Ignited! The Brilliance of July's Astrology

As a cosmological and symbologist nerd, Astrology always interests me. But it has been a while since astrology has excited me the way it does while I forecast for July 2014. Prolonged dances being done in the heavens are currently coming to a close - a new song is about to begin playing on this omniversal radio. No joke, I've been looking forward to this July since at least March!

I choose to write about an hour after Mercury stationed to go Direct. This Mercury Retrograde period has been especially influential. Perhaps the most influential Mercury Retrograde period of a long time! I mean, seriously! People who don't even bother with astrology were wondering aloud whether Mercury was Rx [Sidenote: I love the abbreviation Rx for Mercury Retrograde. It reminds me of a medical prescription, which is sometimes how the cycle feels! Medicine we don't necessarily enjoy taking, but it's necessary and good for us in the end]. Mercury entered his shadow for retrograde on May 22nd, in his ruling sign of Gemini. Gemini is the sign of people. Retrograde brings things back from the past. I, for one, connected with tons of people I hadn't seen or heard from in 5 or 6 or 10 years, concluding with having dinner last night with a woman I went to Middle and High School with. Cancer, which Mercury also Rxed through, is the sign of memories and sentiment. Old journals were discovered in storage. Family, genetic, and ancestral patterning was brought to light. Holy onslaught of processed logical and emotional information, batman!

Why was this Mercury Rx cycle so big? The Sun moved into Gemini May 20th. Two days later, Mercury entered his shadow in Gemini. Mercury was ruling the sun! The Mercury Rx cycle hailed in our summer season, paving the way for the Sun to shift his journey from Gemini to Cancer via the solstice. As Sun moved into Cancer, Mercury moved back into Gemini - this is a massive exchange of inner information on both logical and intuitive levels. Who ARE we? Are we the logical? Are we the emotional? Is this stuff swirling in such a way that we can move through with grace?

On June 23rd, Venus moved into Gemini as well, causing our collective values and appreciations to be ruled by Mercury Rx. Not only that, but Venus rules Mars in Libra, so by extension, Mercury Rx also had a grip on our will, our actions, and our desire/assertion force this past week. On a personal level, this created a swirl of confusion on many levels of my being - what is it that I want? Am I in the past? Am I in the future? Do I really choose to continue this direction I've been heading in? What are all the elements I need to consider to make sure I want to commit to this? Sadness! Longing! Duality!

And come July's astrology, the magnitude of Mercury's Rx journey these past 5 weeks begins to click into sense.

We've been being primed for several decisive shifts.


Remember that Cardinal Cross action back in April? If you don't, perhaps you'll be reminded this month, as Sun, Mercury, and Venus all roll through and reactivate those testing points throughout the month. Sometimes aspects will happen between transpersonal (outer) planets (like Uranus and Pluto) and not really hit home until a personal planet like Sun, Mercury, or Venus drive the point home. The changes we've been making - or subjected to! - this spring will be illuminated. We will get pertinent information about them on an emotional/intuitive level. Our values and relationships and what we want in relationship will be tested once again.

So that's happening. But the same old story will carry through to a new level as some major shifts in planetary energy take place!

On July 16th, 6:30am EST, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom, good fortune and excess, is moving into Leo. Jupiter has spent the last 13 months in Cancer. Jupiter enjoys Cancer. His position here has caused folks to want to hunker down and nest. Jupiter in Cancer is home-making energy. Nurturing, protective, and emotional - perhaps excessively so. Jupiter in Leo wants to be SEEN, baby! If you don't feel the shift July 16th, you certainly will when the Sun moves into Leo July 22nd. The Sun meets up with Jupiter on the 24th, illuminating the new vision.

Jupiter in Leo brings expansion to your sense of self. Your Ego. The concept of "ego" has gained a bad rap in recent times, and as a Leo Ascendant and Moon, that's something I take issue with. In my opinion, coming fully into our true expression of Self is a boon to the collective! That's what the whole Leo-Aquarius polarity axis is all about! Fully embodying your Central Self (your illuminated center! your own personal inner-outer Sun!), your Queen or King, your Sovereignty, gives others permission to do the same and as such, community, alliance, and humanity are enriched as One! Jupiter in Leo is about getting up close and personal with your Passion. What is in your Heart? If you aren't sure now, by July 22nd there will be little doubt. Leo is the sign of Romance, Play, Generosity, and Creativity. Leo likes to have FUN! Get ready, we are all fixing to take center stage. On the flip side, of course self-importance, inability to escape the ego, and excessive Drama are on the fore. Leo LOVES drama! It keep things fun and interesting at times. But I think we all know the drawbacks of excessive drama. Nothing like too much drama to make you want to stay away from people and situations. Last time Jupiter moved through Leo was August 2002-2003. Whatever occurred in your life at that time will be reverberating again in its next evolution. Check your chart and see where Leo lies. Are there any planets there? What house is Leo in for you? This area of your life will be expanded, bringing you the wisdom of Vision as if you've got a birds-eye (or Gods-eye) view. This Jupiter shift into Leo is setting the stage - personal and world - for some fiery transfigurations yet to come this year and next. Quite a shift after all the water we've had the last two summers.

Mid-to-late July is rockin'! Take especially good care of yourself July 14th to 27th. Breathe and know that multilayered, multileveled change is happening. The same week Jupiter changes signs, Venus also changes signs. Then Saturn in Scorpio shifts to go Direct on July 20th. When an outer planet like Saturn changes signs or directions, we always feel it several days on either side. Saturn will be stationing midway through Scorpio and powering through till the end of that sign until December 24th, when he shifts into Sagittarius. From now til the end of the year, we are nearly mastering the grind we've been through with Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012, in areas of Sex, Death, Power, Intimacy, Commitment, and Mysteries. I say nearly because Saturn will revisit the tail end of Scorpio in 2015.

The day after Saturn shifts direction, Uranus follows suit, but he turns to go Retrograde. The Uranus Rx cycle, which lasts until the Winter Solstice (interesting harmonies at play! Uranus goes Direct Dec 21st 2014 and Saturn changes signs Dec 24th). While Uranus is Rx we are prone to inner processing about what needs to change, what we need to awaken, and what we must rebel against. Uranus is always Rx for half the year and Direct the other half.

The final piece of excitement in my world of astrological obsession is Mars. Mars has been traversing Libra since December 8, 2013. I mean, can you even remember back that far? Mars rarely ever spends that much time in a sign - and Libra is not a sign that befits Mars. Mars causes heat, action, and war, and Libra is a sign of peace, cooperation, harmony, and relationship. Anybody been in negotiations about relating to others these past 7 months? Libra is known for being an indecisive sign, and Mars wants to take action. The result of this combination? Stalemate. Wishy-washyness. Staying on the surface of matters. Beating around the bush.

Drumroll please. On July 25th, at 10:25pm EST, Mars moves from Libra into Scorpio. We drop in. We drop down. We get Real. After 7 months of vacillation, Mars in Scorpio is decisive. Direct. Penetrating. It becomes time to make a commitment and merge with life on a deeper level. We have a Power-Packed New Moon in Leo on July 26th, sealing in our visions as the Sun and Moon are both conjunct Jupiter in Leo and squaring Mars freshly entered into Scorpio. Matters of Passion and Desire are at the fore. Plant your own seeds of seduction into cosmic consciousness. In a BIG way.

This is Grandiose. This is about giving Life and Love your All, whatever you come to decide that means. Go Huge or Go Home! And feel everything like it's enmeshed with all parts of your being. Cuz it Is!!

Cheers to the Changes in July. Fireworks and excitement ensue - although they may come a bit later than July 4th. This does feel like a cosmic birthday as we make our ways bright under the heat of the Summer Sun. L'Chayim!