Greener Pastures

I wish I could tell you it gets easier.

Sometimes I get jaded about being an astrologer. For the past few years, the astrology above is increasingly complex and intense.

March 2015 is one of those months that adds to the fray.

I wish I could tell you it gets easier. That everything will be sparkly unicorns and 4-leaf-clovers from here on out. That you can have a perfect life of ease and grace, you just have to will it into being.

But the stars are saying something different.

The stars are saying we are rapidly evolving, multidimensional beings capable of holding infinitudes of information, loads of love, and natural inborn superpowers of increasing potency

and over the next 1.5 years especially, we are waking up to this reality.

As REMB (Rapidly Evolving Multidimensional Beings; Rememberers), we are becoming increasingly sensitive on physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual levels. We are required to build our strength in order to maintain health and withstand the degree of cleansing we are going through as a collective. We are required to build our effectiveness in order to truly ground the wellspring of our desires.

We are required to face and withstand challenge. This humbles us to the natural (insurmountable) frequencies of nature while increasing the strength of our will and fortitude.

There is a lot of New Age Speak out there about making life as easy as possible. I hesitate to speak out against this out of fear that I simply need to “grow more spiritually” and then I’ll “see the light” of how everything is so “easy and graceful all the time.”

But part of me is rising up against these messages. Sure, there is always room to invite more ease into your life. But somehow these sentiments smack of modern-day, “Western” world technological age addiction to convenience and luxury.

Challenge is a very real part of life. Especially in this current “Western” culture/society that feels entirely misconstructed and out-of-alignment with our nature. In my view, REMemBerers do not seek escape or long for a life of permanent ease.

Rapidly Evolving Multidimensional Beings seek to understand Challenge and integrate it.

This is where strength comes from.

The decision and practice of expanding yourself to hold steady and continue on with perseverance despite obstacles and perceived lack.

Look your challenge in the eyes and say:

I see you.

I understand you.

I’m not going anywhere.

The week ahead brings Challenge as Mars (God of War) rolls through the Uranus-Pluto Square just before its final strike on March 16th.

You are wired to be prepared for this event, and all astrological events that come your way.

Wednesday the 11th is especially combustible. Beware of accidents, sudden turns of events, unnecessary conflict, and the urge to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Mars, Venus, and Uranus are all in Aries hovering near the South Node of Fate:

We are in a personal and collective process of separating from our past. Breaking up. Allowing stagnated ways of being ourselves to be zapped and splintered so we can level-up in growth.

Uranus always brings something unexpected. By that I mean, if you can conceive of it in your mind, it probably won’t happen. Something else will. That is the beauty of how Uranus functions: an eternal, Divine surprise.

On Saturday, March 14th, Saturn in Sagittarius Stations to go Retrograde. Saturn is a large, groaning outer planet, so we feel his station for 5 days on either side. This week it’s like a building of tension, which begins to dissipate late next week.

Saturn has been in Sagittarius since December 23rd, 2014. Saturn in Sagittarius is about the importance of Nature. The importance of honoring our intrinsic nature and who we are as free adventurers in our lives. He is compelling us to travel, move, go back to college, and make pilgrimage to sacred places.

Saturn in Sagittarius has introduced a deep questioning and pressurized restlessness that compels us to seek greener pastures. But once you get to that new physical destination, do you find it lacks whatever you are looking for?

Just what are you looking for, anyway?

Sagittarian travel and higher learning are immensely important for gaining fresh perspective and a new lease on life. However, the urge to Go and Grow can feel like a bottomless pit at times. Saturn in Sag urges us to discover for ourselves what we think we are missing. As above, so below. Everything is without as it is within.

The soul whispers quietly that whatever you are seeking

always exists right here,



Can you become content to travel within the inner landscape, discovering the scope of your soul?

Wherever Saturn resides, we are laying new structures in that area of our being. For the past near-3 months our beliefs, worldviews, and grounds of meaning have been undergoing testing and re-establishment. As Saturn turns to go Retrograde, the quest for meaning turns deeper within, and we head to resolve unfinished business when Saturn re-enters Scorpio June 14th of this year.

Next Monday, March 16th, the final Uranus-Pluto Square takes place. This is a story of revolt and government transformation that has been running since June 2012 puts out a final punch. But just like the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the late 1960s, the cultural reverberations will be felt longer than a lifetime.

In final news for March, we are also heading towards Eclipse Season. Eclipses are always major events, though sometimes we miss their impact until looking back later

This eclipse on March 20th is especially important, as it falls on the very last degree of Pisces. In my last article, I mentioned that humanity is poised on the brink of MAJOR endings and MAJOR beginnings. This eclipse illustrates the concept.

  • Allow yourself to continue letting go of the unneeded past. Sometimes this is as subtle as a thought or daily behavior you’ve been mindlessly repeating for years that could use a freshening to suit who you are today.
  • The eclipse points out that the way to move forward is to grow yourself: personally, professionally, spiritually. Have the courage to explore yourself and this world.
  • Really take stock of what is practical and realistic versus what is a dream worth cultivating and materializing in your life.
  • Breathe through fear, anxiety, and lack of energy. Stay with it. Keep holding on to what you believe in and what you feel most committed to. Just let the extraneous matter fall away.
  • Keep questioning reality. It may be more malleable than you think. The energetic always informs the physical.
  • Ground yourself daily. There is not a lot of earth energy in the sky right now! It’s all floating in spiritual and emotional realms. This has the potential to spin us out if we’re not careful. Eat well and lay on grass! Give touch to rocks and trees. Thank them for getting you through winter and let them know you look forward to sharing spring on earth with them!

After a long winter, many of us look forward to the freedom and fresh inspiration of spring. If you feel depletion or lack of motivation, consider that your reserves are on their last end. Think how it must feel to be a bulb in the ground, collecting all its energies, waiting to burst open into colorful beauty.

The juggler with her spinning torches
Conjures dazzling wheels of fire.
The magician taps his wand and suddenly
A net of jewels sparkles in the darkness.

What do we love in magic?
Each gesture is a kind of jest,
Inviting us beyond itself
Into the deepest magic of all-
God alone is.

All that we see
Is the performance
Of the Divine Magician.
Stand at the center of this wonder,
And breathe the wild serene.
— Lorin Roche, Radiance Sutras