I highly recommend Virginia! I met her at a Qoya retreat which was the perfect timing and place to receive an astrology reading. Surrounded by lush nature and supportive goddesses— Virginia’s readings just deepen the experience of the feminine and light the path towards more healing and transformation. She immediately honed in on all my questions and included an amazing akashic records reading; which stayed with me long after the retreat. Her precision and depth of knowledge is astounding and such a gift during these times—as is her laughter, compassion and purity of heart. She draws from such a deep well of resources and is so committed to her path.... I just love her and treasure her services!!
— Sarita (Connecticut)
Astrology has taught me a lot about compassion. Virginia Rosenberg is a spectacular Intuitive Astrologer and more— highly recommended for readings. I have learned so much from her about astrology. All my skepticism and doubt about it has dissolved as I dig beneath the surface to discover the incredibly detailed science and wondrous magic that lives beneath. It has helped me to access compassion for self and others, because it reminds me of the greater context that surrounds every moment... whether I am having a challenging time, or feeling joyfully surrendered into the flow of synchronicity, I can look to the stars for affirmation, and see my story reflected back in them. When somebody in my life is acting in a way that feels hurtful or challenging to me, I can (if I have access to their natal chart!) discover what is going on for them astrologically and find understanding and forgiveness more easily through lovingly and respectfully acknowledging the dynamics they are moving through.
— Lily (North Carolina)
Virginia is my favorite yoga teacher in all of Asheville. Every class is a magic trance journey ride into the unknown, and filled with self-discovery, healing, and pleasure. She skillfully integrates chi gong and dance into the yoga practice, and begins each class with an astrological forecast. Join us Fridays at 12:30pm at West Asheville Yoga Studio!
— Lily (North Carolina)
Thank you for your go-with-the-flow awesomeness. No better way to say it. Your radiance shines through.
— Taylor (North Carolina)
Virginia did a fantastic job with my astrology reading. It was so in-depth, yet she made it completely understandable. I refer to it often. I highly recommend getting a reading from Virginia. I am not one to usually go this route, but I was amazed at the insight this has provided to me.
— Ellen (Maryland)
It is clear Virginia is passionate about her work. Her knowledge, generous spirit, and ‘lightness of being’ were a pleasure to encounter and witness. In turn, I truly felt seen and understood. She conveyed much useful information including giving me a concrete strategy that I was able to implement right away. After our session I felt reassured, inspired, and grateful.
— Tara (New York)
Virginia provided a very interesting, intuitive reading – my first ever! Her casual approach put me at ease as she navigated through the components of my natal chart with in-depth explanations along the way. Very insightful!
— Staci (Maryland)
Virginia’s smile and warm personality immediately put you at ease. Her enthusiasm is palpable and you can’t help but get excited too. Her readings differ from others I’ve had because she uses intuition to take the information deeper. I am grateful for the clarification, validation and insight gained from the reading I got. It helped me to feel more confident that I was on the right path, despite the world trying to tell me otherwise. She took the time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. I will be back for more and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to gain more insight and clarity in their life
— Sam (Florida)
I was blown away to learn just how particular the reading was to me— my personality traits, past and present life challenges, or seemingly random occurrences, appeared to lie naked according to the placement of astral bodies. Furthermore, what I considered to be wounds were revealed as very real aspects of my Self. These became challenges highlighting areas of personal growth, rather than something to be defeated by or fret about. This shining light of recognition alone has been a huge step on my path of healing.
— Mason (North Carolina)
Even before the class starts, Virginia Rosenberg prepares the space by smudging. She connects the class by forming a circle and having everyone share one word that describes how they feel. Each word that Virginia chooses invites me to be aware of my body and honor my intention. During class, she is attentive to the needs of each participant and how the flow of the class relates to how they feel. When the class is over I feel grounded and refreshed.
— Victoria (North Carolina)
If you’re new to astrology and astrology readings, you could not ask for a better guide than Virginia. Her knowledge, intuition and passion radiate from her spirit and throughout the reading you feel secure in that she is as deeply fascinated by what your chart shows and what it means to you as you are. She tapped into the Akashic Records as part of my introduction and the experience was as mesmerizing as it was cathartic. The natal reading she provided me with lent in depth insight into my current being - and the correlation between the astrological path and my own from my birth up until the reading was undeniable.

Virginia also provided an abbreviated reading for three of my girlfriends as part of an unconventional “girls’ night.” Although they had opted for abbreviated private readings, each of the women thought that their reading was personal and thorough. We could not wait to compare notes after our respective readings. The symbolism and messages that came forth from Virginia’s psychic intuition provided insight about each of our lives that were immensely personal and unique. The readings resulted in an outpouring of positive emotions ranging from relief to joy. I am deeply grateful to Virginia for not only providing me with my own reading experience but for, through her own gift, bestowing me and my closest friends with the gift of an unforgettable spiritual bonding experience.
— A. Parker (Maryland)
Thanks for your assistance. Nice to be in the presence of a beautiful goddess who is real and celestial, feeling grateful.
— Alyssa (North Carolina)
Virginia has a beautiful energy of light and love. I felt grateful to connect with her in such a sacred space in helping me to illuminate and connect more pieces of my journey. Her intuitive abilities and connection is refined, and a balance between wisdom and practicality. I would highly recommend Virginia to anyone seeking a valuable and thorough reading.
— Lucinda (New Jersey)
Wow. Its hard on the interweb to express my sincere gratitude for your gracious offerings. What a beautifully angelic presence you are; I appreciate you dearly. Such an inspiration and truly empowering essence that radiates from you. Sending the biggest gooiest warm hug!
— Sarri (North Carolina)
Thank you, Virginia! This was such an amazing gift with perfect timing. We read our individual and relationship readings together, and found your work majorly accurate with very practical and spiritual insight. So much of it felt right on; it was affirming to have both the joys and challenges of our relationship spelled our. We were laughing about if only you could see us in action; if we had video clips of our interactions that totally embody the dynamics you described. It’s also really good to know about Venus in Retrograde.
— Marissa and Nikira (California)
Virginia is one of those people who is so authentic and open that you can’t help but want to hang out with her and soak up her incredible energy!
— Alli (Minnesota)
I try to never miss Virginia’s class. Belonging to other studios, and doing a few classes a week (of different styles) that is saying a lot. The free movement and astrological information (she also did my chart) leaves me feeling happy, yes. Happy. Often by friday i am somewhat frazzled by life, so i go to this class, move my body in beautiful ways, and experience feelings and freedoms my body/soul need to become uplifted. Virginia herself is a star, a truly genuine soul who is highly trained and seems to constantly be honing her talents as a instructor. I’ve taken friends who were power yoga people, college students, no yoga people (lol) and they have all loved the class and are happy to return.
— Marisa (North Carolina)
I am new to astrology but jumped in to a natal chart reading plus current transits with Virginia because I could feel she was a person with a deep connection to our Universe. Wow, she definitely did not disappoint! Not only did she lay out two charts for me to learn from, she painted a beautiful picture of how the planets and signs have interacted in my past and what to expect in the coming months. I am so interested in understanding my place in this greater existence and every question I posed to Virginia was answered insightfully and with a sound astrological reference as its backbone. I can’t imagine the kind of skill and talent one must have to do this work well, but Virginia has it and then some! I can’t wait to work with her again. Her sensitive, intuitive process felt organic and helped the reading feel alive instead of just a list of facts. I now feel a deeper sense of compassion for myself and the world I live in!
— Alli (Minnesota)
Virginia transcribed and read to me and my sweetheart our composite and synastry charts at an early juncture in our relationship when we were still learning how to communicate honestly and compassionately with one-another. First of all, it turned out that she truly is the yin to my yang- I’m sure this is not true for every chart but what a relief for us! Perhaps more importantly, areas of ourselves that we might never have recognized alone were in plain view for open discussion and further examination. These revelations brought us to a deeper place of understanding our needs and desires than I could have imagined. I am forever grateful.
— Mason (North Carolina)
Virginia’s powers of astrological insight blend amazingly with her incredibly imaginative and captivating story-telling ability. Her attention to detail and almost psychic intuition blew me away. What she provided for my wife and me was super helpful and showed us things about ourselves that we couldn’t quite pinpoint before. We highly recommend!!!
— Josiah (North Carolina)
Just back from the MOST amazing astrological reading with Virginia Rosenberg. I feel SO uplifted- literally like a huge weight has been lifted. I just cannot tell you what an incredibly gifted, intuitive healer this woman is. She is so clear, compassionate and wise. If you have been curious about astrology I highly recommend seeking her out.

Virginia is a healer of such rare wisdom and deep compassion. Her stills and knowledge are amazing, but what blew me away in the reading she did for me was her intuition and ability to communicate not only what she was able to see in my chart, but what she was receiving from the Akashic Records. It was a very powerful experience for me, and one that has helped me go forward with more clarity and confidence on my path. She is a soul who uplifts all those around her and I can not recommend her work enough.
— Teal (North Carolina)
My experience working with Virginia is consistently enlightening, balanced, and deeply resonant with my own inner knowing. Virginia is highly intuitive and I have found her approach to astrology and use of akashic records to be a beautiful blend of wisdom and guidance. Whenever we speak I am reminded of her dedication to living in alignment the wisdom of the earth and sky— she includes shadow and light, never forsaking one for the other, which I find deeply comforting and trust worthy. I highly recommend Virginia’s services and wisdom for anyone who is in transition or simply curious about their soul’s purpose in this physical experience.
— Kathryn (Colorado)
Virginia is sensitive and clear. She adapted to my unique needs, and was responsive to all my questions. Virginia used both her intuitive and astrological skills to address the broad scope and specific details of my growth. She supported her reading with charts, including an MP3 audio transcript of the session. I have one regret. I live in Atlanta, and it would be nice to meet such a kindred spirit face-to-face. I will definitely make the trip to Asheville next time!
— James (Georgia)
Virginia, thank you so much for our meditation, and for your interpretations and wisdom. It was illuminating and I am deeply grateful. I feel with this new knowledge I have greater awareness to move forward and make more informed decisions about my path. It truly lifted my spirit and gave me perspective. I am now even more in love with astrology and I will take your suggestion to make astrology an even more prominent part of my life. I have such stirring belief in astrology’s ability to reveal truth and aid personal progress and transformation... It’s funny, I don’t think I can even express how much this reading meant to me. Thank you.
— Ashley (Maryland)