Choice Points

I've been feeling like a wild animal in a cage;

And like the cage is my own body. My life.

I feel like I need to get out.

Like I need to Free Dance to this song.

I am making a pact with divine: my priority is to heal and to fully align with spirit. I announce that this is my desire, at any cost.

I love my body. And rather than get out of it, I want to rewild it. To make it a place the wild parts of my nature can claim as home.

What about you?

We have another huge week ahead astrologically.

Last week, we discussed challenge. I emphasized the importance of developing yourself so you can hang with challenge effectively. There is a need to cleanse ourselves of victim mentality.

Know that you ARE prepared to meet whatever life brings you, in every moment.

The ability to face the world and your life on a daily basis requires great courage, strength, and resilience that is available within your spirit. Strength is developed as we maintain ourselves during adversity.

Strength of mind is developed through stillness.

Find the center.

  • Maybe the center is in your body, just below your navel and in front of your spine.
  • Perhaps your center lies in cultivating calmness of heart and emotions.
  • Maybe your center is beneath. Beneath anything you can grasp with your conscious awareness. The spaces in-between your breath. The wordless something existing beneath a lover’s touch, or the feeling of blankets covering your skin late at night.
  • Hint: The center feels like Sacred Neutral. Not bound or attached to judgements.

Last week’s challenge brings us to a landscape of major choice points and destiny this week.

What will you choose?

Allow your center,
the calm infinite knowing
to point your way.

Since December 23, 2014, we have all been dosed with depression, malaise, and disillusionment. The Saturn-Neptune Square has been illustrating everything that feels out-of-place in our lives. This aspect (Saturn in Sag and Neptune in Pisces) brings us a major existential crisis. What are we doing with our lives? With our businesses? Why are we doing it? Are we where we need to be or does something need to change? Is your life fulfilling your deeper purpose? Is your soul happy?

A psychologist friend of mine said this kind of energy is referred to as the “fertile void.” I think of it as a type of death. Parts of you are gone, but it may not be clear yet which parts. Meanwhile, you are diving forward into life, which currently envelops you like fog. What will remain when the fog clears? We have yet to discover the rich mystery that awaits.

On Monday, March 16th, we experience Mercury in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius at 5:41am EST. Themes mentioned above are intensified as we mentally perceive blockages preventing our idealizations. Authority figures, traditionalists, and those older than you may look down upon your naive ideas. Take stock of what seems realistic versus what you really hope for.

Remember: we tend to experience constriction prior to expansion.

Also on Monday March 16th occurs the final Uranus-Pluto Square (10:54pm EST). This is the seventh of seven squares beginning mid-2012. Uranus in Aries asks for colorful rebellion towards independence, whereas Pluto in Capricorn requires steady focus on committed, patient work. Square aspects generate oodles of tension as we assess benefits of both sides.

This week, however, Uranus wins the struggle. Break yourself free. Torch through restrictions and internal “shoulds.” Make bold, unusual, and radically truthful moves. Step forward towards what you most desire, yet feared could be possible.

Tuesday, March 17th, Venus moves into Taurus (6:14am) for 25 days of sensual delight, companionship, and appreciation of valuable materials. If Venus is your ruling planet, take note! Venus in Taurus invites us to sloooow down, to stop and smell the daffodils, and to be content with going about steady, stable building processes and growth. Venus in Taurus following the Uranus-Pluto square describes making solid investments in whatever is calling your heart NOW, not 2 months ago. You are officially a transforming, transformed being. Move your priorities to align with your future as you develop in real time. Choosing presence is the key to understanding where you belong. Commit to fully sensing wherever you are. This will give you all the information you need from moment to moment.

Wednesday, March 18th, Mercury joins Neptune at 4:49am EST for an ultra-sensitive day. If you feel dreamy, escape-y, foggy, confused, or ungrounded, this is why!! Some of us feel transits a day early, so in that case Tuesday might be your Neptunian day of healing and journeying through spiritual planes. Meditate! Listen to music! Do something that transports you away from the mundane, material realm of being. Your time in an altered state will teach you about the dreams of your life and how they have recently changed. Adjust!

Friday, March 20th is a MAJOR day of events! Mark your calendars!! At 5:36am EST, the moon is NEW in Pisces, at the very last degree.

Usually, a Spring Equinox New Moon falls in Aries, the sign of new beginnings! This year is different. The New Moon is on the tail end of the sign of dreams, loss, grief, spiritualization, cleansing, healing, meditation, and oneness. Ten minutes later, there is a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!

So Friday contains a triple whammy: supermoon (meaning moon and Earth are as close together as possible), spring equinox, AND total solar eclipse! This event has not occurred since 1662!!!

Eclipses are like reset buttons: the lights (luminaries, sun and moon) go out and then come on again. Think how this would have affected the world prior to electricity. When the lights return, things look different. Something is revealed.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron are all hanging out in Pisces, meaning that whatever is around the bend is not necessarily seen! Pisces includes hidden things, overlooked things, and parts of our consciousness that are simply beyond our grasp for the time being. So there is a major part of the picture that is still missing for now.

With that said, we are still being asked to take decisive action (Mars in Aries) towards expansive creative self-expression (Jupiter in Leo). And Venus in Taurus asks us to negotiate our visions (Saturn in Sagittarius) so we can begin to plant firm roots. The energy of the eclipse part is pointing to: Growth! Growth! Growth!

It is not enough to follow a single teacher or bend to someone else’s will. Discover your own voice, your own will, your own power, your own unique path!

The more we claim our own power and authority, the more life will orchestrate to bring us experiences that properly resonate with our special blueprint!

Focus on the new impulses that have been sifting into your life and being. Give them credit. Too often we shirk our dreams in order to preserve the status quo. Sometimes the status quo is nothing but a living death. This eclipse says: what do you really want, right NOW? It may be a half-cocked idea, but Mars is encouraging you to break away from controlling confinements that are limiting the full expression of your spirit.

A story from a friend-of-a-friend:

She grew up in a very dysfunctional family. Her father recently passed away, and this past week she realized it would be in the best interest of everyone if she did not attend the funeral. She made the sudden, unpredicted choice to break free of feeling the “necessity” to attend and be subjected to unwarranted criticism and pressure from her siblings and the same-old broken-record of their family dynamic. She cancelled her flights. She said No. She chose to grieve her father’s passing alone and in her own way - the way that felt like it truly honored his life and their relationship.

Sometimes it takes grand gestures. Sometimes it takes standing up for your own authentic experience and holding fast to what will best serve you.

Who you are NOW can be different from who you were ten minutes ago!

Sometimes we reach awakening through alternative, wildly unexpected means.

If you have dealt with rage this past week, consider yourself in tune with the astrological alignments. The stars want you to be pissed. They want you to reconsider what truly is best for your life. What sets your heart on FIRE?

Friday’s Eclipse also brings in stability as the Moon Trines Saturn. These new turns of fate we are making are sure to stick. And if they seem unsettled now, they will certainly have long-lasting implications, and something more permanent is set to grow from them.

Sunday, March 22nd Mercury sextile’s Pluto at 4:27pm. We can see deeply into matters and readily access our raw, wild, passionate natures. Take advantage of a natural flow of intuition today. You can see into the power structures and underpinnings of motives - your own and those of others.

This week you decide which power structures to support, and which powers to withdraw support from.

Choose wisely. Choose well. All is supporting you!