July 2017 Forecast: Manifest

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The Astrological Theme for July 2017 is "Manifest."

"Manifest" is defined as "clear or obvious to the eye or mind." Also, "to display or show a quality or feeling by one's acts or appearance. To demonstrate."

In July's Forecast:

  • How things become manifest (hint: it's not common Law of Attraction principles or positive thinking!)
  • How to be less encumbered and more yourself
  • Archetypal medicine
  • Incantation and journaling recommendations
  • Potent dates to plan your life
  • Crystal and flower essence remedies pertinent to the month
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May 2017 Forecast: Finesse

Brief Sample of the Full May Forecast:

The Astrological Theme for May 2017 is "Finesse."

Finesse has a double meaning. It communicates skillfulness, subtlety, and tact. It also denotes trickery, stratagem, and artifice.

The month ahead is magic, busy, and easily distracted. Riddled with riddles and rife with play. A silly, incredible time for quick-fire insight and passionate momentum. A curious landscape of musing, learning, and bringing spirit into matter. This month's astromaps remind me of the feeling I get when I have over-imbibed caffeinated tea in one sitting. Great inspiration and activity, but plagued with scatteredness. Make sure to ground, deeply nourish, and stay connected to your clear center to counterbalance the insatiable up-and-outward-moving energies afoot.

May is wily. It is characterized by the duality that nothing is sacred; and everything is sacred. May is a quandary of opposing influences that require dexterity, articulation, and deftness in order to move through in grace. Employ lightness of heart and foot. Mentally, sharpen your language and perception; and let go of attachment to over-thought.

Despite the fact that there are likely big choices ahead, I recommend to wait on major decisions (especially ones regarding material goods and investments) until after May 20. Use patience - we won't have all the necessary information until after that date.

The first half of the month offers a continuous stream of new, unexpected, and potentially shocking information that require adaptation. Expect to change your mind and your course several times over. Improvise. Approach with a keen eye out for the Cosmic Joke. Trust the fly-by-the-seat-of-our-britches quality. Evolve with rapidity.

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It's an absolute gift to be able to continue this work. May this forecast be your graceful navigation guide, your invitation to return home, and your empowerment to step more fully into your astounding multidimensional Self.


To Life

As always, THANK YOU for your support.

May we anchor the highest dreams of our collective heart into reality.