part of an animate and awake cosmos. Inseparable. Exceptional. Astounding and wondrous.

Let’s live like it.

Pricing & Payment Plans

Our first cohort is officially full! Join the waitlist to be notified when Sky Scholar 2.0 opens for enrollment.

*We respect your privacy and promise not to sell or share your personal information. By subscribing, you’re agreeing to our Privacy Policy.

Your Commitment

Enrolling in this course is beginning a relationship - with yourself, your cohort, Virginia, and the more-than-human worlds we’ll be connecting with. Relationships are valuable. Being in right, reciprocal relationship requires a level of commitment.

If you enroll and find you are unsatisfied or unable to continue, you can withdraw at the end of the first week of the course. You will be charged for the first week of content, and the rest of your payment will be refunded. Refunds are not possible after the first week of the course is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course dates?

Intuitive Astrology 101 begins on April 23rd, with gatherings every Tuesday at 7pm EST. The course meeting dates are: April 23; April 30; May 14; May 28; June 11; June 25; July 9; July 23.

102 begins one month after 101 concludes on August 20th. Course meetings are Tuesdays at 7pm EST on the following dates: August 20; September 3, September 17; October 1; October 15.

Is it okay if I miss class?

Live attendance is highly encouraged - it is part of the magic. However, if you need to miss, all classes will be recorded, so you never need to worry about falling behind. You will also have a learning partner to keep you up-to-date.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this study?

Like anything, the time you invest in this course will greatly impact what you get out of it. In addition to the 90-minute calls twice a month, it is recommended to spend at least 1-2 hours per week with the active material.

Do I need any prior knowledge of astrology?

No prior knowledge or experience in Intuitive Astrology is required. These courses were designed to challenge & enrich novices, as well as more experienced astrology hobbyists.

What is the refund policy?

You can withdraw from the course and receive a partial refund at the end of the first week of the course. No refunds will be issued after the first week of the course is complete.

Can I enroll in just 101 or 102 only?

At this time, the course is only available as a 101 & 102 Course Bundle for a special introductory price.

What qualifications will this course give me?

After completing Sky Scholar 101, you will have a foundational understanding of Intuitive Astrology, the archetypes & planets, and reading your own chart. By completing 102, you will be proficient in reading charts for others, and will be equipped to begin an astrology practice if you so desire.

Is this program accredited or eligible for student loans?

While certificates of completion are provided for both 101 & 102, these courses are not accredited and are not eligible for government-funded student loans.