March 23 Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon on March 23 (8:01am EST) is at 3 degrees Libra. It is also a Lunar Eclipse - the partner to the Solar Eclipse that occurred two weeks prior. This Lunar Eclipse is exact at 7:48am EST.

The Aries - Libra axis is the axis of self and other. Spring begins with a full, culminating moon this year. As the Sun and Mercury conjoin, we are faced with choices. What does it mean to be yourself? How can you be more of yourself? Often, we think that if we compromise our desires, we will keep the peace. We keep quiet. We sidestep in avoidance. When we fail to honor our needs, we perpetuate imbalance. The short-term scuffle we avoided becomes a long-term struggle that must be faced. Listen to your emotions. Your anger. Your confusion. Your desire. Each is a guidepost to help you make decisions. Take charge of yourself, and act with faith. Be direct. Act in favor of growth. Act in favor of a wider perspective. Will you remain on the same old familiar path? Or can you summon the light to step into new territory? Emerge. Allow truth to widen its influence. This is where freedom lies.

Aries is the sign of courage, strength, and boldness. Life hands us things sometimes that offer tremendous tests. This week I asked the question: how do so many summon the will to survive in the face of such despair? In a world where everything is heartbreak. It makes life so vivid and stark, at once.

This Eclipse features a Venus/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, opposite Jupiter in Virgo. Venus is what we love. Our heart. Our friendships. Our most tender affections. Our worth and value systems. Money and resources. Neptune is loss. Confusion. Grief. Oneness. The ultimate condition of Spirit: undifferentiated formless energy. Uncaring, yet the greatest force of compassion.

Relationships, affections, and resources, dissolve under this energy. New dreams emerge. Let these dreams be more compassionate. Let them be fused with spirit. Let us acknowledge that every living thing contains an equivalent spiritual energy, and when our work here is done, everything will return to nameless, faceless energy.

What will matter then? How you loved. How much you gave of yourself and your heart. How you moved with what you had and what you lacked. How you accompanied or alleviated the suffering that took place while you were in your beloved body. Who are you here to serve and how can you do that best?

Chiron is still on the South Node of fate, indicating painful yet healing release of the past and over-accumulated energy in the karmic field.
Keep on showing up. Have the courage to face what comes forth to you in this life. Dance with it. Sleep with it at night. Eat it like food. Just be here, and move forward. Give the world the gift of your presence.

What is illuminated now will show important truths. Listen. Take them in, and align your actions accordingly. I will end with a quote by Carl Jung: “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”

Thank you.