2017: Year of the Fire Rooster

What does the Rooster do? Wakes us up. With a bellowing, abrasive call.

What do you see when you think of a Rooster?

I see a cock. A prideful, colorful, and aggressive masculine symbol reminiscent of patriarchal domination. Roosters like to rule the roost. They are social creatures who crave attention, and they prefer to be in charge. I’ve seen roosters act like intimidating bullies and peck at things incessantly. They are boastful, strutting, militant and straightforward. Shrewd characters, they are multifaceted and complex problem-solvers, always developing and honing their skills and talents.

This is a year for strategic planning and precise implementation. Attend all details and hunches with scrutiny. Deep discernment and discretion is advised. Less risky than monkey, conservative changes will yield more fruit than speculative ventures. Stick to paths that have been proven. The past does hold important weight for consideration.

Loyalty to family and like-minded community will come into deeper focus. There is a certain grit to the year of the Rooster, asking that we be brave in light of adversary. That we cultivate and draw from reserves of dauntless heroism. Because forces beyond us can be unreasonable. Perhaps we, too, can be unreasonable. If so, let us be unreasonable in service of what really matters. Let us be good rulers and steadfast protectors of the roost worth preserving.

As so much has been revealed in the past year, the rooster will continue to distinguish details divulgent of deeper truths and realistic perspectives. When people show you who they are, believe them. Including yourself. Stay engaged. Take rest as needed. Be practical. Thinking things through, frugality, and wise investments will be a great help. This year is like an accounting system. Remaining balances will be paid. Death and rebirth lead to transformation. There is a potential to make great strides in the realm of personal and familial evolution. Take heart. As the Rooster crows, wake up.

Recent years have offered a lot of conjecture about spiritual awakening. It is often not the fairytale experience that many hope or portray. Accidents, unexpected and unpredictable events can shake us rudely awake. Pain can swiftly bring awareness to areas begging for attention. Times that have awakened me most in life have been when I am stretched into new and different capacities of self than the ones with which I was previously familiar. Awakening has made me more attuned to compassion and the healing and human journey. It has also steeped me in real mystery and the awareness of chance that all could disappear or change radically in any moment. It has introduced me to darknesses I was ignorant of before.

The beauty that comes through awakening can be so whelming it is just barely bearable.

Increasingly complex.

Startlingly simple.

Humblingly natural.

Irreconcilably paradoxical.


An endless invitation to continue becoming.


Better. And better. And better.

Just right, just as. Amen.