Take Heart: Leo New Moon Eclipse Circle August 2017

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Take Heart: Leo New Moon Eclipse Circle August 2017

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Live your Legend. Create your Legacy. Reclaim your Sovereignty. Mark your New Chapter.

Celebrate and ritualize the third of 3 eclipses. This New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo closes an eclipse cycle that began in August of 2017, and starts a whole New Chapter. This is a potent beginning for manifestation and intelligent creativity. Regroup to focus on you, living your best life.

About the Circle:

  • New Moons are always planting times of seeding intention. We gather to under the potency of this Leo eclipse to align with its creative force and welcome its magic into our lives.

  • This is less of a lecture and more of an engaged astrology circle. Participants share about what the recent eclipse and retrograde season has brought to their lives.

  • Together, we explore the archetypal themes of the current eclipse and anchor what it is inviting us into.

  • What is the path of our heart leading us forward? How can we create more joy, passion, and play in our lives? Let’s recalibrate, recall what truly matters to us right now, and center ourselves in the heart of things.

Course Includes:

  • A brief overview of the charts and astrological info pertaining to this particular eclipse and the recent season

  • Emailed infosheet on how to thrive during eclipse seasons (for current and future reference!), which occur every 6 months

  • Guided meditation, journal questions, and exercises to anchor in the Leo eclipse energies

Where and When:


  • This virtual circle was held live August 11th. It was recorded and the video, audio, and all materials are now available for instant download.



About Virginia:

Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Movement Artist. Her main interest is natural healing of self and society. She is a maverick who views astrology and movement as effective tools for liberation. Liberation means becoming more human, and more in touch with the more-than-human worlds. Since 2010, Virginia has offered thousands of readings for clients worldwide. She leads retreats, classes, and workshops. Her writings on astrology, spirituality, and society have gone viral and are used as teaching tools in meditation and study groups. Virginia has been interviewed and featured on numerous publications and podcasts. She is Resident Astrologer for the global Qoya movement, Rising Woman, and Dobra Tea in the Asheville area. Her educational background includes post-colonial and women’s/gender studies, anthropology, journalism, documentary filmmaking, Eastern philosophy, myriad forms of dance, Taoist internal martial arts, and spiritual alchemy.

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