Astrology of 2019: We are Made for these Times

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Astrology of 2019: We are Made for these Times

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Fires burn. Waters sing. Winds blow.

Structures rumble. Ground shakes. New life is born.

The worlds are changing, and we are continually changed by the changing worlds.

How do we reconcile outer and inner? Physical and spiritual? Climate and humanity?

Let’s pause and feel into where we are.

Let’s take a long view and look at worlds together.

We didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Join Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg to wrap 2018 with clarity and anchor into the journey ahead.

In this circle, we:

  • Mark and celebrate the transition from one pivotal year into another.

  • Map our location in timespace. Land where we are.

  • Use a telescopic lens to grasp the bigger picture of our unfoldment.

  • Look back at major transits of 2018 and how they are shaking out in the lives we live.

  • Connect lessons of this past year for deeper integration in the coming times.

Set our gaze on the path of 2019:

  • Prepare for the journey.

  • Outline important dates.

  • Note major transits and their benefits and pitfalls. Emphasis on how to utilize the energies at hand, what to look for and avoid.

  • Highlight themes for upcoming times so you can prioritize, plan, and align accordingly.

  • Q and A with Virginia

Vision is medicine. Gathering is medicine. Remembering is medicine. Feeling our bodies is medicine. Speaking to the soil is medicine. Listening is medicine. Asking and answering queries - is medicine.

Course Includes:

  • Live 90-minute call with Virginia

  • Audio and video recording of call

  • 35-page PDF slideshow with transits, themes, and important dates of 2019

  • 15-page notesheet with cosmically-affirmed suggestions and recommendations for the times

  • Journal questions for ongoing guidance throughout the year

No astrology-knowledge necessary. Virginia and the group will translate astro-speak in ways that are relatable and understandable for the novice.

Where and When:

  • Anytime, anywhere. Download the document upon purchasing and enjoy!

  • Access the recording and all materials whenever it's convenient for you


Also consider Virginia’s 2019 Astrology Calendar and Guide!

About Virginia:

Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Movement Artist. Her main interest is natural healing of self and society. She aims to bridge the realms of human and nature, past and future. Since 2010, Virginia has offered thousands of readings for clients worldwide. She leads retreats, classes, and workshops. Her writings on astrology, spirituality, and society have gone viral and are used as teaching tools in meditation and study groups. Virginia has been interviewed and featured on numerous publications and podcasts. She is Resident Astrologer for the global Qoya movement, Rising Woman, and Dobra Tea in the Asheville area. Her educational background includes post-colonial and women’s/gender studies, anthropology, journalism, documentary filmmaking, Eastern philosophies, myriad forms of dance, Taoist internal martial arts, and spiritual alchemy.

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