Eclipse Season (Summer 2018)


Eclipse Season (Summer 2018)

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Eclipse seasons are always important portals of change. They act as wild cards, and can be looked at as pivotal times with longterm effect. Gather with Intuitive Astrologer Virginia Rosenberg and other astrologically-curious magical folk in exploration of what the current eclipse cycle means, the themes involved, and how they might play out in your personal life as well as on the global stage.

Eclipses always come in pairs or triplets. The current season is a triplet:

  • July 12th sees a partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

  • July 27th sees a total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

  • August 11th sees a partial Solar Eclipse in Leo.

August closes an eclipse cycle that began in August of 2017.

No astrology-knowledge necessary. Virginia and the group will translate astro-speak in ways that are relatable and understandable for the novice.

These transits are relevant to everyone.

About the Course:

Part lecture, part interactive circle. In the fertile womb of the dark moon in Cancer, we will

  • Learn the basic meaning of eclipses in astrology

  • Learn how to thrive during eclipse seasons, which occur every 6 months

  • Look at the themes, charts, and meaning of each particular current eclipse, and also the overarching themes for the whole current eclipse cycle

  • Identify where the current eclipses may impact your personal chart

  • Welcome the power of the eclipses with ease and grace; consciously aligning with their energies

  • Explore Mars and Mercury Retrograde; looking at all the biggest influences of July and August astrology 2018

  • Honor and close the cycle began in August 2017 during the Great American Total Solar Eclipse season

  • Q and A with Virginia

Course Includes:

  • Audio and video recording, notes and reflections, slideshow

  • Tools for thriving during eclipse seasons

  • Cosmically-affirmed suggestions and ritual recommendations for the times

  • Journal questions for inquiry and guidance

Where and When:

  • Instant download! Access the recording and all materials from anywhere, at anytime, whenever it's convenient for you



About Virginia:

Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Movement Artist. Her main interest is natural healing of self and society. She is a maverick who views astrology and movement as effective tools for liberation. Liberation means becoming more human. Virginia works with people of all ages, races, genders, and origins. Extensive inner and outer travels inform her perspective. Virginia believes that we are made to heal, and that healing is a matter of becoming more conscious and connected. She aims to bridge the realms of human and nature, past and future. Since 2010, Virginia has offered thousands of readings for clients worldwide. She leads retreats, classes, and workshops. Her writings on astrology, spirituality, and society have gone viral and are used as teaching tools in meditation and study groups. Virginia has been interviewed and featured on numerous publications and podcasts. She is Resident Astrologer for the global Qoya movement, Rising Woman, and Dobra Tea in the Asheville area. Her educational background includes post-colonial and women’s/gender studies, anthropology, journalism, documentary filmmaking, Eastern philosophy, myriad forms of dance, Taoist internal martial arts, and spiritual alchemy.

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