Attending the Curve

Are you allergic to pain?

Do you prize life over death?

Do you try to control or ignore or repress

The darkness of others?


Oh my

What a disappointment


I thought we existed.

In tunnels and molehills,

Mountaintops, deserts,

And the sacred streams that keep earth blood flowing.


I thought, when the tide got high

we would swell with the current

and cling to each other

Spitting prayers into the Sea


I thought we could sit

in the humbling presence

of Gods frown,

a voice thunderous as the source of Time


I thought, what if we laid together

On woven fronds of palm

Fabric Strong

Brittle and Worn


Sure to be replaced

over and over

As a cloak for Kali's shoulders

our smallest forms clutched within her breast


Breathe, my child.

We are here, together

Toasting the blessings of

All of It


To Know Nature

Simply Be Here,

Hear Her, allowed and clear

passing through, Attended


and be shaped by

the wild Curve

Of chaos

in perfect order