The Functions of the Solar Plexus and (hU)manifestation

December 20 2014: Sun at 29 Sagittarius came to join my natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction, opposite my Sun-Chiron conjunction in Gemini.

I received profoundly expanded awakenings and communicable information on the nature of many things, one of which being about technical functions of the energy body.

Josie was describing the misconceptions of operations in the gut. People tend to think when they eat fermented foods, they are filling vacuous spaces in their gut with beneficial microbes and organisms. In truth, the biology of the gut is a living organism: there can never be vacuous space. There is simply the choice to be made: do I put this energy/food/material in my gut for energetic conversion, or the other material? The environment in the gut is much determined by what we choose to consume and digest. Our diet consists not only of food - it consists of everything. Every material we engage with and absorb in our lives becomes food. This includes thoughts, feelings, activities, experiences - all of these have the ability to alter the health and operations of our gut. What we eat is based on many things, one of which is the current digestive conditions. The elements in our environment (inner body and outer body) impact what we crave and what will most nourish our bodies, minds, and souls - and in turn, everything and everyone we come into contact with. For they are breathing us, as we are breathing them. This in itself is a form of digestion. TAKEAWAY: THOUGHTS ARE FOOD

As Josie spoke about the gut, the Solar Plexus appeared in my mind: specifically the Solar Plexus as a chakra or a major center of energetic connection in the body (physical and subtle). This chakra has often perplexed me.

Solar: of/relating to the Sun

Plexus: an intricate network or weblike formation (or nerves and/or vessels in the body)

The Solar Plexus is often depicted in relationship to Mars, the basic Masculine force. It is our Will center, home to determination, drive, and ultimately Man-ifestation. The Martial, Masculine force calls to mind images of penetration, forging, effort, and doing. But as I tapped into my own Solar Plexus (which incorporates the gut!) in that moment, what I felt was a magnetic field of transmutation.

Here is where I feel many people get tripped up: We are not here to exert our Will, our Masculine or Martial force upon the world for Man-ifestation. This is not the total function of the Solar Plexus. Yes, we do need to make self-effort, and this is one of the designs of the Solar Plexus. But the Ultimate Teaching is: We are here as Creative Individuated Expressions of Divine Consciousness. Rather than efforting with our egos to make things in this world, we can choose to become clear vessels for the transportation of Divine Impulse and Creation. It is not us that creates. It is Divine that Creates through Us, as we Allow.

Allow. Allowance, allowing, could also be classified as Receptivity. Receptivity is often associated with Yin; Feminine in nature. Here is where I differ from the typical understanding of Martial/Masculine Solar Plexus energy. To me, The Solar Plexus is not only a Masculine force. It is the combination and transmutation of both Masculine and Feminine energies that take place here in the Magnetic container of the Solar Plexus that allows for hUman-ifestation.

In order to become fully integrated into conscious creating, we must Receive impulse from Source (Divine). In relating the Solar Plexus with the Gut, it is clear that our Stomach is a receptive and active transmuter of energy. It receives material and breaks it down for use as fuel. On a subtle or energetic level in our lives, the Solar Plexus does the same thing: receives to transmute subtle material into impulse for action. hUman-ifestation has nothing to do with Force. It has everything to do with relaxing enough to receive the ready impulse of Divine, and then acting with ease and natural support.

To get into this receptive state, use your will to align with Nature, Truth, and Divine. How to do this? Feed yourself Well with food, information, thoughts, feelings, environments, and people who truly nourish you on all levels. Avoid taking in so much information or environmental static that it creates interference to the natural operations of your gut. This can cause sluggishness, lack of assimilation, and lack of effectiveness not only in your physical health, but in the total health of your ability to be an integrated Human Being.

How do you know you are receiving information or material to act upon from Divine? You feel it in your Gut!! Trust your Gut - you already know. Being an effective hUman has everything to do with consciously co-creating with Life. The powers of “Manifestation” arise from the refined balance of Yin and Yang, engaging with each other like magnetic poles, suspended within the container of your field. You are already a conscious manifester. We all are. It starts with Receptivity, and ends with the infinitesimally creative power of source expressing Divinity through You.

The Solar Plexus is clearly named in relationship to a Heavenly Body other than Mars: The Sun! Here is something of a halfway point between Heaven and Earth in our Body, called the Middle Tan Tien in Chinese Alchemy. And note that the Sun also forms the centralized point in our Solar System.

The Sun relates to the Ego. The Ego has gotten a lot of bad rep in many spiritual circles with a focus on methods of transcending humanity. To me, living in communion with Divine is not about transcending our humanity, but rather the opposite: fully inhabiting our Humanity. Repeat: Living in Communion with Divine is about Fully Inhabiting our Humanity. Humanity is Divine, and we must learn to fully accept and integrate our Human selves with our God Self. They make friends, become a team, and eventually merge as one. The more we truly love and embrace our Human Self (and God Self), the more this process naturally unfolds and we solidify our Ego. Our Ego is the necessary individuated expression of Divine. Without individuation, Divine could not weave the rich tapestry with many different parts, colors, and elements that create a perfect system, much like the intricate and awe-inspiring system of the Human Body.

The Sun is known in astrology as the planet of Creative Self Expression. Thus, the Solar Plexus is aptly named. Here is the place where Material and Subtle (Heaven and Earth) meet in the center to magnetize and transmute, giving rise to Creative Self Expression. Depending on how integrated your Selves are, perhaps your expression is more base or perhaps it is refined. Everyone’s journey is different and the same in this life and all lives.

More and more, I trust in the perfect state of everything and everyone in every moment. Every wound is a healing. Everything dense is subtle and vice-versa. Many of us have over-flexed our active, willful, effort muscles in terms of how we approach our lives. It is time to use those muscles towards greater clarity, trust, and love in yourself and all that is.

Nourish yourself well, find your Center, and Trust your Gut. Enjoy the ride.