October 2017 Forecast: Inner Realms

Image by  T. Thompson  IG: T.squares

Image by T. Thompson IG: T.squares

Where we are meeting our gods.

October Artist Feature:

T. Thompson, film photographer, artist, mystic. Transformative imagery interrogates the current plane while creating anew against the old. Imagery allows us to traverse realms. Journey without borders. Travel to histories and futures that are yet to be realized. Imagery tells a story to our psyche. These narratives are living threads twined in DNA.  Journeying into these realms can provide raw data and insight on what has otherwise been concealed, forgotten and unconfronted. Here in these realms a power awaits. A power to liberate, transmute and realign karma. These inner realms are where we meet our gods. Our deities. We are stripped naked of ego and falsehood that keep us encased on a linear plane. Here is where we shed the former to know and experience our divine nature.

The Astrological Theme for September 2017 was "Kindred Spirits."

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When we dance with the unknown, we grow to contain more infinity.

In September, the ways we knew ourselves and our lives changed.

In times like September, what do we turn to? What resources do we have to draw from? The astrological theme was "kindred spirits."   We have each other. We can turn to our kin. Our relations. The spirits of our ancestors that entwine around each strand of our own DNA. We can listen with our own innate power and connection to source. We can sense the support of the land we reside on and the plants and animals that permeate our environments. We have the innately co-experienced and constantly evolving connectedness with all "other" things and beings.

So many of us could hear another's experience of September and say, "Me too."

It is truth in us that makes us kindred.

We've all been there. That somewhere of success or failure. That point of desperation and ecstasy that colors the world new shades of prismatic attention.

Let's be ourselves wherever we are, see each other and say, "that was once me, too. And sometimes still is." Or, "I haven't made it there yet, but I'm on my way."

And always, to yourself, to kin and life: "I love you. I see you. I thank you. I'm with you."

The Astrological Theme for October 2017 is "Inner Realms."

Traversing inner realms can literally take us anywhere and everywhere. And it's astonishing how the inside-out spaces and textures can vary so much from what resides outside.

Many of us spend a lot of time in distraction and aversion to the inner planes of being. Their wilds are mysteries society leaves mostly unpacked. We can make space for this. We can take time to encounter the inner planes of being. For here is...

Where we are meeting our gods. - T. Thompson

Consider. It may be intentional that so many distractions abound, cloying to keep you from your inner realms. It is a radical and stupendous act to separate from the external world enough to access your internal silence. The layers beneath the layers, at your very core.

This is the placement of true power: where we meet our gods.

Much needs to die. We need not fear death.

Summon inner forces and make a choice to enter the unknown.

Trust the darkness.

This month we enter a season of death.

In some spiritual and shamanic traditions, it is encouraged to "practice death" as much as possible. The power of the holy threshold between life and death is acknowledged. It is the domain of the Great Mystery.

Not-Knowing is essential to evolution.

Through letting go, we merge with the infinite as it desires us.

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It's an absolute gift to be able to continue this work. May this forecast be your graceful navigation guide, your invitation to return home, and your empowerment to step more fully into your astounding multidimensional Self.


To Life

As always, THANK YOU for your support.

May we anchor the highest dreams of our collective heart into reality.