Spiral Power Qi Gong Video Course

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Spiral Power Qi Gong Video Course


Qi Gong means "energy work," or "energy cultivation."

Spiral Power Qi Gong is an ancient, holistic system of natural breathing, gentle movements, and accessible postures, comprising a soothing yet invigorating moving meditation.

This practice is good for all levels from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.

How Qi Gong Benefits Us

  • Reduces stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Promotes wellness for the whole being
  • Promotes physical and emotional balance
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves resiliency and speeds recovery time
  • Facilitates healing
  • Counteracts addictions
  • Nourishes the body organs
  • Develops body-mind awareness
  • Improves self-awareness
  • Can treat and prevent illness and injury
  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases harmony and inner peace
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Cultivates intuition
  • Increases compassion, self-love, and acceptance
  • Helps us connect with Nature and natural cycles
  • Offers a spiritual practice
  • Offers direct experience of interconnectedness

This Video Course Includes

An Introduction Video

Start here. This describes all of the principles you will be using as you practice Spiral Power Qi Gong.

One Full 60-Minute Silk-Reeling Spiral Power Qi Gong Class

This is the practice I teach most frequently. I recommend doing the full sequence 3x a week.

Four Shorter Qi Gong Practices, Ranging from 5-10 mins Each

These videos are meant to offer you access to Qi Gong even if you don't have a full hour to practice. They will help you to deepen and expand your experience.

Lifetime Access

Upon purchasing, you will be able to access the course content anytime, for life.

NOTE: Make sure to copy the link and password to your desktop or save this document within 24 hours. After that, access to this document disappears.

All sales on this course are final, non-refundable, and non-transferable.



The Practice

The practices I share and much of the Taoist Philosophy I have learned and incorporated has been taught to me by Sifu Frank Paolillo of the Tao Institute.

The Music

The beautiful meditative music is by talented sound healer Cris Coleman; from his album "Glimpses of the Tao."

The Videography and Editing

Big thanks to Elicia Brandon, Kathi Barnhill, and Brian Relph for your assistance.

To your health!

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