September 2016 Forecast: Simplicity

The astrological theme for August was Joy.

Joy? Seriously? Bahahahaha.

Looking back at August in my life, Joy might have been one of the last themes I’d have chosen. Indeed, before I wrote the full August forecast, I had second thoughts. “Joy doesn’t feel right,” I wrote to a friend. She wrote back: “What about dancing in the ashes kind of Joy? Joy as your birthright?” That resonated. I picked it up, and wrote about how underneath everything, there is always radiant, unchanging life force. And that with dedicated cultivation and an attitude of play, we can foster joy within our beings. Joy is the delight in Self. The accumulation of Naturalness. The ability to live the realization of life as a Cosmic Joke.

But August was stressed. August was like my soul lifting mad weights at the gym without adequate amounts of protein powder or rest. My soul might have torn something. But they say muscles get stronger from micro-tears and subsequent reparation. Alternate themes for August may have been: Strength. Endurance. Integrity. Fortification. Consolidation. If there were any unconscious jigs we were holding, they were up! Scales fell from our eyes, and at the same time, our tenderest of wounds were poked on, preventing us from seeing clearly. Something of a celestial meat grinder in a foggy, overheated kitchen.

This is likely how crystals feel as they are forming.

In the heavens, Mars (ruffian match-lighter) joined Saturn (grandfather taskmaster). For some, it might have felt like finally passing the test into freedom and personal authority. For others, it may have been like seeing more than enough unfortunate truths. Blockades, limitations, and pressure inner and outer may have ground us to a halt or spurred us into action. Or both. We were caught inside highly sensitized divides of necessary individuations (some with flagrant judgments and projections tossed in for extra flavor). Stuff happened. Long-needed boundaries were set. Long-awaited rewards were reaped. Major endings and beginnings struck chords. Walls were disassembled and erected. Walls that will determine how our future unfolds: the paths that are now available to us, and the ones that are now forever in our past (to those we say: ‘BYEcycle!’).

For the last year, we have been in process (Jupiter in Virgo). And major cycles since 2012 are now coming to a close. What skills have we developed during that time? What work have we made real in the world and in our lives? How will we continue?


Gradual growth.

Lasting change.

Meaningful discovery.

We can’t go back to the way things were before. Those ways, those things, those collusions are officially gone.

We are in new territory now, and the terrain is unmapped.

The Astrological Theme for September 2016 is Simplicity.

Let’s face it: Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius (a transit lasting the past year, forming a Mutable T-Square) has been damn overwhelming. To-Do Lists having baby To-Do Lists. Big dreams countering practical applications. Energy and material scattered about every which way. Constant change and redirect. A whole lot of mental activity.

Society is in an awkward period of attention-deficit adolescence.

People know they can’t continue in the same way anymore, but there is not a clear existing structure to support how they would rather their life be. So, we flounder. We bounce. We try. We make dust and murky water. It’s something between a playpen and a construction site, inside a bubble of existential crisis.

It’s time to get back to basics.

Take inventory. Pare down. We have all been through changes upon changes the last year. What matters to you most now? What will you prioritize and why? Where would you like to focus your energy? What is most meaningful? What do you believe in? What can you graciously release?

Eliminate the unnecessary, so that the necessary can speak.

- Hans Hoffman

Let’s design. This is a great time to make lists around your life plan.. and cross one-to-two-thirds of the stuff off. Not because it’s completed, not because you don’t care about it, but because it leaves room for you to really develop what is essential.

Reduce, and feel yourself relax. If it’s really important, you will find a way to come back to it. Or it will find you.

I know, it’s hard to let go. “But what if I need this?” What if you surrendered it, to discover that thing you thought you needed found its way to you by divine intervention, in perfect time?

So much identity can get wrapped up in our possessions and pursuits. But imagine what the world would be like if everybody dropped something unimportant they clung to. Maybe things would make a bit more sense. Maybe we could breathe a collective sigh of relief. Maybe then we could build communities on a bedrock of Wellness; ensuring everybody had clean water and healthy food to nourish and sustain.

You only lose what you cling to.

- Gautama Buddha

Be assured, whatever you release is not meant for you. Moreover,

It’s not You.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

– Leonardo da Vinci

As my Dad would say, it’s time to stop farting around. We’ve all been under a lot of illusions. We can expect the layers to continue to peel back. Meanwhile, let’s do something useful with our time. Something we can invest ourselves in. This is about dedication and virtue. This is about truly being effective in your mechanism as a human here on Earth.

A new paradigm of being has arrived. I say that in as least fluffy a way as possible. No, it’s not a glorious “HALLELUJAH! THE WORLD IS SAVED AND WE CAN ALL SUBSIST OFF RAINBOWS FOREVER BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TIME!” kind of paradigm. Maybe for some people..(?) but not the human majority. We’ve all got to put in work. We are dancing on the shoulders of all who came before us. We are paving trails for all those who will come after.

So many of us are searching for clear answers, methods, and solutions, and I’m gonna be straight with you: right now, there aren’t any. Not in the way that perhaps there used to be. There’s not much to grasp onto except for what remains deep and perpetuating within the Self. Rules and guidelines have dissolved. Even guides in the astral plane are silent, or mysteriously evasive. Ever present, but hands-off. Seemingly saying: hush child. You got this. Keep on keepin’ on. Go deeper. Observe. Re-rudder. Course-correct. Live the reality that true wisdom is accepting, moment by moment, that we know Nothing. And that perhaps

the more Nothing we Know, the better off we’ll all be.

Astrologically Speaking, September features:

  • Mercury Retrograde in Virgo
  • 2 Major Eclipses this Month
  • Black Moon September 30
  • Jupiter enters Libra
  • Pluto Stations Direct
  • Venus in Libra and Scorpio
  • Mars enters Capricorn

2 Major Eclipses: September 1st and 16th

Reset button! Shifts happen. Eclipses bring big changes, reveals, and new sight. The last eclipses we experienced were in March. Eclipses come in pairs (or sometimes trios) approximately every 6 months, initiating us ever-more-deeply into through the lunar node passage of fate. The North Node of fate is in Virgo, alongside the Sun, Mercury Rx, and Jupiter. We, the people, must be present. We must be effective. Divine is a designer, and we are emissaries of that design. Release the urge to escape. Sober up. Whatever you aren’t doing will nag you. Divine wants you to access and hone your capacities. By applying your useful skills, you develop proficiency and self-empowerment. Truly, power is in the hands of the common people. It stems from tiny choices we make every day; from what we buy to how we care for others. If we consciously choose our lifestyles to support a critical mass of love, profound shifts are bound to happen. Simplicity is profound.

Play-By-Play Forecast (All times listed EST)

August 30 Mercury Retrograde 29 Degrees Virgo (9:04am)

System Reboot. Mercury has been in its shadow since August 10, so do expect to retrace some themes or have conversations that revisit what’s been coming up since that time.

This column is not a place where you will find fear-mongering about halting your entire life during Mercury Retrograde. A simple way of illustrating the influence is: just don’t have expectations. If you do end up signing a contract under Mercury Retrograde, it is likely the contract will unfold differently than how you expect it to. During Mercury Rx (I love how Rx is symbolic of “medicine” in the Western world, and we can think of Mercury’s apparently backward motion as a type of medicine), our minds operate less-linearly. There tends to be more subjective mental focus, so double-check communications and technologies. Do back up your hard-drives. This Mercury Rx is an excellent time for life-redesign and work, inner and outer. Maybe you want to set up a living altar, or attend a course focused on improvement. Maybe it’s time to give up an addictive substance or two, and focus on eating simple foods that support your health. Working on technique and re-visioning implementation is recommended. What have you been doing for the last year? What skills have you been working on perfecting? This is time to complete the work of the last year or three.

This transit is conspiring to get us where we need to go. That could mean welcoming an unfamiliar invitation. It could mean letting go of something you thought was where you were headed. Other forces are saying yes or no on your behalf. Go with it. And, be discerning. What does the deepest part of YOU have to say about it? What resonates as truth and what doesn’t? Analyze – and balance your assessments with meditation and mind-relaxation. Mercury Rx in Virgo can heighten anxiety, busyness, and nervous tension. Be thorough, but not neurotic. Take enough time to unwind and settle your nervous system. Oatstraw and chamomile tea are easy ways to balance. Keep it simple. Take a salt bath. Clear and cleanse.

Purify your mind, your body, your word, your habits, and your deeds. Reform. Rehabilitate. Renovate. Come down to earth. Actively harvest. Embrace resourcefulness. Defy fragility with humility. Honor the details. Accept imperfections, and uphold improvements. You don’t need to figure it all out, but familiarizing yourself with anatomy (how things work) is valuable. Learning, from an open stance, how things operate. Notice what people and things return you’re your past: there is something here to work with.

Sometimes done is better than perfect.

September 1 New Moon in Virgo (5:03am) Annular Solar Eclipse 5:08am) Neptune Perigee (5:26pm) Sun square Saturn (11:22pm)

New Moon in Virgo September 1, 2016 is a time of reform. It is also a Solar Eclipse. This month offers a crossroads, or a portal of change. Distinct endings bring new beginnings. Massive shifts. It is a good time to remember: You can’t do this wrong. But you can practice, and aim for improvement. You can create wellness in your life, and in the world around you. It is time to bring things into order to support your future. It will help to make “To Do” Lists. But let them stem from “To BE” Lists! Get back to basics. What do you need right now? If there were no constraints to consider, how would you progress? What would you prioritize? What do you most want to dedicate yourself to? Trim the fat. It is time to focus. Simple is significant. Practical, efficient solutions and behaviors come to the fore. Channel nervous energy into exercise, organization, or productive achievements. Amidst many changes, practice staying grounded. Keep consistent in daily habits and routines. Use discernment. The perfect scenario is seeking your arrival. In the meantime, dance in the spirit of appreciation for the perfection of what is. Let go of the need to know. Let go of over-analysis. Let go of control. Let go of what is no longer meant for you, and take up your tasks with dexterous grace. The simple is the most profound.

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Neptune is at perigee today, meaning closest to the Earth in its orbit. Neptune rules spirit, dreams, illusions, intuition. Allow yourself to drift into an altered state (nonlinear consciousness) at least once today, perhaps through meditation or listening to music. Anchor your visions through creative expression.

Sun square Saturn can feel like pressure, burden, limitation, or responsibility. Slow down. Show up. Take difficulty in stride, and know it’s getting you where you need to go. Overcome resistance and express maturity. Employ patience and determination today.

September 2 Sun opposite Neptune (12:38pm) Mercury conjunct Jupiter (1:19pm)

Energy could be sapped. You are extra sensitive and attuned to imagination. Seek a thorough vision. Strike a balance between routine order and intuitive flow. Release and cleanse. Tune-up. Make room for big plans and ideas to enter your sphere, and double-check the fine print. A great time to gather information for life-redesign.

September 4 Sun conjunct North Node of Fate (3:58pm)

Your future direction is illuminated now. Progress is becoming more clear. What is life inviting you into? Take practical action to accomplish.

September 7 Venus sextile Saturn (7:34am) Venus inconjunct Neptune (11:39am)

Love and money stabilize. At the same time, we may be attracted to inaccurate perceptions. Blend supportive companionship with spiritual detachment. Self-acceptance is key. Release relationship hierarchy to find true oneness.

September 9 Jupiter enters Libra (7:18am) Mercury Rx inconjunct Uranus (2:58pm)

At long last! The Great Rebalancing is upon us. Jupiter in Virgo was a Call to Service. It was also an information and task overload. Jupiter has a vast, expansive energy. Virgo is a tiny, detail-oriented sign. It’s somewhat like attempting to guide lights of the aurora through the eye of a needle, or trying to capture a rainbow neatly into Tupperware containers. Throughout his transit of Virgo, Jupiter has been activating a Mutable T-Square (since fall 2015) between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. That’s 3 spiraling energies rubbing up against one another. This has been great for dissection, dissolving, and loosening our grip – and potentially maddening. We may wonder: what is there to hold onto anymore? The lesson of this T-Square has been: find your center, and stay linked to it regardless of change.

So much has been changing. Really, every level of society has been in a state of flux. Opposing ends have becoming increasingly polarized. For many, it has taken a strong toll on our relationships and most important social connections. Jupiter in Libra means aid us in discovering greater equilibrium, and move us toward harmony within ourselves and in our relationships. We will seek to grow through our companions, lovers, and partnerships with others.

Libra is the sign of Law and principle. We can expect September 2016-October 2017 to have a focus on politics and legislation (obviously, this influence has already been building). Justice, fairness, and equity become even greater themes. With hope, democratic discussion will be promoted, and social solutions sought out. Divine law and order will have an opportunity to promote natural balance in the realm of society. Arts and culture will be emphasized. May the natural principles of Divine Order promote true harmonious morality among the people of Earth.

The challenges of Jupiter in Libra: Vacillation. Alternating between varying opinions or actions. Taking ultimately harmful decisive action in favor of a peaceful veneer. Because of Libra’s emphasis on relations, over-compromise and accommodation can carry us away from our personal truth. Beware of superficiality, platitudes, or seemingly-benign manipulative qualities in relationships or politics. Statements will likely be backed up with sound “reasoning,” so use your bullshit monitor closely. Libra is a somewhat white collar/aristocratic archetype, with an emphasis on social wealth. Charm can be deceiving – look to see what’s underneath. Jupiter in Libra may increase judgmental tendencies, social alliances, and attachment to status symbols. Check your intentions. Are you taking actions based on the impressions of others to gain social currency? Or are you establishing meaningful connections based on truth and justice?

My sense is that Jupiter in Libra will continue to transform culture, society, business, and politics, to accommodate new belief systems currently being constructed based on authenticity and global citizenship. Middle-and-upper economic classes will certainly feel the influence. We are entering a year-long negotiation process destined to align us with more with Right Power. Likely, this will come from continued grappling with old-paradigm patriarchal power systems. The hopeful outcome is greater societal and economic balance. Let’s allow that balance to stem from nature, please, and not manmade concept. How you can do your part? Keep connecting to the truth you know in the center of your heart, and let that lead.

Mercury-Uranus Transit: Alter your basic habits in order to create positive innovations in your life and environment.

September 10 Mercury Perigee (4:49am) Mercury opposite Chiron (7:51am) Saturn square Neptune (9:04am)

Mercury the Messenger is traveling apparently backwards and closest in its orbit to the Earth. Sensitivity, pain, and the frail divinity of humanity are heightened in mind and word. Use words and thoughts for healing. Stories are medicine when what is told or written is true. Be impeccable with your word.

Saturn Square Neptune is familiar to us by now: dissolving the old paradigm. That doesn't make it any easier. Read descriptive articles on it here and here. THIS IS THE FINAL OF THREE SATURN SQUARE NEPTUNE TRANSITS, not to return until 2033! Reality and illusion have effectively squared off and dissolved whatever failed to hold to test. By November, we can be assured that our highest ideals will not be so distinctly challenged. We may feel more encouraged about the beliefs we are building our lives upon. Soothe yourself this week. Bless the waters. Listen to music. Rid yourself of woolgathering associations and anchor in truly potent vibrations of compassion.

September 11 Venus square Pluto (3:47am)

Love, money, and relationships transform, and it's an emotional dilemma. There is a reckoning with Power. Pay attention: several planets will be traversing this territory over the course of the next 2 months. Sincerity is key.

September 12 Chiron Perigee (11:27am) Mercury square Mars (2:58pm) Sun conjunct Mercury (7:40pm)

Heightened sensitivity. Chiron, the Wounded Healer asteroid, is closest to the Earth in its orbit today. Focus on healing. Feel your humanity. Learn from your achilles heel. The pain of existence can be embraced a rainbow bridge, a threshold to fulfillment. There is verve behind speech today. Possibly some angry, impulsive, or blunt words. There is no doubt that something needs to be said. Stand your ground, but aim not to harm. Temper self-righteousness with humility and vice versa. Be extra careful driving, and in transit, as folks are likely to be aggressive. Nervous system, inner heat, and mental activity are heightened. Exercise! Organize something. Get your jiggles out. It is common when Sun meets Mercury for people to think they are right. Identify what is on your mind and listen carefully.

September 15 Sun opposite Chiron (4:27am) Sun inconjunct Uranus (9:51pm) Mars square Chiron (11:54pm)

Befriend fallibility. Express your unorthodox self. Dabble in non-traditional healing modalities. Embracing the flaws of your mentors is part of becoming whole. Summon the the courage to love pain. Your path will never be exactly the same as anyone else's. Each moment is unique. In some moments, you may feel misunderstood. You may feel unable to stand up for yourself. You may be aware of the ways the masculine in you and others is wounded or impaired. Is it possible to be alive without perpetuating violence? Can we heal the anger in ourselves and one another? What if masculinity is about service, care, and tenderness? What is the simple essence of what you truly want?

September 16 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (2:55pm) Full Moon in Pisces (3:05pm)

Full Moon in Pisces (3:05pm) is a vigil. It is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The last round of eclipses took place in March 2016. These brought a huge release and letting go. A lot of emotional baggage has been cleared since then. Many of us have strengthened ourselves in ways we never dreamed were possible. Exciting new opportunities await. A daring step forward. "Vigil" is defined as a time when one keeps awake and watchful at a time where there is usually sleep. The term used especially in regards to a religious observance. What does it mean to be "vigilant?" Attentive, observant, alert, ready-to-act. And a "vigilante" is "a self-appointed doer of justice." A watcher. An ethical enforcer. A superhero! We can assert ourselves with growthful ways, committed to personal freedom, tolerance, and passionate expression. We can remain relaxed and soft outside, but firm and bright within; sharp in our perceptions, and perfectly clear in our swift, decisive actions. We can trust that the slower actions can stem from a devotion to patience, and that all things meant to be will be in perfect time. We can remain strong in our belief in Love, which is truly what we are. As we remain linked to love, we allow for the earnest will of divine to dance through us. The urge to reach our full potential is our zeal. Spirit wants to dance earnestly, and in ambitious authenticity. Be vigilant for loving evolution!

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September 17 Mars trine Uranus (3:04am) Venus inconjunct Chiron (1:35pm)

Inventive, revolutionary action! Set yourself Free. Follow your instincts, now, and be led in the direction of success. Discovering and acting on the unique components in yourself will promote harmony.

September 18 Venus opposite Uranus (4:06am)

More changes in love, money, beauty, pleasure, and relating. Do something exciting with your loved ones - or put yourself out there and meet someone new. Fun reinventions!

September 19 Venus sextile Mars (7:53am)

Attraction and desire run high. Love is energizing. Romantic, social, and sexy energies are afoot.

September 20 Mercury trine Pluto (8:53pm)

Deep, powerful, penetrating insights, specifically regarding work. Career, purpose, and manifestation are under a microscope. Do research. Talk with influential people. Discussions are serious and driven, meant to get you somewhere concrete. Efficient analysis and organization to support your goals.

September 22 Mercury Stations Direct in Virgo (1:31am) Sun enters Libra (10:21am)

Mercury hovers apparently still in the sky, at 14 degrees Virgo. Mic drop. Our finest-tuned brain processes grind to a temporary halt. Get real aware of your body for a moment. Look at how things work (or don't work). Run your stats on health. Reprogram. From now until October 7th, we are mentally re-ordering our lives so we can move forward in favor of balance. Get the job done. Soon to draw conclusions. 

Sun in Libra: The people we attract in our lives are there to display aspects of ourselves that need to be seen, appreciated, and reflected. What do you admire about them? What do they bring out in you? Sun in Libra season is for meeting. For admiring beauty. For establishing harmony. For holding hands and making partnerships. For friendliness. For gentleness. For basking in grace.

Pluto's upcoming station at 14 degrees Capricorn will be felt from now through the end of the month. Transformative shifts around power structures, internalized oppressive forces, and fears of commitment and achievement arise from our deepest unconscious. Let darkness come to light.

September 23 Mercury trine Pluto (4:33am) Venus enters Scorpio (10:51am)

Another round of deep insights, as Mercury, now traveling Direct, repeats his transit from night of September 20th. What can you see so clearly? What is the force of power translating to you now?  What if you own mind held the essence of all things and no things? Your being, the potential of all creation and destruction. What if your mind and heart were the ultimate conduit for mysterious source essence? Clear, and establish simple structures that allow the deepest force of essential, natural power to flow through you effortlessly.

Venus in Scorpio until October 18th asks us to dive deep. To feel what's underneath. To appreciate death. To adore destruction. To love the threshold. To be passionately merged with blinding gateways. To lose form into senseless planes of intensity within. To go to the edge, in throes of hungry desire, and touch the parts beyond anyone's known.

September 25 Jupiter Apogee (3:34am)

Jupiter is furthest away from the Earth in his orbit today. The God of growth and learning tugs from a space beyond what we can reach.

September 26 Sun conjunct Jupiter (3:00am) Pluto stations Direct (11:02am)

If you haven't been able to see the way to grow (because your mind is still cleaning up, sorting stuff, and attending to all the leftover details from fall 2015), today will be illuminating. The principle of consciousness (Sun) meets the principle of faith (Jupiter). Blinded by the light. This is a big glimpse of what the next year contains in terms of how and where you will expand. Have hope. Believe in the power of harmonious relating: this is what creates Big Light and Luck. Open yourself to the abundant generosity being offered by Creation now. Things begun now are likely to show positive outcomes.

Meanwhile, Pluto groans to a temporary halt. When Pluto stations, we feel it for at least 5 days on either side. So September 21 through the end of September is colored by transformative psychological rumblings. We further eliminate attachment-patterns to patriarchal systems, governments, and ways of life.  Transformative shifts around power structures, internalized oppressive forces, and fears of commitment and achievement arise from our deepest unconscious. Stand back and allow darkness come to light.

September 27 Mars enters Capricorn (4:07am)

Blazing impulse toward adventurous freedom comes down to Earth. What good are freedom and exploration unless they has a purpose? It's time for ambitious responsibility to find its way into the movements of your life. Pace yourself. Efficiency is key. What are you desiring to master? What are you willing to work to achieve? How is business happening in your life? Where can you take on more control or responsibility in a way that supports meaningful achievement? From now until November 8th, Mars gives us a chance to delineate our actions in response to these questions. Get goal-going. Be wise.

September 30 New Moon in Libra (8:11pm)

September 1st featured a powerful course-correcting New Moon eclipse. September 30th features the second New Moon in a calendar month, also known as a “Black Moon.” This phenomenon is not widely discussed. The limited information available shares that the Black Moon is especially powerful for magical intentions. Seeing that September 30th’s New Moon occurs post Mercury Rx, just follows eclipse season, and harkens in a year of Jupiter in Libra, I would agree that this moon holds special power. Take advantage.

New Moon in Libra September 30, 2016 (8:11pm EST) is a turnaround. After a period of darkness, destruction, or waste, there is a glimmer of good fortune on the horizon. "Those with the courage to go far wrong are the likeliest candidates for the greatest turnarounds." Ellias Lonsdale. New hopes linger on the air.  Embrace your recent losses. Replace disappointment with renewed vows of love. We are held in a sweet-smelling blanket of fall leaves and flowers. Compost and rain. Dancers move before us and within us in grace. Be invited to incubate in the possibilities of beauty. Take a partner by the hand. We never came here to journey alone. We came with our companions and our lovers. We came with our mediators, our diplomats, our artists and beauticians. We came with the playfellows who turn flour and sugar into cookies on any afternoon. Snuggle in. Socialize. Enjoy the small sweetnesses of life. Let light-heartedness and friendship transport you beyond any fears or anxieties. Lay analysis to rest for a pause. Be, instead, in the comfort of your human progress. Enfolded in the feather-tipped wings of the angels who walk alongside your today. Don some rose-colored glasses, and notice what then gives you hope. Embrace, and be embraced. Dance the loveliness of awakening in the midst of any madness.

Find a free movement ritual to assist your alignment with this Full Moon Eclipse Here on the Qoya Blog!