Reflections on Astrology

The Wisdom of Astrology

'Astro' refers to star(s). 'Logos' can be translated as language and also logic. Astrology, thus, refers to the logical language of the stars.

The Celestial Voice



All over Earth throughout time, people of every culture, creed, and location have looked to the heavens for guidance, learning, and organization. The cycles of the Heavenly Bodies coincide with cycles in human lives and the natural world on Earth. As the Sun rises, we warm, become conscious, and our day begins. As the Sun sets and the Moon presides our sky, her sweet reflective nature permeates our being while we sleep and dream. This is representative of a daily cycle. We know there are grander cycles, such as the yearly seasons. Astrology speaks of those (think of the twelve zodiac signs our Sun passes through each year), as well as cycles that are grander, still - so grand that they are sometimes barely perceptible until years have passed by and we realize what great themes and lessons our lives have given us along the way. 

Consider that the human consciousness nests within the folds and crevices, waves and valleys of infinite, spiraling clockwork. Astrology is an ages-old tool that can be used to gain insight into the workings of this great mystery.

Truly, astrology is a natural language of symbols, or collected energy. Refer to the mention of the Sun and Moon above. Close your eyes and let your mind settle as you breathe into your center. Think of the Sun. Call in the energy of the Sun. You may feel warmth, brightness, illumination. A host of other thoughts, sensations, characteristics, and emotions may enter your being. All of these are representative of the energy of the Sun. The same goes for the Moon. Close your eyes. Settle yourself and call in Moon. Again, any images, feelings, and associations that come up can be used to understand the Moon. This same process can be applied to any planet or celestial body. This is the beginning of learning the language, the logos, of the Heavenly Bodies.

The language of astrology is intuitive, creative, and energetic. It is about familiarizing yourself with nature and its guiding principles. Astrology is based on observing and attuning to the rhythms of nature - a practice through which archetypal myth, symbolism, and spiritual understanding are born.

As Above, So Below

To honor astrology, one must be willing to open oneself to a grand perspective. One must be willing to accept that Earth is one of many celestial forms in an infinitude of space. One must also be able to see how manifest forms affect one another. It may be easy to see how the Sun directly impacts daily life on Earth, but other bodies (such as Pluto) may not feel as immediately present. Astronomers and scientists refer to certain Heavenly Bodies as being within our 'Solar System.' A 'system' is defined as a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole. The key here is connectivity. Think of organs within your human body. It does not necessarily matter how near or far they are to one another. If one organ is unable to do its work and express itself healthfully, other organs that relate and communicate with the impaired one will also experience strain. Just as minute cells communicate with one another to make up a complex individual, at a similar scale, Human Beings and Heavenly Bodies are by nature in a process of co-existing in a complex whole Reality.

This is to say that astrology as an intuitive science is based upon a premise of interconnectivity; that in essence, All is One. As above, so below. Above (Sky or Heaven) and below (Earth) are simply two halves that create a whole.

Benefiting from Astrology

When one communes with the symbolic language of astrology on a regular basis and observes how the symbols appear in daily, monthly, yearly life, the connection between far-reaching bodies such as Pluto and life on Earth becomes easily apparent and recognizable. As an intuitive astrologer, I am often very aware of dealing with particular planetary energies. Especially when a new cycle begins, the planet(s) involved will speak to me directly or indirectly, making me aware of its/their presence. At times I receive a clear thought or message directly about a particular planet. For example, Jupiter will pop into my mind. I liken this to thinking of an old friend I haven't spoken to in a while right before the telephone rings and they are calling. Less directly, the planet will enter more discreetly. I will notice the planetary essence or theme in my environment, similar to picking up a scent as I walk through a room. At times the planets seem to radiate from within me, as if I am a vessel to speak for them and in-sperience their power.

What is the use of these types of insights? There are many! For me personally, speaking astrology makes life more fun and enriched. It's like an extra layer of Life and meaning that I can play with, sink into, and feel amidst the wide range of sights, flavors, sensations and such that are materially present. Astrology is one of the ways that I commune with Spirit.

Return to the vision that human consciousness resides within an infinite, ever-shifting network of timespace. Astrology assigns readable symbols to archetypal energies, providing guidelines and maps by which one can access both intellectual and intuitive interpretations. The trained astrologer can use a chart to access information on an individual's energy field. Reading the chart illuminates information on the individual's constitution, soul purpose, strengths, weaknesses, karmic tasks, and themes in life. Bringing these to light in an atmosphere of openness and compassion helps to connect one with their center, remind them of their gifts, and infuse them with higher purpose and gratitude for the special energies they hold.

Astrology also provides methods through which one can actually witness the cycles of development taking place. The Life Journey itself can be mapped, accessed, and made open for discussion. For myself, if I am in a time of turmoil, confusion, frustration, or sadness, I often use astrology to look for clues as to what the heavens are trying to teach me. The influence of the Heavenly Bodies are much stronger than many realize. They are so strong and subtle that they permeate our beings, our minds, and as a result, the reflective external world around us. The wisdom of astrology helps to link us to All-that-Is. Its most generous offerings provide a bigger picture. This Divine View offers comfort through interconnection and reassurance that we are exactly where and whom we need to be in every perfect moment. Even our confusion and distress are simply growing pains, and astrology can give balance-based insight for relief from these.

Simple knowledge of astrology can interweave someone more completely into the quilt of life. Astrology becomes a tool of empowerment to consciously interact with the natural forces of life, and with other human beings. Just as an astrologer reads the chart of an individual, it is possible to view charts for relationships of all kinds, families, new enterprises, and even locations. Mysteries and challenges hidden in these areas can be brought to light, addressed, and oftentimes healed through understanding and acceptance. 


As an Intuitive Astrologer and Sacred Movement Artist, my favorite way to connect with the wisdom of the Heavens is through Earth, that is, through playing and working with the energies coursing through my own Human Body. Please journey to the Sacred Movement section of this website to learn more!