Are You Still Dreaming?

Are you still dreaming?
You are right where you need to be.

In the dead of winter, perhaps you wonder what it means to be alive.

When the world (and our external lives) insists on continuity, consistency, responsibility, what happens when we stop and spend hours, days, weeks, in a space of rest?

Pisces is the sign of dreaming, retreat, rest, healing, spirituality, and recuperation. Pisces also offers escapism, addiction, depression, hopelessness, confusion, and victimhood. Since December 23rd and especially January 13th, we have been flooded with Piscean energy in the heavens.

As Above, So Below.

In modern society, many of us vehemently resist Piscean realms of untameable emotion, grief, and incredible sensitivity. Pisces is the sign of utter surrender. It washes and dissolves all form into oneness. Energy. Music. Ocean.

If you've resisted rest, Pisces offers illness, discouragement, depression, mind-altering drugs, and states of emotion-soaked delusion.

Pisces reminds us that Control is only an illusion. At the end of the day, Nature can choose beyond your will to swirl your life into  Chaos.

Chaos versus control. Both impulses are evident in our world, and within ourselves.

While winter always contains a dreaming time, this period of swirling Piscean water has been especially potent for astrological reasons you can read about in an upcoming blog post.

You may ask: What is the purpose of this chaotic rest? These wild imaginings? You may struggle against feelings of discouragement and dedication.

With Winter coming to a close and Spring beginning to burgeon beneath the surface, Pisces calls us to dream, redream, and reimagine our lives. We purify ourselves through chaos. We surrender our egoic will back into alignment with the will of something Greater. We examine our deeper hopes and higher ideals for our lives. Through loss, and the experience of uncontrolled disorder, we find sincere compassion and caring. We are moving through the portal of hibernation season.

Are you still dreaming? You are right where you need to be. One gift of astrology is it teaches us not to resist, and it tells us that change will come, in what way, and even at what time.

Our re-imagining comes to a halt tomorrow (Wednesday the 11th) as Mercury Stations direct. We are mentally able to make progress again.

Come Wednesday February 18th, the Pisces New Moon invites us to deeply plant the dreams we have discovered into our unconscious. Toss them into rivers, streams, and oceans with your compassionate prayers for All.

Thursday February 19th and Friday February 20th Venus and Mars move into Aries: we feel like we have energy again. At this time, we have largely recuperated (though the Sun will still be dreaming for a month) and we can begin to make bold strides into a decisive direction.

Save starting projects until after February 20th. You are still in the creative imagining phase. Keep gathering your energies and healing now, so your reserves are loaded when Aries comes and we all charge forward.

For now, keep letting go. Drink tea. Watch movies. Read novels. Play with pets. Sleep long hours. Purge your possessions. Allow your life to be cleansed.

Together we can create a lifestyle that honors these times of chaos
equally to those of order.

Together we can choose to align with Nature, within and without.

Be Well !