There are so many corners of my mind. Edges. Angles. Definitions that, when I look, I can see, contain lived experience inside of

limitation. Frugality. “reality.’ I glimpse the way

so many (all) of us operate within boundary. Within the invisible walls of mind perception

we can only sometimes peek

by grace,

through contrasting awareness

when grasping stops for timeless second.


Second. Not first. The second is just beyond now.


What I mean is - I can see the angles that contain my thought, which creates lived ex-n-in-sperience

and I see your angles, too, as they ping from mine.

Curiously, mind-walls smack in-visible (inside seeing),

and I marvel the way mental constructs (the walls of the mind) govern all behavior unbeknownst to you


Much like the pipes and layers of drywall inside my house

I see not how the limits create my experience

instead I mind my experience inside the walls.

I see myself behaving this way on the conscious plane and I approve or not of my behavior


But as I say, the boundaries set the container

for the span of your mind-spirit-life-all-that-is. Just like a dog kept in by an underground fence.


Speaking of unconscious parameters

of which we can only engage with and shape in-directly

these are the foundations of our worlds.


Do we enrich ourselves by focusing on the present environment, getting as much out of our small square of yard as we possibly can?

Do we rebel against the fence?

Do we work slowly, consistently, and smoothly over time to soften the boundary, so that it can swell and turn with the nature of tides?


Just know, your mind is governed by invisible limits you can only see with the naked eye. Awesomely, and especially when you think you’ve got it all figured out.


Life is an eternal mystery. The less you know, the better off you’ll be

as the elements storm upon you

in treacherous,