How to Survive a Hard Uranus Transit

Uranian Vibrations

Uranus, or Ouranos, is a name meaning “the Heavens.” Uranus is a planet of extremely high vibration. Speaking in terms of vibration, High and Low are NOT on a scale of “better or worse.” High vibration means rapid frequency, and low vibration means slower frequency. Both serve purpose of equal value. Think of electric current: this is the type of frequency Uranus holds.

Uranus contains a vibration infused with Spirit in the Father Sky sense. Consider Earth as Mother: a receptive, embodied and felt-sense servant engaging with lower chakras to dance with issues of security, sex, meeting needs and making things real/material. Consider Father Sky. Beyond embodiment, Uranian/Father Sky communication is instantaneous, communal, alien, and detached. It deals with upper chakras: throat, third eye, and particularly crown. I have seen Uranian communication described as spontaneous intuition manifest at lightning speed. This intuition is highly logical, often technical and specialized. Moon-type intuition, conversely, comes from the emotional body: our moods inform (or color) the information coming forth. Uranian/Father Sky communication bypasses the feeling state and operates objectively, existing in the mind and ultimately operating in a realm beyond the mind. The mind connects to a greater Heaven or God Mind. Albert Einstein is an example of one with prominent Uranus aspect in his natal chart: his mind was a channel for messages from Uranian source and a futuristic, idealistic, objective science came through.

I maintain that Upper and Lower Chakras are not “higher or lower” on a scale of usefulness or goodness. All ranges of life are equal and serve Divinely Perfect Purpose.

Uranus rules genius, the future, community alliance, rebellion, science, technology, invention, awakening, and ultimately: Change. Uranus is a relatively stiff, cold planet, and yet it is provocative. Think of an electric current: the force you receive when you touch an electric fence or an outlet. The nature of this force creates shock, surprise, and potentially upset or accident to areas of life that have become stagnant or need a boost of electricity. Uranus is Electrical and its influence affects our nervous system, with the Brain in the driver’s seat.

Everyone has Uranus somewhere in their chart. Some people have prominent Uranus. For example, I have a Uranus/Sun opposition, meaning I can’t express myself without also expressing Uranian principles. Because of this and many other factors in my chart, I consider myself a “Uranian” individual.

Uranus is a slow-moving outer planet. It takes 84 years to come full circle around the Sun. Everyone experiences the first Uranus square around age 21, the Uranus opposition around age 42, the Uranus closing square around age 63, and the Uranus conjunction around age 84. However, Uranus influences your chart at varying times throughout your life – not only aspecting itself at times listed above, but also aspecting the angles in your chart and all of the other planets and bodies. These transits are unique to the individual.

Lived Results of Transiting Uranus on my Midheaven

Right now, Uranus at 16 degrees Aries is directly parked on my Midheaven, the angle in the chart that represents Career/Purpose/Public Work, and opposite my Nadir, which rules the Home/Family/Roots/Lineage. Uranus is gonna be chillin’ there for over a year, so I gotta get used to an extremely high voltage of electrical energy coursing through my system in these areas of my life.

The bottom line with transiting Uranus conjunct your Midheaven is this: upheaval and change in public life/career, and home. One woman with a similar transit had 25 roommates within the span of one year! Disruptions in the home are most common when Uranus aspects the Moon, Midheaven/Nadir axis, or the fourth/tenth houses. Many folks have a Uranus-Moon aspect in their natal charts. For these folks, remedies listed below are good throughout life, as Uranus-Moon themes are ever-present.

About six months ago, I sat down with my roommate and let her know I had a transit coming up. Knowing the nature of Uranus, I warned her that I might need to leave the home unexpectedly or make a sudden decision to do something different in regards to home/job. Six months later, turns out she’s the one leaving the house! The cosmos always works in mysterious and often unexpected ways. I’ve been meeting all kinds of different people (many of them eccentric, as Uranus rules things out-of-the-ordinary) who want to live in my home, yet I’m also experiencing inner rebellion: feeling like I don’t even want a roommate. This feeling changes, as another effect of Uranus is it gives things (feelings, physical things, people...) and takes them away sporadically. One person contacted me to be a potential part-time roommate, living at my house about one day a week. Talk about Uranian independence.

The other thing that feels like it’s “there” and then “not there” these days is my connection with psychic development. Some days I feel connected to a higher vibration then ever before, and other days the access just isn’t there. The Midheaven-Nadir axis encompasses one’s family, lineage, and ancestors in addition to home life. It is also known as the Parent axis in a chart. This past week, my Mother requested to commission readings for my Father and both Grandmothers.

It is interesting to note that during this time I am experimenting with training in Akashic Records as well as Family Lines Clearing. I am also offering a workshop in my Hometown (Nadir!) that involves letting go of restrictive family ties (Uranus lets go and rebels against all things restrictive).

I’ve been getting housesitting gigs out the wazoo – sometimes several at once. The result is that though I have a home, I’m living out of a bag or my car, with my necessities for life scattered sometimes between 3 or 4 different locations. No room for stagnant energy at home if I’m switching homes every four days or so!

Uranus also rules the internet, technology in general, and astrology. With Uranus on my Midheaven, I have publicly “come out” as a professional astrologer. I spend way more time on the internet these days than ever before, working on readings and networking to promote my personal business. Uranus rules independence and the Midheaven is the career point; it’s not wonder I’m funneling so much energy into creating the foundation for self-employment now.

Uranus Transit Toolkit

There are many benefits to a hard Uranus transit. Hard transits include conjunctions, squares, and inconjuncts/quincunxes.

Some benefits include:

  • Gaining personal independence
  • Freedom from restrictive ties
  • Attunement to the larger/communal mind
  • Ability to see beyond your limits
  • Ability to tap into greater God Mind
  • New environments
  • New groups of people
  • Unexpected situations
  • Opening your mind
  • Greater interconnectedness
  • Healthy risk-taking
  • Breaking out of tradition and routine
  • Rapid shift

As we live inside a polarized mirror consciousness, anything with benefits has equal and opposite drawbacks. With Hard Uranus transits, there is an extremely high electrical voltage sporadically coursing through your system.

Some Cautions:

  • Anxiety, nervousness, and high levels of tension
  • Restlessness
  • Sporadic, unpredictable feelings and conditions
  • Resistance to change and letting go
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Feeling ungrounded
  • Overthrowing everything and cutting ties due to inner tension without considering what is valuable to continue
  • Inconsiderate activity
  • Unfounded risks
  • Hi-Speed living
  • Technological attachment

The best way to handle a hard Uranus transit is to align your mind with it. To do this, you must be as mentally flexible as possible. Be open to the possibilities. Let go of rigid definitions, plans and desires for things to be a certain way. You may think you know what you want, but Divine is waiting to send some lightning strikes your way at unpredictable intervals, accompanied by great change.

Honor your desires for freedom and independence, yet also apply caution to your whims. Your restless feelings may change again unexpectedly, and you could risk letting go of something in your life that is still serving you. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – be refined in your understanding of what, exactly, it is that you can’t stand anymore. My advice is to walk the middle path, honoring the impulses moving through you at this time and also tempering them with consciousness.

Meet with new groups of people. Be open to relationships and situations involving distance or sporadic involvement.

Make sure to Relax, Slow Down, and Ground Yourself Daily. Walking in nature, sitting and lying down upon the Earth are especially important activities during a Uranus transit. Uranus is an Electrical Force that needs to be Grounded! Eat grounding foods such as grains, root vegetable, and legumes regularly – also good local meat if you consume meat. Consciously deepen and slow your breath and feel into your Body as Earth. Try going to a place you haven’t been before to hike and explore. Calm, slow walking, sitting still and feeling into your body and surroundings are therapeutic. Massages are excellent therapy to get you into the body as well.

Become aware of your Crown Chakra. During this transit, I have experienced a lot of tingling in my crown and skull at times as Uranian energy enters there from spirit. Be aware of sensations in and around the crown chakra. Also, consciously connect to your Root around the pelvic floor. It is helpful to do a couple of checks throughout the day, simply tuning into your crown, then tuning into your root. Just breathing into these areas and observing them, allowing calm to fill your center.

Work with Stones. Regular rocks, boulders, and stones are excellent help during an un-grounding transit. I largely recommend regular old stones for this type of work, but some gemstones are helpful, too:

Fluorite is great for absorbing negative rays from technological devices if you are doing a lot of work with machines/computers.

Black tourmaline helps to counter nervous tension and also absorbs smog from technological devices.

Smoky quartz is grounding and helpful in connection with the physical body.

Hematite is another excellent strong root-connection stone.

Make the most of your Uranus transit by connecting with Astrologers, Intuitive Communities, energy workers, revolutionaries, and the like. It’s time to step outside your box and try new things. When your world gets shaken, rattled, or rolled, embrace it! If it’s causing you struggle, discover what you’re being asked to let go of. Uranus provides the chance for you to get to know yourself, others, and your world in a new way if you just open your sphere.

Power to your journey!