Saturn in Sagittarius: The Importance of Belief

Saturn is the taskmaster of the Heavenly Bodies. He represents tradition, hard work, diligence, responsibility, discipline, adulthood, limits, fear, structure, and mastery. Saturn requires repeated effort over long periods of time. Wherever Saturn lies in your chart, there is an inherent need to ‘grow up,’ enact your purpose, and take authority in that area of life. Over time, with age, if we accept Saturn’s tasks, we gain mastery wherever Saturn lies. Here is where we can actually make a real, live, material difference on Earth.

I often marvel at the dynamism of being a Human on Earth. We have the ability to connect with God-Consciousness, creative consciousness, where everything is energy and there is no such thing as Time. And yet, here we are, creatures of Earth, constantly engaged with the material plane which is, in fact, very real. Saturn rules Material Reality. Our minds can move so fast (Mercury, Uranus) and see so far (Jupiter), but Saturn reminds us that we have work to do, means to get, and in many ways we need to be strict with ourselves and develop patience in order to truly reap the benefits of life on the Material Plane. Mastering your Saturn purpose Grounds you, and grounds your gifts into the material fabric of all-that-is.

Since October 2012, Saturn has been making a long, slow grind through the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio being the sign of Sex, Death, Intimacy, Transformation, and Power, the last 2-plus years have been intense. We’ve been doing a lot of work (Saturn) on Scorpio issues. Marriages ended. Deaths occurred. Illness, trauma, deep healing and emotional resurrection - we were taken to the task of discovering what is at our Essence. What is our truest, deepest, passion? What will we live and die for? We researched ourselves, our psyches, and made life-changes based on what we found. Saturn in Scorpio has primarily been about making commitment.

Last week, on Tuesday December 23, 2014, Saturn continued on his way to enter Sagittarius. Already, Sagittarian themes are filtering in through our society, our news, our beings. As Saturn moves slowly (remaining in a sign about 2.5 years and returning to that sign 29 years later), I began feeling his entrance into Sagittarius long before it happened. Check my previous blog post on this here: Saturn in Sagittarius: The Great Migration.

How will Saturn in Sagittarius affect you?

Now that we have dived to the depths of our beings in unspeakable, watery ways, Saturn in Sagittarius urges us to shake off the cobwebs, spread our wings, and unabashedly trailblaze our way towards increasing light.

When we reach the end of Scorpio, two things emerge: our darkest darkness and our greatest potency. The cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius is extremely creative and spans between totally hidden emotional realms and fully expressive artistic mindstates. Now that we have spent the last 2-plus years making commitment to our passion and essence, it is time to bring our inner work into greater realms.

Spread Your Wings

Scorpio is freakin’ intense and highly focused. After murking around in the swamp for a while with lazer myopic vision, we need to bust free and expand our perspective. Saturn in Sagittarius encourages us to migrate into new territory - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Physical Expansion

Saturn in Sagittarius wants to Move. Perhaps you move your residence to a different state or foreign country. Perhaps you travel to new lands. Make pilgrimage to sacred sites. On a fundamental level, you will need to exercise. Sagittarius longs to expend its competitive, adventuresome energies through sport, hiking, and athleticism of all kinds. This is a highly potent New Year for setting intentions around physical activity. Sagittarius rules the thighs, the largest muscles in the human body. Our thighs perhaps need some attention, some work. Perhaps it is time to bulk up! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is often overextends itself on many levels. You may naturally feel drawn to increasing exercise to counteract a greater inclination to eat, drink, and be merry. Find physical practices that make you feel Bigger, Better, more Alive! We will all be working the balance between contraction and expansion. Saturn in Sagittarius is about controlled growth. We will need to be vigilant against burning out or thinking our physical and energetic resources are infinite. Moderate yourself.

Mental Expansion: Broadening your Horizons and Seeking Truth

Sagittarius rules travel to foreign lands - not only in the physical sense, but also in the mental sphere. College, grad school, psychic work, and higher learning in general are emphasized over the next couple of years. When we physically travel to foreign lands, we experience a broadened perspective that changes how we view ourselves, life, and the world. Here is an opportunity to develop global citizenship. Nomadic children. Finding new views, a multitude of perspectives, and connecting with the Bigger Picture.

Since 2010, via the Uranus-Pluto Square, collectively we have been waking up to things about our world that don’t sit well. A cultural revolution has begun. The internet has greatly changed how we interact with others and learn about life. Now that the scales have begun falling from our eyes, it is time for us to Seek Truth. Sagittarius asks: What is the Meaning of it All? And by December 19, 2017 (when Saturn leaves Sag), we say: I Know. I Learned from Experience.

Sagittarius specifically provides Experiential Learning. Reading theory in books is not enough. Sagittarius seeks experiences that upload knowledge directly into the body and the intuitive palace.

Check it: It’s Time to Synthesize

Whereas Saturn in Scorpio was about merging with others, Saturn in Sagittarius will be about re-discovering personal freedom.

Hopefully over the past couple of years we all discovered avenues towards personal empowerment (Scorpio). Now that we’ve gotten a handle on what is keeping us alive and what our deep desires are, it’s time to take it out into the world. If you know a Sagittarian, you know they LOVE to socialize, party, and gather by the fire. Every Sagittarian I know is an artist of some sort due to an active pineal gland lending them natural Vision. Sagittarius is all about Synthesis.

This is a call to joining our arts, our crafts, and our gifts. We have a tremendous opportunity to expand our reach and enrich the world through collaboration. It is a mental quilting - a creative integration of individual consciousness into the whole. We unite in the expansion of our individual fields, which automatically expands possibility and opportunity for everyone. We must leave behind separatist, linear perspective and embrace the round, full, wholeness, which reaches far beyond previously conceived limitation. This requires mental honesty and authenticity. Stay true to yourself and venture: To infinity and beyond! Sagittarius rules symbols: making meaning out of archetypes, pictograms, and natural rhythms.

Open yourself to the innate wisdom of yourself and others.

The Importance of Belief

As we begin to enter into this territory of synthesizing, we will be exploring new realms within ourselves in relation to others. Sagittarius is at once accepting of the multitude of perspectives and quite aware of His/Her/Their own. Sagittarius sometimes falls into the trap of dogmatic thinking and blunt self-righteousness. During this transit, we will become painfully aware of how many know-it-alls exist in our lives. Without a doubt, the next three years will see increased religious and spiritual polarization. Sagittarius polarizes and goes to extremes in order to dis-cover and reinforce what it truly knows through experience.

You will find yourself getting more and more clear about your truth. Sometimes it takes an existential crisis and spiritual debate to get there.

What do you truly believe? What is the greater vision of your life as you open to limitless possibility? Where do you find meaning? Where do you fear personal growth? What happens if you lean into that fear and ride it like you’re on the back of a Luckdragon?

Our Beliefs subconsciously shape Everything in our Lives. Saturn in Sagittarius will make that very obvious. Restrictive beliefs will come up to the surface to be stripped away. Sometimes we hold a belief pattern our entire life - then one day, we do a simple ritual and miraculously, we feel things have changed. It can truly be that simple. It is all a matter of what we really, honestly believe. Make Believe!

We have the power to use our consciousness to overcome obstacles and continue to aim high. Saturn in Sag will test our abilities to aim for the stars and materialize these aims. Publish that book! Create that course! Do a Mystery School! Bust out and feel how big your world can really be.

Summation of Recommendations for Saturn in Sag (Dec 23 2014 to Dec 19 2017):

  • Honor your bestial nature with equanimity to your Divine nature

  • Go Exploring

  • Hike

  • Blaze a Trail

  • Aim High

  • Go Big or Go Home

  • Collaborate

  • Synthesize with others

  • Exercise your Intuition

  • Notice and Create Symbols

  • Travel

  • Take Higher Education Courses

  • Express your Independence

  • Spend Time in Nature

  • Migrate

  • Make Pilgrimage

  • Moderate

  • Open Your Mind

  • Share

  • Make Believe

And, as always with Saturn in general: honor your fears, own them, and overcome them when the time is right. Fear is just like everything else: a path to growth.

Power to your Journey! L'Chayim!