Misty Mornings

Neptune Stations, Neptune Square Saturn

16 November 2015

Life is nonlinear.

Sometimes we have to dream.

When Neptune stations, that becomes apparent. Life might take you into rest, ever-changing plans, or foggy lands. No matter how hard you try to take direct course, things may not be what they seem.
Neptune is yin. Flowing. Merging with nothingness: all that is. An empty circle, filled with energy.

You are receiving messages about your dream.

But with Neptune, the dream never manifests as you quite expect.

You must imagine,
then surrender.

You must create,
and ultimately lose.

Things come into form
and then they dissolve.

Neptune in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius is expansive.


At times, groundless. The reality held in collective vision has not yet been constructed. We must do the work to bring our dreams into manifestation.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, groundedness comes from being in nature. Comes from embodiment. Comes from authenticity. Comes from seeking where to invest true meaning. We must take action on our passions, our inspirations. We must keep growing, like the tree.

Earth Visions.

Restlessness pervades. A need to move out of familiar territory in order to continue to grow. Walking a path toward freedom. Vision quests. We have to build a new reality. The reality we’re longing for is not in existence, and we are all currently made aware of this fact. So we can dream another dream. So we can shed the husks of our old clothes. The stories, the addictions, patterns of self-victimization. Now we can see what our weaknesses are. A cleansing of our inner structures persists. Our grief crystallizes. Our shame, our guilt, and our sadness emerge. Reviewing this inner material being cleansed, our energy is sapped. Our doubt can rise. We can feel crippled by confusion.

Surrender, relax and trust. Find your still point. Allow spirit to humble and soften you.

Make yourself ready to receive reality.

Life is Dreaming itself Through You.

Meditate. Let go of everything. Go to the deep within.

Free yourself.

Go to the stars of your eyes.

Have you ever noticed that when you gaze at a star in the sky, you cannot see at it if you look at it directly?

I learned this lying in bed as a child, staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. I could only view a star if I softened my gaze and looked slightly to the side of its light. Using my peripheral vision brought the star into focus.

I witnessed the same phenomenon as I mirror-gazed into my own eyes the other morning. Attempting to see myself. To see through the deep windows of my soul into some center of my being.

No matter how hard I looked, I could not penetrate directly into my own gaze. It was only when I softened to see all that I could view myself.

The way to healing is indirect. It loves unconditionally. It is pervasive compassion.

Emote this week. Take private time. And always with any Neptune transit, find refuge in the music, in the silence.