Firmly Planting Seeds into the Unknown

The weather is warm, the air is afruit with spring smells, leaves are waving in the moist air as electricity begins to impregnate the atmosphere with coral pink glow. A spring storm approaches leisurely and simply, with readiness. The thickness that comes with such storms.. scintillating yet comfortable.

Calling in this Taurus New Moon, sealed with an eclipse around 2am Eastern Standard Time.

Since winter of 2013, astrological communities have been both fearing and heralding April 2014. The main events are a Grand Cross in Cardinal Signs between slow-moving planets (perfected April 22nd at 13 degrees), and its bordering pair of eclipses. April 15th saw a full moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, and its Solar counterpart in Taurus on a new moon 2 weeks following.

The Grand Cardinal Cross carries a potentially stressful resonance - however, when I gazed at the chart for this event, it was clear to me that this cross was situated in a flowing, supported, beneficial celestial context. One word came through repeatedly as I meditated on this chart:


Cardinal Signs are action-oriented. They get things done. Eclipses show us things in a different light. The fresh perspective often causes an emotional reaction that makes us want to do something or make a shift in response to our realization(s). This energy has felt rather decisive, forward-moving, and individual within a context of unknown, universal, and surrender to higher guidance.

Tonight's New Moon Eclipse is in Taurus. New Moons, especially eclipses, are powerful seeding times, dark and ripe. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign of fertility and growth. Whatever you are planting now is sure to hold. This is a commitment, and within the Initiative nature of the Grand Cross, it is likely a commitment that is changing the climate and the landscape of your life. Taurus is a sign of worth and value, so perhaps you have become more aware of what you value in recent times, and now a subtle (or manifest) investment is being made.

This New Moon is in my 10th house of career, purpose, and public appearance. The Cardinal Cross is situated directly on the axis of career/external world and home/family and inner world in my chart, as well as daily routine/work, and relationship to spirit. In the past 3 weeks, during these eclipses and the Cardinal Cross, I had 2 photo shoots with different artists, gained a boost of optimism and direction in my life/career path, deepened my relationship with my Mother, questioned whether I wanted to remain living in my current location, created my own website and launched it, and "came out" publicly as an astrologer and sacred movement artist.

Where is this eclipse in your chart? What areas of your life are being pulled and 'initiated' by the Cardinal Cross? For those who are skeptical about astrology, I am right there with you! I will share a post on this in the near future. All I can say is that it is a beautiful tool for personal reflection, wondering, and even loose (or specific) planning that I can't help but turn to from natural inclination.

Is it a coincidence that Uranus (planet of awakening, technology, revolutionary change, and astrology!)  is on my Midheaven (point of public appearance and career), in Aries, sign of the individual self, the athlete, and the pioneer - at the moment I create my website, initiate my business, and "come out" as a self-employed astrologer and sacred movement artist?

I am happy to plant firm seeds in Taurus ground - sure to grow spring flowers in a long future ahead. Eclipses always have a long-lasting effect. Sometimes the seeds you plant during eclipses take 6 months to fruit. Sometimes they last more than a year. I urge you to come into presence with whatever is alive for you right now. This is enough for you to align with the forces of nature and honor the coming growth and change that belies your blessed life.

L'Chayim! Enjoying this flow, and the Taurean opportunity to ground in after a fast-moving month of swirling ideas and interactions.