Saturn in Sagittarius: The Great Migration

Around 3 years ago, I did some research. At the time, Saturn was preparing to shift into Scorpio. Feeling into this, I sensed we would be plumbing the depths. There would be sickness, there would be changes in sex, changes in psyches, deep transitions in male-female relations. Power shift.

Always the forward thinker, I felt well into the beyond, about 3.5 years into the future when Saturn shifts into Sagittarius. This shift takes place December 23, 2014. At the moment I write this, Saturn is at 18 degrees Scorpio, travelling retrograde. He will grind to a halt and turn direct July 21st, 2014. He turns Direct at 16 degrees, where he was in November 2013. So whatever structures were being formed at that time are being reworked, but by July 21st 2014, we will have come to completion with that building phase for 29 years.

I see. I innerstand.

Why think about Saturn in Sagittarius now? It’s still 12 degrees and six months of slow, painstaking travel time away.

Because Saturn is a big, groaning thing, moving like tectonic plates beneath the soil and deep within our bones. Just as animals sense an earthquake days before it comes and run to find shelter, I feel the energy shift (which will truly begin to dawn upon us by the end of July) from a deep maw in space and within my own intergalactic being.

When I pondered about this event many years ago, the words “Great Migration” came to me. My first thought was people would need to make a migration due to Earth changes. My sense is this holds true –

and that Earth changes are as metaphorical as they are physical. Active in many ways.

For we,


We are Earth.

As Saturn moves toward Sagittarius, and into the sign of the Archer come December 2014, people will be compelled to explore. Called to adventure. Driven to discover new meaning for themselves and adventure into a foreign version of their lives. Already where I live, an exodus is happening. A rearrangement. Folks are packing up their gifts, their talents, their inner resources, and shipping off to find a place where they can use them.

Our fun will be challenged, as will our ability to reach beyond what we think we know. We will be challenged in such a way that we need to overcome the stoppage to truly find where we belong in ourselves and in the world. Sagittarius is a fire sign of optimism, confidence, and performance. These aspects will be greatly tested as we assess whether or not we believe in our own abilities – whether or not we deserve to be optimistic about our achievements. Is the sky the limit? Have we shot our gaze that high? Is there something beyond worth leading towards? Can we grow and be realistic? Can we balance our highest sights and desire to expand with the slowness of the material plane? Can we have faith? Will we swing between extremes or find a way to walk the middle path?

What makes us feel the most alive? Discipline or freedom. Is there a way to harmonize these polarities?

Prepare to deeply align with your inner knowing. Any time you are out of sync with that, Saturn will remind you. The pressure and resistance will be great.

While Saturn moved through Scorpio October 2012-December 2014, masses became increasingly awakened to sources of Power. For some, this was through awareness of politics. For many, this came through intimate relationships. Others dealt with death, crisis, or illness that brought them closer to God, Spirit, Oneness. When Saturn enters into Sagittarius, it is time to materialize a new system of beliefs that incorporates what we’ve been viewing from our inner worlds. We have entered into the darkness. What we find there propels us into transformation, regeneration, and eventually growth. It is time to find new territory and simplify it to suit our basic spiritual needs, our inner Truth. We need to create ritual, philosophy, and religion based on our new innerstandings of what’s gone on within us and around us for the past 29 years.

Saturn in Sagittarius brings time to make pilgrimage. It is time for us to grow and expand in honor of our intuition, and this won’t be easy. Saturn brings difficulty and causes us to take on hard work. Learning is of utmost importance. Higher education, foreign communication, and astral travel are areas of painstaking development. By the end of this transit in December 2017, we will have a firm system of beliefs and skills so that we are ready to work to materialize our work on the Earth plane.

To our collective omniversal journey as All







I wonder, as the Earth is mapped astrologically, can we see on the planet the places that best suit people to learn certain lessons as they arrive and arise during our evolution?