Through the Gate

You made it through the Gate.

Welcome to the Other Side.

We are in the end of the April eclipse cycle (a 6 week process) and the Grand Cardinal Cross is beginning to loosen its grip. In my experience, lessons that are filtering in through the cosmos generally don't crystallize into clarity until we've already been through the thick of them.

So what lessons and messages are crystallizing for you now? We have 2 more weeks to reconsider the changes we want to make in our lives. When Mars turns direct (on May 20th!) after his unusually prolonged retrograde period in Libra, we will be stepping forward on our paths once again. When Saturn turns direct on July 20th, the structure of our lives will have been re-lain. We will then be forging forward on fresh territory. New ground. A new Level of Being.

Perhaps you haven't been aware that you've been clearing out your old way of life. On some (perhaps many!) levels, you've been getting clear about what you're preparing to create for your future. Perhaps your process of getting clear has felt like just the opposite - confusion, reassessment, doubt, fear, unsureness, taking steps only to find obstacles and frustration in your way. That is what it has felt like for me.

The past few days I've been living inside the reminder that when I commit to my path, my truth, my work, all of the patterns, the wounds, and subconscious complexes that need to shift in order to allow my desires to manifest come to greet me. Oh, hi! I forgot I need to face you, to know you, to love you. I forgot that's part of the deal when it comes to living your dreams. And thank Jah for that!

We forget, then we remember. We stay strong and then we fall apart.

And the beauty. O, the beauty of that movement. That middle. All.

Sometimes my path is steep and treacherous. Other times I feel surrounded by lush, fertile pleasure gardens as I step with ease. Each stark rock on the difficult climb is as perfect, as medicinal, as lovely as the orchids waving at my back in the gardens.

We have been moving through

(themes of the Cardinal Cross/Eclipse Season of April 2014)

a fundamental shift in time, in ages.

concepts of ego and humility.

learning from your own inner whisperings and knowings, rather than bowing down to a teacher or authority outside of yourself. Finding teachers/authorities that point to the power within yourself rather than their own.

what we want, what another person wants, whether those desires line up, and how can we compromise and make it work if not? Negotiations, realizations, and shifting patterns around boundaries.

whether our location serves our highest interests. Is it really time to move? Or are we running away from difficulty?

do we feel connected to our community? Do we have friends and community that make us feel supported? Do we feel a sense of belonging?

why am I really here? Who am I, what is my truth, am I on path?

can we make it work for everyone? Can everyone have success, have happiness, live the life of their desire? It seems this is only possible as we band together on a communal front.

can we create a surrounding environment that supports us living freely and happily?

what is really important? What are the core themes and principles that you want to retain for yourself in your life?


I honestly believe we are in the midst of a looong process - a restructuring of society, of economics, of personal and shared values. We are literally reinventing the wheel. Techniques and modes of living are being updated and revolutionized. The richness of our individual consciousness is becoming infused with higher wisdom - wisdom that activates the community network and launches our beingness into a future of possibility.

Uranus in Aries - awakening of the self, spurring action that helps define ourselves, realizing and revolutionizing our desires.

Uranus in Aries is ruled by Mars in Libra - discovering how we can balance our personal truth and desires, our need for freedom, our independence, with the needs, desires, and independence of others. I be I, You be You, are we able to come together and be We?

Venus in Aries, coming to meet up with Uranus on May 15th. We are valuing our self, our desires, our personal will, and having a community that connects with and supports that.

Pluto in Capricorn - destruction meets form and matter. On a small scale and a large scale, we are seeing into means of control. And it ain't pretty. We are also focused on becoming our own personal authority and deeply investigating what our life's purpose is. If you aren't sure, you're exactly where you need to be.

Jupiter in Cancer - expanding our emotions and our need for nurturance, protection, and support. Allowing us to become softer and more receptive if that's what we choose to do. Can we be open to receive love and support? Can we trust we are loved and supported amidst all the shifts going on and the unsureness?


My mantra today is: I Trust that I am Loved and Supported. I Trust that I may Love and Support Others.

My priorities now are Happiness and Peace.

It has been a pleasure to be on a retrograde journey with Mars and Saturn, redefining and getting more clear about how I plan to move forward. Relish in the last 2 weeks of reconsidering

make way for clear actions amounting this summer.


In honor of every one of your paths. In honor of your perfection. Thank you for choosing to be here in these times and share in these changes.

Blessed in Life,