April 2017 Forecast: Next Level!

April 2017 Forecast: Next Level!

For all of 2017, this blog will feature an artist or entrepreneur resonant with the monthly theme.


April Artist Feature:

Michael Lott is an intuitive abstract artist whose work is heavily inspired by his relationship with nature, humanity's movement towards spiritual integration, and by the worlds opened up to him via dreams and the collective unconscious. The unique style that Michael's work takes on is inspired by synesthesia, a "condition" in which Michael's senses overlap and he perceives music and sound visually as a flowing, interwoven dance of colors and abstract patterns. Michael believes that his work holds rich subconscious symbolism, and that it can be seen as a foreign yet universally familiar language. 

Michael's work is created using acrylic brush and acrylic pen on canvas.

You can find more of Michael's work at www.michaellottart.com.

The Astrological Theme for March 2017 was "Be the Healing."

March was the remembrance of a basic truth:

Nature heals.

Nature is healing automatically, at all times.

We are nature.

Healing is nonlinear.

It is multidimensional and incorporates all parts of self.

Healing is not necessarily comfortable.

It requires change and tests the status quo. Sometimes it is downright painful.

Healing is not straightforward.

Much like hiking in the woods, it is a journey though a path with rocks and bends along the way.

To be healed both is and isn't a final outcome.

Oh, to be Here.

If we experience disease, it is of course impetus to look towards the cessation of disease as a final outcome. But what if our disease was also our healing?

Personal Share (NOT a request for unsolicited advice, please and thank you):

The past month was very difficult for me. After moving home for the second time in 6 months, adjusting to an entirely new set of priorities, continuing to juggle 10 bazillion work things as I always do, and preparing to teach and offer readings at 2 weeks of retreat abroad, by mid-month I felt like a dried up old sponge someone had squeezed too hard for a prolonged period of time. I was at my edge. I hit a wall. An absolute limit.

[Sidenote: I checked my transits and realized Saturn was exactly opposite my Sun that day! Astrology never ceases to amaze me. This is peak stress transit; a feeling as if all of your creative energy, vitality, and self-expression is being squeezed into too-small britches and covered by a boulder. Want to know your transits for better understanding of how the stars are affecting you? Book yourself in for a reading here. When I see the proof in the stars, my whole soul exhales and I emerge into a wider territory of self-understanding. It is then that I am able to allow and align.]

I love being an entrepreneur and choosing to live my life the way I do - at this point I wouldn't trade it for another lifestyle; but it's also really freaking hard. Sometimes it feels unsustainable. It is challenging in ways I can't even begin to describe. Juggling so many different projects and attempting to midwife my business and myself into the next chapter of being sometimes feels like torturous labor pains. It gets to the point where I can't even respond to texts from friends because I am so spread thin!

Right before leaving to teach in Costa Rica, I started to make some realizations.

I saw that I was replaying patterns exemplified to me through my father and his lineage (Saturn transits tend to bring up Dad karma).

I saw how imperative it was that I rest, take some time off serving others, and relieve the pressure I was putting on myself and my business - and, ironically, that the health of my business depended on it.

I saw a bunch of other things that, without going through this period of immense stress, I never would have seen.

Saturn is all about becoming more of a master. The things occurring in March urged me to take a hard line and step into my authority with clarity. Also true to Saturn transits, I needed to release some stuff. Saturn is all about pruning and letting go in order to solidify what is most essential. Sometimes we expand (Jupiter). Other times we contract. Both are forms of healing. This is astrology medicine.

In mid-March, my therapist sat on the couch across from me and said,

"You are healing."

It wasn't until later that I remembered that was the very title of my March forecast:

Be the Healing.

Well, I did. I was and I am.

So are you.

My practice and belief is that it is simply a matter of becoming more aware of that fact.

And embracing it.

Aligning with it.

You are healing, and you are already healed.

Practice Tip: There is a Qi Gong practice that speaks to this principle. When something needs healing (let's use a friend's sprained finger as an example), we hold it in our attention. We can use our own hands to hold space around our friend's finger. We gather Qi (pure lifeforce energy) from the surrounding environment and radiate it through our hands into the hurt finger. As we do this, we envision the finger in perfect condition. Here, we combine: presence to the truth of what is and envisioning the ultimate healing. Allow nature to do the rest.

Do your work, then step back.

Leave it to Source for completion.

The Astrological Theme for April 2017 is

Next Level!

When I look at the starmaps for April, I think: Quantum Leap.

The definition of Quantum Leap from Merriam-Webster: "An abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance."

This month, we will awaken in a BIG way. As individuals. As couples. As members of society local and global. Sudden change and reinvention will arise with powerful thrust. The change on our horizon invigorates humankind's progress into the future. If we can conceive of it, it won't happen.. something more genius will arise. These evolutionary adaptations are volatile and unpredictable.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 11 dramatically highlights our shift into higher gear; New Paradigm. It's not what we thought it was!

April may feel unsteady. Restless. Unstable. Exciting! Like a loose cannon. Like a nutty professor. The winds of change are blowing; and fires burn on the mount. 

Meanwhile, we are still healing. Part of us is making bold, perhaps even brash strides forward, while our hearts, wallets, and relations are soppy and tender. We may feel both invigorated and burned out.

This is the territory of New Beginnings; inextricable with the Endings paving their way.

Birth depends on surrender. We have to let go in order to receive new life.

Astrologically Speaking:

April begins with Sun in Aries, Mercury in Taurus (0 degrees), Venus Retrograde in Aries (0 degrees), Mars in Taurus, Jupiter Retrograde in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, and Chiron in Pisces.

Significant Astrological Happenings in April Include:

  • Venus Retrograde Cycle
    • Venus Rx squares Saturn
  • Saturn stations Retrograde
  • Mercury Retrograde Cycle
  • Pluto stations Retrograde
  • Saturn-Chiron Square
  • Sun and Mercury transit Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square
  • Mars squares Nodal axis
  • Full Moon in Libra
  • New Moon in Taurus

As the month begins, what's highlighted most is the relationship between Self and Other. There is a push/pull between independence and collaboration. Between assertion and acquiescence. Between conflict and peace. Between anger and calm.

All manifest is comprised of two polarities. Yin and Yang. Masculine and Feminine. The differences (the separation, the challenge) between the two create attraction.

Ultimately, everything is One.

When two people enter into relationship, they reflect each other. They hold a resonant polarity. As individuals change and evolve, their partners must also change and evolve. We enter into relationship to know ourselves. We each can hold energies the other person benefits from. In this way, relationships can be a catalyst for growth into wholeness and fulfillment.

A healthy relationship is comprised of the union of two healthy individuals.

The Great Rebalancing is upon us. We are being asked to inhabit more of ourselves. As leaders. As change-makers. As pioneers of New Earth. We are being asked to step into our authority as mentors, as healers, as global citizens. Disharmony is becoming revealed so we can put things right.

Dissonance leads to harmony.

Balance is not static. It is a dynamic state of continuous adjustment.

Sometimes, we try to be the "nice guy/girl/person." We quell our impulses and our desires in order to "keep the peace." When we do this, we compromise ourselves and contribute to greater conflict down the line.

The more we know ourselves, the better our relationships will be. Find your "healthy selfish."

Ideally, the desires of the individual naturally serve the people in our lives. Our instincts serve to balance the whole.

Ideally, our relationships make our lives better and more beautiful. They offer support for us to come into who we really are.

Magic Questions for April:

  • What do I want?
  • What ignites me right now?
  • How can I honor that and move forward in my relationships?
  • Which relationships reflect who I feel I really am and how?
  • What are the biggest blocks I notice around giving and receiving love and money?
  • What can I release/forgive/accept/let go of to allow for more flowing love and resources?

This month's soundtrack:

A Word on Venus Retrograde

Venus stationed retrograde in Aries on March 4, 2017. She continues her apparently-backwards journey until April 15, 2017. Venus goes Rx (abbreviate for retrograde) every 18 months. This is the final Venus-rising as morning star cycle in Aries that will occur in our lifetime! 

Think of Retrograde periods (regardless of the planet) as a cosmic reboot. Our operating system gets refreshed, reloaded, and upgraded into the most modern version of consciousness.

In this case, it's in all realms Venus: Love, Money, Worth, Value, Appearance, Investments, Friendship, Romance, Relationships, Partnership, Resources, Pleasure, and the Feminine.

Venus stationed Rx at 13 degrees Aries. She moves through Aries, sign of the Self (reconsidering what I, the individual, want, love, and feel compelled by) until the evening of April 2. Then, she enters Pisces, the realm of unconditional spiritual love. From April 2 through April 14, we have a chance to release, cleanse, and forgive of very old played-out and inherited karma around money, worth, love, and relationships. During Venus Rx, our stuff comes up. Expect emotion and sensitivity. Expect despair, pain, and disillusionment at times. We may become hyper-aware of the limitations of ourselves and others. Be gentle, yet also do what it takes to make necessary change. By April 28 we will be liberated individually and collectively into new territory of inspired action and re-wired perceptions. Love, worth, and connection level UP!

In these times, we are asked to see and be more of the truth.

Deceptions and baseless behaviors and beliefs are falling away so we can focus on, absorb, and encourage what really matters in our shared reality. Power to your revelations.


To Life!

Nature is chock FULL of medicine.

May this blog be a place to discover helpful natural remedies that can guide your way through this journey of life on Earth.

Stone Medicine for the Month from POUND Jewelry

Phantom Quartz

A "Stone of Universal Awareness", phantom quartz stones are here to remind us of our inner magic! Especially if we have forgotten some if it over the course of our lives. Phantom stones are literally crystals or the minerals of other crystals growing INSIDE of crystals. They are like little phantoms, helping to connect us with past life information or records. They can also assist us in letting go of any "ghosts" from the past that are no longer serving us--(be it a person, a thought, and event.) This is a stone to help us bring back our innate sparkle of mystery and child-like joy as we move forward in our lives with the full knowing that anything is possible. Phantom crystals stimulate higher awareness and deep healing for the planet as a whole, revealing that everything is recycled and that there are many life-times to the soul. 

This stone is so special to us POUND girls and for sure feels like a NEXT LEVEL stone. One that serves as as tool or talisman for remembering the deep wisdom the soul has to offer when we listen. And how we can take that wisdom with us out into the world while leaving behind what no longer serves.   ---Written by Becca Kannapell of POUND Jewelry


Flower Medicine for the Month from Santosha Mama Birth and Wellness

Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)

Black-Eyed Susan is a flower remedy that gives us courage to go into the unknown parts of ourselves, catalyzing a quantum leap in inner healing and growth. Black-Eyed Susan takes us on a pilgrimage to the center of our inner darkness (our shadow), where it stimulates insight into the deep burdens and well-worn patterns that hold us back from the growth we seek. Black-Eyed Susan then guides us to their release. This flower helps the soul integrate light and dark, the manifest and latent aspects of our consciousness. Her plant signature—those physical features that illuminate its healing powers—couldn’t be more poetic. The flower is a composite: one single flower made of two types. The center is a dark velvety black brown conical disc filled with seeds: potential for new life. From this dark core emerges a sunny yellow halo of daisy-like petals, representing the golden protection and strength given to the solar plexus, our will center and third chakra, as we release old patterns. Black-eyed Susan flower essence acts as an emotional and spiritual cleanser, and catalyst to our inner growth. This flower has been associated with the archetypal energy of the Black Madonna, venerated for her ability to guide us through the darkness and our inner process of transformation. Queen of the Earth, her energy has the power to transform and heal by bringing the dark into the light of consciousness.  ---Written by Jaime Fleres-Mizejewski of Santosha Mama Wellness

In-Depth Transit Forecast

All times listed in EST

April 2 Venus Rx enters Pisces (8:25pm)

Since Venus went retrograde on March 4th, we have been reconsidering what it is we want as individuals. Sometimes, it's all about "me." A strong sense of self is what activates us. Knowing what "I want" helps us to be decisive, get things done, and go places in our lives. Honoring what drives us is important. But sometimes we burn too hot. Sometimes we move too fast. Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture of spiritual interconnectedness in order to tame excessive selfishness. Venus in Pisces may sensitize us. She may soften us and melt our hearts. She brings the importance of acceptance, forgiveness, feeling, and release. In order to heal, she needs to rest. She needs water to drink and bathe in. She needs to meditate and elevate beyond mundane reality. She needs to re-orient to the deeper heart of humanity. Take private time alone. Practice passive receptivity. Venus in Pisces wants to know the value of her empathy. The heart-opening power of charity. The pleasure of dreaming. Avoid making yourself a victim or savior at this time. Sometimes in love we see what we imagine is there, rather than reality. Everything is an illusion, after all. Just don't expect your fantasy to become real without you making it so by sharing the intelligence of your good heart. Let compassion be your compass.

April 4 Mars inconjunct Jupiter (10:53pm)

Mars in Taurus wants to act in favor of long-term abundance. Make investments with your time, money, and energy. Move slowly and steadily. Do your habits support your long-range goals? If not, how can they shift? Sometimes we can stubbornly hold onto things, behaviors, and resentments not meant for us. Our energy wants to be used wisely. What are you enabling? If there is something unhealthy you are enabling in your relationships or work, chances are something out of order is also being enabled/maintained within you. Habits exist on mental and emotional levels in addition to physical. Take charge in forming new habits where new habits are due. We are always growing corn in our lives. We can be conscious in choosing what we fertilize and where we weed.

April 6 Mars trine Pluto (12:01am) Saturn station Retrograde in Sagittarius (1:06am)

Power at your fingertips. Both currently in Earth signs (Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn), this is a powerful push to manifest. Where there's a will, there's a way, and we can move mountains. Projects requiring focus and endurance are favored. Courage and confidence will take you forward for the long haul. Harness your inner strength. Move to build, to manage, to eventually succeed. You got this! At the end of the day, dance or play drums to celebrate your progress. The grounding rhythm will continue to support your direction.

When Saturn stations Retrograde, we feel it for about 5 days on either side. This is the final time Saturn will travel retrograde in Sagittarius!! He goes direct again August 25, 2017. This Rx journey takes him from 21-27 degrees Sag. Saturn rules karma, time, material reality, obstacles, pressure, control, mastery, and aging. Saturn is not an easy teacher. He can be negative and weighty. He rules over contracts and contraction. He is a disciplinarian. He shows us where we fall short and challenges us to overcome our limitations. This retrograde cycle is all about healing deep wounds in order to step into greater mastery.

It is time to look at our responsibilities and prune them. We will feel the pressure to relinquish unnecessary burdens, that we may focus on the absolute essentials and achieve what is most important. Resolving debts (physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, ancestral) is indicated during this time. 

This Saturn Retrograde period specifically highlights Venus and Chiron. This means that the hard work/heavily soul work we do now is specifically focused on healing the painful parts of ourselves that need integration regarding relationships, finances, affection, and worth/value. It is time to let go of outdated ways we make meaning and make way for more natural and realistic beliefs to take their place. The healing will take place in our unconscious, as well as in our more conscious systems of religion, belief, and understanding. This is a crisis of meaning/belief, which exists to test our knowledge of ourselves and our ability to better connect. Sometimes money gets sticky in our most loved relationships. Take a clear look, and make actual improvements. Support for yourself and your loved ones is essential during this time of re-wiring financial responsibility.

Recommendations for this transit:

  • Work with gratitude DAILY. Ground it through ceremonies such as Peruvian despacho.
  • Get your finances in order in a way that suits who you are and what is most important to you now. Work with a financial advisor or business coach. Resolve debts.
  • Simplify
  • Bridge global and local
  • Look for proof
  • Relinquish old groundless beliefs and excess responsibilities
  • Welcome new perspectives
  • Let go of lack mentality
  • Exercise discipline, but release accumulated pressure created by anxiety and questioning
  • Get the support you need and encourage others to do the same

April 7 Sun opposite Jupiter (5:39pm)

Self and other. Seeking balance. Jupiter is seen as "the great benefic," as Jupiter transits tend to bring fortune and opportunity. Something big could be opening up now. However, Jupiter also amplifies things. In this case, Jupiter in Libra wants to bring things into balance. But sometimes in order to do so, we must become aware of challenging disharmony. Focus on fairness, but attempt not to over-compromise in a way that devalues self. You may find yourself going to an extreme of some kind. Moderate. Wherever you are in your life, can you open to it more? Life is open to you today.

April 8 Venus Rx square Saturn (4:29pm) Sun square Pluto (8:49pm)

Healing hurts. Feel it to heal it. We are experiencing a cosmic reboot when it comes to Love, Money, Worth, Value, Appearance, Investments, Friendship, Romance, Relationships, Partnership, Resources, Pleasure, and the Feminine. What hasn't yet been integrated? This is a sensitive, painful, yet cleansing time of reckoning with those areas. We can feel very limited, restrained, and boxed in by relationships or finances. There may be a strong burden or sense of responsibility. What's coming up now is karmic. At some point, debts will always be repaid and balance restored. There is a sense of being "fallen from grace." Look at the global money system. That has stemmed from and is propagated by a certain outlook; a collective mindsphere. But this outlook relies on violence, and dishonors reciprocity. It can be said that humanity is suffering from self-created poverty consciousness, when the deepest truth is that when we live simply and respect our resources, there is more than enough for everyone. Our global belief systems need to be rewired if we are to experience the abundance that is our birthright as inhabitants of this unconditionally generous, regenerating planet.

Song suggestion:

Beautiful by Imani Uzuri

It's like seeing out of the side-corners of our eyes. Today, the conscious and unconscious parts of our being square off. Be willing to look into the dark; and more importantly, be willing to feel your way through. Relationships and authority may seem like some kind of threat to ourselves. But if we fully embody our being as a Warrior of Love and take control over what is within reach, nothing can take us down. Allow yourself to transform into a more powerful version of you. Not one that operates from "power over" or power struggle, but rather, one so intrinsically connected to your own power (ultimately power that does not belong to you but flows through your being) that you are unbreakable. Shed skin and regenerate.

April 9 Mercury stations Retrograde in Taurus (7:14pm)

We tend to feel Mercury preparing to turn retrograde for a few days prior to its station. In keeping with the other themes for this month, Mercury retrogrades in Taurus, a sign presiding over Venusian themes such as worth, value, investment, attachment, and resource. The way we think, talk, and message about such things is in for a change. Take inventory. What do you value most? Trust the intelligence of your senses and your body while Mercury makes apparent moves backwards. One way to increase abundance is to give thanks for everything you already have. Use daily affirmations to support how rich you are in life. Mercury retrograde is always a time when it is best to delay major decisions and signing contracts until mercury resumes direct motion.

April 11 Full Moon in Libra (12:08am)

The Full Moon in Libra on April 11, 2017 (12:08amEST) is a big beacon of fiery light. The light is so strong that it can guide ships, airplanes, and weary travelers of all kinds toward their destination. All at once, the light is a warning, a signal, and a celebration: that we are Rising. We are emerging. And that in this groundswell, outworn contracts are transforming. Balance is becoming restored. During these times, each of us IS the call to higher ground. We are each made of light and attuning ourselves to contain more and more of it. How can we be more light? We bring grace and levity into our hearts. We release judgements against ourselves, one another, and the world at large. We simply be who we are, and party in the joy of pure self. And we stand strong for the embers burning in our hearts; that what is truly best for one will benefit all. We are soul-pioneers, following our just passions to reinvent humankind. Walk your path. Especially if it is brand new or untried; forge onward. Surf the evolutionary wave. Those who need guidance will follow when they see your light against the darkness. The light of the collective web gets brighter as each shining vibrant soul find one another. Let's set the world ablaze.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

April 14 Sun conjunct Uranus (1:30am)

Change is the only constant. Revolution is at hand. What is being reinvented now? There is electricity in the air. We are being charged to adapt. Take a risk. Make a leap. Try something new. Emphasize your unique self-expression. Gather a community of like-minds who help you to feel in your element. Free and autonomous whether alone or together. Allies: forward, march!

April 15 Venus stations Direct in Pisces, conjunct Chiron (6:18am)

Healing love! The last 5ish weeks held a lot of reconsideration. The releasing/forgiving/letting go part of a cosmic reboot around Love, Money, Worth, Value, Appearance, Investments, Friendship, Romance, Relationships, Partnership, Resources, Pleasure, and the Feminine, has come and end for now. But whenever we empty something, we must fill it up with something else; preferably something of our conscious choosing. What emotions do you choose to associate with money? What philosophies guide your purchases and act of self-appreciation? How would you like your friendships and partnerships to feel, moving forward? I prefer to call in supportive relationships that allow me to improve and heal. Relationships and money in my life are for the purpose of making life better. I gather resources so I have more to share with reciprocity. Find and make your affirmations. Perform purifying meditations to help anchor light and love into your relationship and financial associations. Wherever you are, wherever someone else is; bless it, forgive it, and watch it integrate naturally through spacious loving attentions.

April 16 Mars sextile Chiron (8:24am) Venus sextile Mars (9:26pm)

A great day for moving towards the fulfillment of your life path. Take what you love with you. Leave the rest. May this be a time of flow and gentle ripening.

April 17 Sun trine Saturn (8:43am) Mars inconjunct Saturn (10:14pm)

Limits will help you to become more effective. For today, color within the lines. We are often trained to take on more burdens than we actually need. Simplify your energies. This will help you to feel more in control. While the soul is eternal and limitless; in our human embodiment we must choose the essential projects that will comprise our masterful one-life. Each of us has a job to do. It's not always a singular "purpose." Find something that capitalizes your gifts. Master the skill and use it to contribute to a greater good. The rest of life can be free time if you please.

April 19 Sun enters Taurus (5:27pm)

The Sun departs quick-burning territory of the individualized self and enters an old-growth forest. The flora here may not be as agile, but it is peaceful and firmly rooted. The soil is ripe, black, and teeming with life upon life. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign of receiving and accumulation. Go deeper into the pleasure of embodiment while we get to inhabit this Earth. Harness your resources to ensure comfort and stability. Gather your investments to gently accrue in gain. The mind is strengthened through stillness. Indeed, stillness and waiting nourish the eventual shift toward movement. Each of us deserves a stable foundation. Honor what holds and supports you. Water, fertilize, and enjoy it - that it may grow.

April 20 Sun conjunct Mercury (1:54am) Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn (8:48am) Mercury Rx enters Aries (1:37pm)

The messenger is in court with the ruler. Pay attention to what the couriers bring you today. Think, speak, chat, ideate. Also listen for the messages from nature that are harder to hear. The land is always speaking to us, if we learn to listen. Sun and Mercury are in grounded Taurus when they meet, but soon after, Mercury continues to retrograde into Aries. Savor the flavor before mental activity speeds up.

When Pluto stations, we feel it for about a week before and after. Pluto rules our shadow: the hidden parts of our psyches that needs to purge and/or transform. It is normal for people to feel uneasy during the days surrounding a Pluto transit. Things tend to get stirred - particularly internal content that we can't quite put a name to. Sometimes an inner awareness begins to arise about ways we are ensnared in power struggles, manipulation, or misuse of power. Don't fear the shadow. Pluto always offers the opportunity to die and be reborn. It is a natural process of purification: shedding and resurrection. Trust the mystery. This is a metamorphosis. Pluto will station to go direct on September 28, 2017.

Mercury in Aries asks us to re-evaluate ourselves, our passions, and our desires. We are still in the theme of deliberating around self/other. Independence versus Codependence. Relationships can seem like they are holding us back. Avoid making firm decisions about love and money at this time if that feels possible - or be open to reversals after Mercury goes direct on May 3.

April 21 Mars enters Gemini (6:32am) Venus direct square Saturn (7:08am)

Mars in Gemini wants to learn. Approach all of your options with a flirtatious curiosity. This is a non-committal energy. It is lithe and nimble, and interested in pollinating; the sharing of ideas and information. There is trickery here, however, and a lot of back-and-forth. This transit mixed with Mercury in Gemini can run us through the mental ringer. The energy is a bit like popping corn: fun, and a bit inspiring. More like entertainment than actual food. Dance and run; movement can help clear some of the excess nervous system stimulus now. This is a time to get fired up and spread concepts but not necessarily to see anything through to the finish line.

Venus squares Saturn again, but this time she is moving direct. That means the same theme from April 8 (see above) is arising again; but this time we get to put some solid ground under it. What before seemed rife with lack, fear, anxiety, or scarcity, is asking us to rise to the challenge. Here is an example: One time, I made a strong statement to the Universe that I was ready to embrace mastery of money. Later that day, I opened my mailbox to find an unexpected $600 medical bill. Venus was square Saturn that day. I got the message loud and clear. Instead of feeling burdened by the medical bill, I chose to see it as an invitation to become more masterful with my money. We always have choice. Saturn asks that we rise to our challenges and overcome.

While Mars in Gemini is flighty and non-committal, Venus square Saturn is all about commitments in love, money, relationships, worth, and appearance. "Love me? Prove it." "Love deepens over time." "We've been through a lot together, and that matters to me." These phrases all carry a Venus-Saturn resonance. No matter where you are on your journey, this is a great time to anchor in self-love and acceptance. Make love real.

April 24 Mercury trine Saturn (4:15am)

Even while Mercury travels Rx, this is a great time to catch up on tasks that require mental steadiness. Gain a grounded perspective from people with more life experience. What is stirring your passions, now? Is there a sense of purpose driving your thoughts? Take note. While this isn't the best time to put everything into motion while Mercury travels Rx, it is a good time to get things in order and take inventory.

April 26 New Moon in Taurus (6:16am)

The New Moon in Taurus on April 26, 2017 (6:16amEST) is a fertile seed. Slow down. Almost to a complete stop. To a place where you can feel your heartbeat. Where you become aware of every morsel of breath flowing to nourish the cells of your body. Here, nuzzle against the fur growing, ever-so-slowly, on the body of your favorite loved animal. Touch your lips to a glass of water and feel the moisture soften the skin of your mouth as you drink. Put your hands on the earth and notice how the grass growing here is like with the hair growing on your head. Stir the pot and imbibe of the smells that emerge to feed you first, even before the food is fully cooked. Let your eyes feast on the experience of being right here. Take everything in. With pleasure. With honor. With full satisfaction. Intentionally digest. Then transfer your senses from outer to inner. Go deep inside yourself. Beneath the soil of your own skin. Within the presence of your own embodied being. And from this place of pulsing, organic, almost-stillness; plant your seeds of intention. In the state of entire contentment, wait for fruit.

For every New and Full Moon, find a complementary Movement Ritual on the Qoya Blog.

April 28 Venus direct enters Aries (9:13am) Mercury Rx conjunct Uranus (10:50am)

Venus now departs from the sensitive, oceanic spiritual realms of resolving karmic burden. She dries off runs forward, covered only by the Sun. Activate. Initiate. Rise up and engage. We circle back to what we drifted away from around April 2. We've cleaned up quite a bit of loose ends. Now we can move forward on what really ignites our hearts. Venus in Aries represents love of self, standing strong for what we value, and taking action that can help our affections gain momentum. This is the final Venus rising in Aries cycle we will see in our lifetime. The Fierce Feminine is here.

Mercury Rx conjunct Uranus is bold, courageous, collective genius. We all want to be "free to be me." Each of us is wired with a direct hookup to source and an entirely unique set of gifts. Share in it! AWAKEN! The time is now. Collective mindsphere, activate! Take us higher and broader. This is a transit of big AHA's, experimentation, instantaneous flash insights. Independently, we don't necessarily have all the answers. But when we sit in circle or engage in a community of hearts on fire, magic happens. Answers and inspiration arrive. A huge change has the potential to take place now. Something we never could have seen coming. Something unpredictable and miraculous. An innovative leap. A renaissance of now, and 10,000 years from today!

April 30 Saturn square Chiron (4:26pm)

The phrase that keeps coming to me whenever I meditate on this transit is "unintended consequence." No matter how careful we are. No matter how hard we try, the path of being human include mistakes. This longterm transit, which is a feature of 2017, asks us to step more fully into ourselves as masters, as healers, as people on a life path of integration. Those who have been working on fulfilling their purpose (especially regarding healing) will be put to the test and required to step into deeper leadership. Those who have not been on track to fulfilling their purpose will feel a dire need to realign. Chiron transits are always sensitive and painful; as they show the parts of ourselves that feel incomplete, vulnerable, and human (as seemingly separate from Divine). Saturn also represents the patriarch and the oppressor; so the wounds of patriarchy are coming up to be karmically resolved. Each of us has absorbed this archetype and embodies it in some way. This is a time of reckoning and healing those disparities both internally and externally, in order to restore balance and harmony around the world. What if the force that oppresses us is also our path to freedom and self-sovereignty? The key is taking responsibility and ownership over our piece of reality. I imagine a world where each individual has a sense of authority and management within themselves. That what keeps them anchored is their own relationship with and connection to themselves. I envision that the more each of us embraces our mastery, the more we can choose to guide and direct our world into a place of healthful reciprocity. L'Chayim!

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