My favorite type of guide or teacher is the one who is so committed to their own path and in the exploration of their truest Self and most aligned dharma, they have found the place where their own innate strengths, deepest passions and most potent possibility to be of service all meet. I love working with Virginia because I deeply trust her integrity and commitment to her own life, which allows her to solidly stand for so many others. Her sage guidance, intuitive perception and articulate clarity have supported so many to step into the exploration of their truest Self. If you feel the call to work with Virginia, I highly encourage you to trust yourself and receive the gifts she offers so brightly, like stars in the sky.
— Rochelle Schieck, Creator of Qoya
Virginia is a mystic poet, a weaver of deep cosmic wisdom, a fierce truth teller and a scribe to the infinity of the stars. She is deeply devoted to the journey of embodiment in this lifetime and through the weaving of her many gifts she will help you to access and root into your deepest inner truths and latent sacred potentials so that you can get in greater alignment with who you truly are.
— Lainie Love Dalby, Brooklyn, New York
Virginia is one of those unusual practitioners who strikes a balance between intuitive and intellectual, embodied and emboldened, eyes on the skies but feet on the ground. Her work clarifies and illuminates. But what sets it apart is that it asks us to be radically present for what is going on in such a way that we can’t show up for it without showing up for each other at the same time.
— Rachael Rice, Portland, Oregon
Virginia is a spirited, knowledgeable guide through the archetypal wisdom and poetics of the zodiac. She brings an unusual mixture of sensitivity, rigor, playfulness, and inquiry into her work. My experience with Virginia is that she’s equally adept at leading groups and diving into the unchartered territories of a person’s unique life experience. She’s a master of the big picture and I love how she weaves a tantalizing tapestry through the senses and aspects of experience that are usually too subtle for us to detect.
— Nirmala Nataraj, New York
Virginia is so much more than an editor or copywriter. She is a well-rounded guide and coach. Her intuitiveness makes her like a tuning fork. She aligns with feeling YOU so your message becomes natural, soulful and soulful. It becomes co-creative and allows for it to be more than a message. She brings embodiment to the message and pulses life through it, resonating to inspire a movement.
— Myriam Llano, Director of Divine Renewal, British Columbia
Virginia is one of the most astute, awake, tuned in and sensitive astrologers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and receiving a reading from. Her way with her work is like witnessing an epic piece of art. There is a communion that seems to be happening between her heart and the heart of the planets and the invisible forces that move them. Her advice, her sense of what is coming and her ability to intuit what I need to be in the face of what is and will be has been very very accurate and very very moving. I recommend her with a whole heart.
— Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian, Auckland, New Zealand
I deeply honor, love and respect Virginia as a friend, a mentor and a teacher. Her wisdom is well beyond her years, as she has the capacity to articulate the mysteries of the cosmos eloquently and simply, making her teachings accessible to newcomers, and inspiring to those who have been studying and exploring for years. Virginia holds impeccable space and I highly recommend diving heart first into any of her offerings. Virginia is a gift to the world, and I savor every moment that I share with her.
— Lyndsey Azlynne, Asheville, North Carolina
Working with Virginia is a grounded and imaginative process. She is an enigma who opens Mystery while providing relevant information for navigating life during these wild times. I turn to Virginia whenever I wonder, What the hell is going on?... and somehow she knows.
— Kathryn C. Holt, LCSW, Boulder, Colorado
Your astrology reports and every one of our readings are a confirmation of my deep interest for astrology in general and your work in particular. I’m really having so much fun learning more and unfolding my own path alongside the mysteries and wisdom of the Sky. I’m glad and honored to call you my teacher, and SO excited to be part of your coming online workshops. Thank You so much for your work and inspiration, you’re such a gem and I’m looking forward to our next connection.
— Claire Garin, Paris, France
Jo Mosser.jpg
Virginia’s dynamic, integrative, and compassionate intelligence brings grace and impact to her work as a guide and healer. Virginia can ask difficult questions and support tender questioning, but she won’t get bogged down trying to find answers—she allows for the process. Her willingness to move with the unknown brings depth and sanity to her work.
— Jo Mosser, Marshall, North Carolina
Virginia’s work is affirming and grounding. In a time of uncertainty her voice spoke directly to my soul. Pathways to understanding myself were newly forged. Her counsel is honest, gentle and full of faith. She leads and guides from a space of love.
— T. Thompson, Los Angeles, California
Having Virginia as a mentor has expanded my relationship with astrology in a truly transformative way. Her approach to this sacred art has beautiful integrity, while keeping it applicable to everyday life. She uses her work as a means of living in harmony with the cosmic forces and guides others to do the same. Virginia’s teachings offer incredible insight that give so much empowerment to so many in their astrological studies. I am so honored to study under her.
— Micha Maiello, Apprentice, Asheville, NC
Virginia came highly recommended to me by a dear friend and ever since our introduction she has brought immense value to my life. Her readings are powerful and awakening. She is an active listener, full of joy and grounded with spirit. Her intuitiveness and dedication to service are crystal clear. Spending anytime with Virginia is inspiring. To me, she is a well of over flowing love.
— Gabby Wong, Brooklyn, New York
It’s hard to find the words to describe Virginia’s gifts because she is truly so multi-faceted and multidimensional in what she offers. Over the past several years I have gone to her for sessions any time I’ve needed help in seeing my life and circumstances from a new perspective. Each time the clarity and ah hah moments that have come during the sessions have been very supportive and incredibly essential on my path. She’s helped me get unstuck or find a new way through many times. She’s a very gifted healer and intuitive and astrologer, but truly so much more than that too. Her level of insight is profound, but the gifts come just by sitting in sacred space with her. It’s an honor to know her and receive her grace.
— Ellen Kittredge, Mount Shasta, California
I sought out a reading with Virginia because i was coming into my Saturn Return and I wanted more information about it (I already knew a fair bit, but I had so many questions!). Virginia is so clear and speaks with so much love, it’s very easy to learn from her. I learned a lot from my reading. It was very much worth what I paid for it.
— Poplar Rose - Empress hermit witch of Pender Island BC, unceded cost salish territories
Virginia’s approach to astrology is a gift. In an industry packed with predictions, Virginia attunes to the larger cycles at play and invites us to dig deeper, to look within for the planetary jewels presented here and now. She demystifies the astrological archetypes through experience-based teachings and practices ~ I have personally benefited from both private sessions and group classes and recommend her to anyone looking to empower their relationship to astrology!
— Madeline Giles, Los Angeles, California
I am so lucky I met you. In you, I have seen the fastest amount of evolution in one person in the shortest period of time, like ever. You have become more and more and more masterful like every single day at your craft and your creations and stepping into your power in so many ways and it has inspired me in so many ways. You rock my world. I love that you never forget the roots and the trees and the forest as you look to the stars. You use both along with the radical vehicle of a human body to navigate and I find that so comforting and so honest and it feels like a genius act of pure ancient intelligence and badassery.
— Becca Kannapell, St. Louis, Missouri
Virginia beautifully and authentically uses her intuitive and astrological skills to help me understand who I am on a deeper level. She allows me the space to explore my experiences so that I may gain more clarity. She also provides me with insight so that I can live a life that is on purpose and in alignment with my soul! Virginia is a cosmic portal that utilizes astrological teachings for leading social change.
— Leigah Locke, St. Paul, Minnesota
Many times I have sought Virginia’s wise counsel with intuitive astrology. She has a direct and clear line to your guides/records and speaks from an authentic, knowledgable and all encompassing place when reading your chart. I highly recommend seeking her out for a reading—-her gifts have been a true gift to my soul and journey.
— Alena Hennessy, Asheville, North Carolina
After sessions with Virginia I leave feeling opened up and ready to get to work. She teaches from a place of deep wisdom, gifted intuition, and a passionate heart. Her work consistently opens my mind and heart farther than I think it can go, and I am grateful.
— Kitty Cavalier, Asheville, North Carolina
Virginia is a gifted intuitive astrologer, who stands as a wise and able guide between the seen and unseen worlds. I love her readings not only because of her deep understanding and transmission of astrological wisdom, but also for her uncanny intuitive sense of what’s really happening for you and her ability to cut right to the essence of what would help you most.
— Jaime Fleres, Asheville, North Carolina
What I love about working with Virginia is she helps her clients connect to the energies beyond this earthly realm while simultaneously providing grounded, actionable guidance for the every day. After a reading with Virginia I am at once connected to the guiding forces beyond my human form while rooted and empowered by my own unique roadmap that is very much alive inside of me. It is a rare gift that Virginia offers, that via astrology and movement she guides us back to ourselves, back to our wholeness, and back to who we came here to be.
— Kari Woldum, St. Louis, Missouri
Virginia is the personification of healing presence. She listens deeply to your inquiries and then brilliantly weaves in her knowledge of astrology and her intuition to offer such grounded guidance. Her gifts have often foreshadowed projects and life events and have always offered a sense of direction and clarity. Thank you for your gifts Virginia.
— Karen L. Culpepper, Maryland
There are so many moments in working with you where I literally got chills. I cannot even begin to tell you.... You kept mentioning things that I was seeing in my mind during the meditation, words that were said to me.... It was so incredible. I got so much out of it.
— Carolina Paredes, Asheville, North Carolina
A Graceful Sage. Virginia feels the pulse of something deeper and grander. In both our one-on-one Astrology sessions and workshops, I admire the space Virginia is able to hold, the clarity she speaks with, and the peaceful energy that surrounds her. Working with Virginia has created more space for self-acceptance and trust in my life.
— Ania Sznajder, Chicago, Illinois
I was not sure what to think of an intuitive astrology reading, but Virginia came highly recommended from two of my friends. My 90 minute reading with Virginia was cathartic, validating, and informative. She tied things from my life to my astrological chart that affirmed what I already knew/felt, but also introduced me to new ways of thinking and conceptualizing patterns in my life. All of this was extremely healing for me. Her recommendations were spot on and I am looking forward to implementing them. I am thankful I chose to record my session, so I can review it time and time again. Thank you, Virginia, for your incredible gift! I am beyond grateful that the universe brought us together!
— Karena J. Heyward, Ph.D., LPC, ACS, NCC, Lynchburg, Virginia
Virginia is a friend and a mentor. How she manages to be both is a gift unto itself. I came to Virginia and astrology with what I think are healthy scientific questioning about the work and an openness to the unknown. She embraced all parts of me and was able to hold the space while my thinking mind came to rest in what my body knew is true. You do not have to believe in anything to work with Virginia—you just have to show up and experience your truth. The insights I have gotten working with her are one of a kind and have had measurable, verifiable impacts on the trajectory of my life. I would recommend this work to anyone who feels awake to these questions in themselves.
— Joshua P., Chicago, Illinois
Virginia is a channel for wisdom and compassion. Having worked with her one-on-one, taken one of her courses, and read much of her writing, I can attest that she is a force. Her obvious passion and knowledge come forth in all that she does. Her work marries intuition with the nuanced care that comes about when someone really knows their shit. She is love!
— Kristina Headrick, New York City
Virginia is the person who connected me to the astrological wisdom. I have now been receiving readings from her and taking classes with her since 2014. I love how she brings her authentic self and an anti-oppression perspective to her offerings. I am so grateful for her!
— Hannah Barley, Massachusetts
Your work never fails to bring perspective and comfort to periods of struggle or uncertainty in my life. I save the recordings of our readings and re-listen weeks, months or even years later, each time gaining new insight.
— Alexandra, Semi-Nomadic
Virginia provided clarify and validation to shifts I was noticing in my own life and drew connections to overarching transitions being felt collectively. Her gentle guidance and positivity, rooted in realism, helped me understand so much about both my inner world, and how to navigate the external world.
— Emily Conner, Baltimore, Maryland
I’ve developed a deeper sense of self-awareness, intuition, and freedom through working with Virginia. After each session, my mind feels clear and balanced. She’s truly a treasure!
— Wendy Bateman, Greater New York Area
After my experience with Virginia, I felt like I understood myself on a deeper level. She has an amazing way of gracefully enlightening the people she works with by way of Astrological knowledge and her intuitive nature. I’m extremely grateful and would refer any of my closest family and friends to her.
— Ryan Nolte, St. Paul, Minnesota
In my solo session: I was blown away to learn just how particular the reading was to me— my personality traits, past and present life challenges, or seemingly random occurrences, appeared to lie naked according to the placement of astral bodies. Furthermore, what I considered to be wounds were revealed as very real aspects of my Self. These became challenges highlighting areas of personal growth, rather than something to be defeated by or fret about. This shining light of recognition alone has been a huge step on my path of healing.
Virginia also performed a reading for me and my sweetheart our composite and synastry charts. Areas of ourselves that we might never have recognized alone were in plain view for open discussion and further examination. These revelations brought us to a deeper place of understanding our needs and desires than I could have imagined. I am forever grateful.
— Mason Greenwald, Asheville, North Carolina
Virginia’s classes, astrology readings, and writings are an amazing resource for our times. She brings together embodiment, intuition, and astrological knowledge in a way that catalyzes and invigorates personal and cultural transformation. I am deeply inspired by her work, and by the playfully deep wisdom that is inherent in her offerings!
— Lily Ovadya, Santa Cruz, California
One of those rare but unmistakable sources of light in the world. From her classes and workshops to the relationships she holds outside of the professional sphere, Virginia carries a great deal of presence and mindfulness to each moment, for every person she encounters. I’ve always felt seen, heard, witnessed, and appreciated when I’m with her, and I think that is such a beautiful gift. Oh, and she’s got a serious knack for star whispering.
— Hudson B., Asheville, North Carolina
The way Virginia weaves intuition with a deep understanding of astrology is incredible. My session with her brought me to a deeper understanding of myself and of my purpose and enabled me to gain insight into what could be of support to me throughout my growing. Virginia is grounded and dynamic. Her insights and intuitions were spot on, and I felt seen and supported throughout our session.
— E. Hunnicutt, Boone, North Carolina
Virginia has inspired me to learn more about astrology! Her workshops are interesting, accessible and empowering regardless of your prior knowledge about astrology. She eloquently teaches astrology as it relates to both our external and internal worlds and leaves her students with meditations and exercises to harness and utilize the energies of the planets for our best interests.
— Lillian J., Asheville, North Carolina
Working with Virginia helped me recommit with GREAT enthusiasm to a beloved project and gave me so many beautiful new ideas for deepening a connection. Her insights and questions brought so many ah-has. My approach to the coming months has been utterly transformed from trepidation to digging in! Thank you!
— Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, Minnesota
I am drawn to astrology because I recognise the power it holds as a guiding light and reliable source of information on all aspects of my life: past, present and future. Combine this with your highly intuitive gifts and it amounted to a session so empowering that I came away feeling very much lighter and, importantly, embodied. The session helped me to look directly at some of my fears and to see their underpinnings in the charts. This helped me become more detached from the fear and choose from a stronger foundation of self. The questions you asked me stopped me in my tracks as so valuable and pertinent. I felt like my soul and my little self of both fear and longing was open to your insight. After our session .. I feel so free.. having begun to take back control of my emotions and choices through the knowledge you imparted. This is just such an amazing gift. I am so grateful that we could have this time together to help me move forward with confidence. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!
— Victoria Woodward, UK
I highly recommend Virginia! I met her at a Qoya retreat which was the perfect timing and place to receive an astrology reading. Surrounded by lush nature and supportive goddesses— Virginia’s readings just deepen the experience of the feminine and light the path towards more healing and transformation. She immediately honed in on all my questions and included an amazing akashic records reading; which stayed with me long after the retreat. Her precision and depth of knowledge is astounding and such a gift during these times—as is her laughter, compassion and purity of heart. She draws from such a deep well of resources and is so committed to her path.... I just love her and treasure her services!!
— Sarita (Connecticut)
Astrology has taught me a lot about compassion. Virginia Rosenberg is a spectacular Intuitive Astrologer and more— highly recommended for readings. I have learned so much from her about astrology. All my skepticism and doubt about it has dissolved as I dig beneath the surface to discover the incredibly detailed science and wondrous magic that lives beneath. It has helped me to access compassion for self and others, because it reminds me of the greater context that surrounds every moment... whether I am having a challenging time, or feeling joyfully surrendered into the flow of synchronicity, I can look to the stars for affirmation, and see my story reflected back in them. When somebody in my life is acting in a way that feels hurtful or challenging to me, I can (if I have access to their natal chart!) discover what is going on for them astrologically and find understanding and forgiveness more easily through lovingly and respectfully acknowledging the dynamics they are moving through.
— Lily (North Carolina)
Virginia did a fantastic job with my astrology reading. It was so in-depth, yet she made it completely understandable. I refer to it often. I highly recommend getting a reading from Virginia. I am not one to usually go this route, but I was amazed at the insight this has provided to me.
— Ellen (Maryland)
It is clear Virginia is passionate about her work. Her knowledge, generous spirit, and ‘lightness of being’ were a pleasure to encounter and witness. In turn, I truly felt seen and understood. She conveyed much useful information including giving me a concrete strategy that I was able to implement right away. After our session I felt reassured, inspired, and grateful.
— Tara (New York)
Virginia’s smile and warm personality immediately put you at ease. Her enthusiasm is palpable and you can’t help but get excited too. Her readings differ from others I’ve had because she uses intuition to take the information deeper. I am grateful for the clarification, validation and insight gained from the reading I got. It helped me to feel more confident that I was on the right path, despite the world trying to tell me otherwise. She took the time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. I will be back for more and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to gain more insight and clarity in their life
— Sam (Florida)
Just back from the MOST amazing astrological reading with Virginia Rosenberg. I feel SO uplifted- literally like a huge weight has been lifted. I just cannot tell you what an incredibly gifted, intuitive healer this woman is. She is so clear, compassionate and wise. If you have been curious about astrology I highly recommend seeking her out.

Virginia is a healer of such rare wisdom and deep compassion. Her skills and knowledge are amazing, but what blew me away in the reading she did for me was her intuition and ability to communicate not only what she was able to see in my chart, but what she was receiving from the Akashic Records. It was a very powerful experience for me, and one that has helped me go forward with more clarity and confidence on my path. She is a soul who uplifts all those around her and I can not recommend her work enough.
— Teal (North Carolina)
Thank you, Virginia! This was such an amazing gift with perfect timing. We read our individual and relationship readings together, and found your work majorly accurate with very practical and spiritual insight. So much of it felt right on; it was affirming to have both the joys and challenges of our relationship spelled out.
— Marissa and Nikira (California)
Virginia’s powers of astrological insight blend amazingly with her incredibly imaginative and captivating story-telling ability. Her attention to detail and almost psychic intuition blew me away. What she provided for my wife and me was super helpful and showed us things about ourselves that we couldn’t quite pinpoint before. We highly recommend!!!
— Josiah (North Carolina)
Virginia, thank you so much for our meditation, and for your interpretations and wisdom. It was illuminating and I am deeply grateful. I feel with this new knowledge I have greater awareness to move forward and make more informed decisions about my path. It truly lifted my spirit and gave me perspective. I am now even more in love with astrology and I will take your suggestion to make astrology an even more prominent part of my life. I have such stirring belief in astrology’s ability to reveal truth and aid personal progress and transformation... It’s funny, I don’t think I can even express how much this reading meant to me. Thank you.
— Ashley (Maryland)
If you’re new to astrology and astrology readings, you could not ask for a better guide than Virginia. Her knowledge, intuition and passion radiate from her spirit and throughout the reading you feel secure in that she is as deeply fascinated by what your chart shows and what it means to you as you are. She tapped into the Akashic Records as part of my introduction and the experience was as mesmerizing as it was cathartic. The natal reading she provided me with lent in depth insight into my current being - and the correlation between the astrological path and my own from my birth up until the reading was undeniable.

Virginia also provided an abbreviated reading for three of my girlfriends as part of an unconventional “girls’ night.” Although they had opted for abbreviated private readings, each of the women thought that their reading was personal and thorough. We could not wait to compare notes after our respective readings. The symbolism and messages that came forth from Virginia’s psychic intuition provided insight about each of our lives that were immensely personal and unique. The readings resulted in an outpouring of positive emotions ranging from relief to joy. I am deeply grateful to Virginia for not only providing me with my own reading experience but for, through her own gift, bestowing me and my closest friends with the gift of an unforgettable spiritual bonding experience.
— A. Parker (Maryland)