My work promotes awareness and reconnection for the liberation of nature, self, and society.

My tools are intuition, astrology, embodiment, and community connection.


What is Intuitive Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient symbolic language and healing art.

It links us to innate cycles of nature. It speaks to our spiritual journey and our authentic function as human beings.

It gives us a way to tune into, perceive, and share inherent cycles of being and evolution.

It assumes that everything is conscious and interconnected, and that a supreme divine intelligence is operating through and within all-that-is.

I approach astrology as a practical tool of anti-oppression.

It illuminates our alignment and our agency.

It reweaves and accentuates our relationships.

It heals our wounds of belonging. Astrology is nonfunctional without place. The pictures of the sky literally depends on our location on Earth. As above, so below.

Intuition is the innate power of knowing.

Intuition is an instinctive form of intelligence. Every living being has intuitive capacities. Without "figuring out," we can sense and feel, directly and immediately synthesizing information.

Intuition is deep listening and awareness of the subtle. Like any skill, it can be honed.

Intuitive Astrology is a meditative practice of observing and uniting with nature. It combines receptive listening, dialogue, reflection, and interpretation for synthesis. It is an effective tool for affirming what is, accessing healing energy and insight, contextualizing our spiritual location, and anchoring wholeness and union within the self.


What are Movement Arts?


1. changing physical location or position

2. a group of people working together to advance their shared ideas

Movement Arts change our bodies, our minds, and our societies.

The body knows. Listening to, caring for, and reconnecting with the body is the human frontier for effective change. Our bodies are innately intelligent and designed to heal.

Embodiment can foster r/evolution in self and society.

So can gathering with folks.

Our communities are a storehouse of genuine genius. Building relationships facilitates healthy progress for social and spiritual development.

Virginia creates space for conscious, cultivated movement in our bodies and in community.


Movement Arts Virginia Shares:

  • Qoya: Dance, pilgrimage, feminine expression, and ritual

  • Qi Gong: Taoist Inner Alchemy martial tradition

  • Dance: Freedom, pleasure, technique, and artistic expression

Virginia is one of those unusual practitioners who strikes a balance between intuitive and intellectual, embodied and emboldened, eyes on the skies but feet on the ground. Her work clarifies and illuminates. But what sets it apart is that it asks us to be radically present for what is going on in such a way that we can’t show up for it without showing up for each other at the same time.
— Rachael Rice, Portland, Oregon