A Week We've Been Waiting For

We have arrived

to the week we’ve been waiting for.

And as the Rolling Stones Sing:

You can’t always get what you want.

but if you try sometime, you just might find,

you get what you need.

In my last article I noted that this Piscean-feeling period of winter has been especially long. That is because January 13, 2015, many of the planets have been referring to Mars in Pisces, ruled by Neptune and graced with Chiron who currently flanks Neptune in his home sign.

This has been a time of dreaming, wounding/healing, and self-undoing.

When we undo the self, we commune with Spirit. We touch God. All that is. Nothingness.

This week brings a crescendo of completely-dissolving energies so deeply that we dive into direct course once again.

When yin reaches fullness, yang begins manifest. When yang totally gathers, yin naturally sets in. The seed of one is contained in the other. This is the way of natural cycles. This is the function of astrology.

When you look deeply at the signs of the zodiac, it is plain to see how they alternate polarity. Here we come to perhaps one of the most drastic juxtapositions of kind:

Pisces the Fish becomes Aries the Ram.

Mutable, Spiraling Ocean Waters of Selfless Oneness

change into

Cardinal, Outward-Moving Torch Flames of Warrior Individuality.

In my astrology practice, I feel cusps are incredibly important. Cusps - the energetic areas of the zodiac where 2 signs blend into one another - are palpably felt. The cusp is the accumulation of the energy traversed throughout the length of the sign. Invariably intense.

We are heading towards an emotional week.

If you have been dealing with illness, sadness, discouragement, loss, escapism, neglect, or exhaustion, it may intensify through Wednesday.

If you have been gestating immense dreams, miracles, or inspiration on many levels of your life, this too will gather and peak.

Continue to let go of anything old or stagnant. Continue to allow whatever emotions present themselves to flow.

I, personally, do not recommend “trying to stay positive.” My advice is to honor your feelings and current state of dissolution unless your inner compass directs you otherwise. If you are guided to fall apart, let yourself do so. If you are not guided to fall apart, be a support for others in your life who are. We need each others help and compassion more than usual - at least until Thursday evening. ASK FOR HELP. We are not ordained to do this alone!

Midweek, the tables will turn.

Wednesday, February 18th there is an absolutely remarkable New Moon.

Following a succession of events since December that have marked New Times for us all

examples for astro nerds (particular event in bold):

  • Dec 21 2014 NEW MOON in Capricorn AND Winter Solstice
  • Dec 23 2014 Saturn moved into Sagittarius
  • Jan 20 New Moon in Aquarius Lunar Imbolc
  • Jan 21 Mercury Rx
  • Feb 18 New Moon at 29 Deg 59 minutes, 54 seconds AQUARIUS - Moon moves into Pisces 6 seconds later. Sun moves into Pisces and begins Chinese New Year of the Wood Sheep 3 minutes after New Moon.
  • Feb 19 Mars in Aries
  • Feb 20 Venus in Aries
  • 2 New Moons in Aquarius this year! And in a month, the New Moon in Pisces takes place at an anaretic degree (final degree of a sign) as well AND houses a solar eclipse.

Humanity is poised between beginnings and endings in a big way. This is a majorly transitional year.

The New Moon on Feb 18th (6:47pm EST) marks the end of a humanitarian cycle. A cycle of technology, science, rigid or compartmentalized conceptual thinking. For the next 2.5 years, our creative and emotional selves are seeding new ways of being in the world with our hopes, aspirations for the future, colleagues, allies, groups, and general progress. Beware of having a stiff mind! No need to fight other peoples’ concepts if they differ from yours. Let it pass, and allow new thought-forms to arise.

The Moon squares Saturn and joins Neptune early on Thursday, bringing in heavy moods, the desire to run away, and close constriction by emotional obstacles. It also paves the way to begin a new emotional structure to support your living your ideals. Perhaps your ideals have changed from what you thought they were? Take stock!

Thursday, Feb 20th sees Mars enter Aries at 7:11pm EST. We finally feel like we have energy again! Our independence and drive get a boost.

Friday, Feb 21st Venus enters Aries at 3:05pm EST, so our relationships feel the fire again, too. If you aren’t feeling the fire yet, you definitely will when the Moon enters Aries at 6:13pm EST. It is now time to step out, assert your independence, and begin pioneering the projects that have been simmering for the past several weeks.

With Sun in Pisces, we’re still not out of the water. But we now have permission to take steps towards creating the lives we long for and imagine. We are bucking off the shackles of grief and heading towards more inspiring times. Steamy!

Consider this week a steam engine.

The train of your dreams.

There is still fog, but we’ve got enough heat to get our wheels turning and moving us along a track. Even as the snow falls and cold makes us shiver, chugging along we can sense the spring enriching the ground yet beneath.

To Recap:

Monday through Thursday afternoon LET GO, CRY, DREAM

Thursday night through Sunday MAKE MOVES, START FRESH, CREATE

Chug along, chug along

and enjoy the ride.