March 2016: Letting Go

AstroTheme for 2016:

Accept massive growth through embracing change

2016, the Year of the Fire Monkey, offers exponential growth through embracing change. Expect the unexpected. This is an active, unpredictable year featuring dynamic progress. Use a spirited approach. Take measured risks, and apply humor as you make leaps of faith. Be wise, and burn brightly.

The Astrological theme for March 2016 is: Letting Go

As the Sun travels through Pisces, we are in the season of release. Pisces, A Mutable Water sign, swirls with changing moods and constant imaginings. Boundaries become permeable. Rest, mediation, and dreaming are worthy pursuits as we gestate for an active outward season ahead.

This month is heavily influenced by 2 powerful eclipses: March 8th and March 23rd.

March 8th is a New Moon in Pisces and also a Solar Eclipse. A New Moon is always a time to seed intentions. In the sign of Pisces, it begs the questions:

What are you letting go of?

And as what you release makes space, what dreams will fill that place?

Sometimes letting go feels hard. We can move through life for ages carrying fears and burdens and attachments to pain from the past. We can work arduously to try and heal. We can reach a point of despair; like everything’s been tried. Like it’s all for naught. And then, mysteriously, miraculously, the stars align. Life conspires to shift in some subtle, perhaps imperceptible manner. You might not ever feel a thing until you look back later and realize something changed. At that moment, effortlessly, something let go and never returned.

My Martial Arts Master has a saying: “It’s only hard if you are hard.” When we learn to flow fluid like water in our bodies and minds, we find ourselves in concert with the constant waves of change. We are change. Everything is change. Let yourself bob in the surf of what is.

The March 8th Eclipse is one of those miracle times. Collectively, we experience a big release. Strong emotional tides. It could be a turning point. A reversal. A course-correct. It could be a major ending. It could be freedom from old hurts. It could be an inability to tolerate being weak or victimized by some aspect of your life or personality. It could be humbling. It could be despair. It could prompt you to get on your knees and surrender.

The deeper essence of something is revealed now.

Understand: perceived obstacles are like stones in the river of life, relentlessly flowing. Over time water will dissolve it all. Every stone and stick, every bone, everything that ever was returns to Oneness.

This month provides a clean sweep. Everything nonessential must go! You know the phrase: you can’t take it with you. What you can take with you no matter what unfolds is: Love. Ideally unconditional Love. And an intact spirit.

Nothing about this is straightforward. It is a balancing act between simplicity and complexity; the details and the greater vision. Streamline the impact: clear toxicity and excess information on all levels. Adjust your belief systems to accommodate the present emerging reality.

The week following the March 8th eclipse continues to soften and tenderize us, encouraging us to be extra sensitive as we navigate our lives. Be gentle and cautious, as if you are moving through fog, and feel your way through with intuition. Prepare yourself. The energy may not yet be available to make great strides. Focus your work internal and behind the scenes.

March 19/20th the Sun enters Aries and marks the Spring Equinox. Mercury follows the Sun into Aries on March 21st. More impulse is available now. Check your spirit, align your actions with what you currently believe in. Be willing to grow and expand into new territories. Make steps toward synthesis:  bringing your lager vision into reality.

March 23rd is a Full Moon eclipse in Libra. Another moment of change, this time in the area of relationship. We have a chance to glimpse the shadow self, and embrace that everything in life is a mirror. Allow the reflections to inform you of who you are. Know yourself, and refine yourself into the person you most long to be; in harmony with others.

March 25 Saturn stations Retrograde (to return direct on August 13th). Since December 19, 2015, we’ve been placing new structures underneath our belief systems and in the global network. While Saturn is retrograde, we redo and reconsider what’s been built so far. We make adjustments so the new structure we raise will not falter.

From March 20 to 27th as Saturn stations, it can be a period of increased awareness around stress, responsibility, and what is really important. Develop patience and realism at this time, and honor discipline. Birthing new dreams and visions into the world takes a great deal of work, and it is worth it.

March 30th and 31st brings an opportunity to anchor the healing that has taken place over the course of the past month. Head and heart plunge into an understanding of what it means to be taken to the next level of your evolution.

Welcome, March. Thanks for having me here with you. Thanks for making me present to this season of release. Thanks for taking me to the next place I'm meant to be. Thanks for reminding me I don't need to know or figure it out. But that I'd rather just be with you. Here, now.

Hold on to your Center,

Let Go of Everything Else

Where are you Centered?

I'm gonna choose my two favorites:

Love and Truth